Halloween Week 2 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 2 of Halloween.

How do I begin the second part of Death at the Drive-In?

You will need to complete Death at the Drive-In Pt. 9 before you can begin the second part of the event.

How do I unlock Patty?

How do I unlock Patty?

To unlock Patty, you must repair Esther’s car. Once complete, you will have 7 days to collect the following materials:

15 Calculator Watches (common)

15 Retainers (uncommon)

100 Rainbow Unicorn Stickers (rare)

Occult Library

Have Slasher Bait Lois Get Brutally Murdered (3 times)

Patty is available until Thursday, November 5 at 3 PM, PST. If she is not completely unlocked before her 7 day timer reaches 0, she will disappear from the game at that time. If she is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue her quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Michael Myers?

Michael Myers is available in the shop for 250 clams.

He will be available for purchase until Thursday, November 5 at 3 PM, PST.

If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the  event has ended.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers © 2015 Miramax, LLC. All Rights Reserved

How do I get Slasher Bait Lois?

Slasher Bait Lois is available at the Movie Projection Booth after purchasing the prizes before her. After she is purchased, you can craft her at Al Harrington’s.

How do Bats appear?

Tap on Vampires to clear them. Clearing Vampires will turn them into Bats.

How do I clear Bats?

Tap the Garlic Bomb Launcher button next to the Event Hub button to clear Bats. You will need Garlic Bombs to clear them which can be earned by completing certain character actions or purchased in the shop. Tap the “Toss Garlic” button to shoot Garlic Bombs at the center of the sight. When the Garlic Bomb lands, it will clear all Bats in the cloud that appears. Clear as many as you can to earn more rewards!

How do I get Garlic Bombs?

You can get Garlic Bombs from Jerome, Quagmire, the Playground, the Police Department, and by purchasing them in the shop.

How do I clear Werewolves?

Use Silver Cannons to turn your characters back to normal. You will need 1 Silver Cannonball to create a Silver Cannon at the Movie Prop Shack. Silver Cannons will take 45 minutes to craft. After you have crafted a Silver Cannon, place it in the path of a Werewolf to turn them back to normal.

The area that the Silver Cannon covers will be shown with a green circle. If a Werewolf enters this circle, they will turn purple. Tap the checkmark to shoot the Werewolf while they are purple to turn your characters back to normal.

What happens when my characters turn into Werewolves?

If your character turns into a Werewolf while they are performing an action, their action timer is still counting down. Turning into a Werewolf only prevents you from collecting the action payout – it doesn’t pause or cancel the timer itself.

Use Silver Cannons to turn your characters back to normal!

How do I get the Prom Night at Buddy Cianci Junior High building skin?

The Prom Night at Buddy Cianci Junior High building skin is available at the Movie Projection Booth for a limited time.

This building skin is available for 24 hours after purchasing the prizes before it and viewing it at the Movie Projection Booth. If it is not purchased before the timer runs out, it will disappear from the game at that time.


24 thoughts on “Halloween Week 2 FAQS”

  1. Im so happy I am not the only person struggleing with this game but to clear the wolves use slasher bait Peter and build up the silver cannons and they do multiple at once it will help u keep up with the change rate. But this even is most definitely the worse even yet. I missed slasher cat and I’m about to puss party the drop rates of everything is horrible


  2. I have got enough movie reels to unlock the witches tree and slasher Lois costume but if I unlock the costume will that start the timer for the building skin which is the last prize for week 2? Plus do I need to unlock the Lois costume to be able to update later on tonight? Thank you


  3. The garlic bombs don’t work. I tap the crossbow then wait for bats to get in range, but when I hit the launch garlic button it zooms in and nothing happens.


  4. STOP TURNING PEOPLE INTO WEREWOLVES!!! Seriously, I have more werewolves than characters at this point, I am getting nowhere as none of my characters can ever complete an action.

    TinyCo, you’ve really f’ed this one up. More than the last two events, which I didn’t think could get worse.


  5. I made the mistake of changing the movie and now I’m over run with werewolves I cannot clear! My characters are wolves, I can only clear them with silver cannonballs but I can’t get those without the characters! If anyone knows how to get past this, please let me know!


  6. I’ve been hanging on by a thread with this effing game, waiting for TinyCo to push me over the edge. This bat crap just did it. Peace out. I may not have paid a lot, but I threw them some


  7. I’ve cleared about 25 groups of bats and got 10 stickers and 7 drinks. I had thought they might have learnt with this event, this proves not. You just can not collect enough drinks to trade in for the other items let along slasher Lois. 😦


  8. I’m having so much trouble hitting the bats. They seem to be in the circle but they’re not dropping anything. Does anyone have any tips on how to kill the bats? Thank you


    1. When there are things like this that you have to bomb, if you tap them it stuns them for a second or two. Try to see a point where they might congregate and keep tapping until you have a few in bomb range.


    2. Easy way to kill bats=destroy all roads go to some clear area build just 4 road blocks into a square…all the vamps come to that tiny area let them build up to 12 or whatever u want pop them all at once let the shooting begin


  9. Omg! Seriously tinyco. …..60 popcorn AND 27 SODAS for 5 freakin film reels.
    I think I’m done as a freemium they are making it absolutely impossible with these 24 hr timers and whatnot. I’m completely lost.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Here is one I found out the hard way. Don’t change the movie before you have the slasher cat. The popcorn/film reel trade is no longer available. Now you need sodas to trade for film reels and they seem to be a pain to get.


    1. i have the popcorn reel but after trading for 5 lousy reels the cost is now 80. it started with 30 popcorn for every 5 reels. im a premium player but this is a joke. 24hrs to get slasher cat which is impossible if the reel cost keeps increasing and im not spending over 1,000 clams. i stupidly clicked on patty and now only got 6d 18hr to unlock her, have the soda reel option locked as ive concentrated on wk1 prize to get haunted house. now i feel like so many where this isnt a game.. its a chore 😒

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nurl, I’m with you. . . the increasing cost of film reels makes this game impossible. Yesterday, slasher bait lois was within reach at 35 sodas for 10 reels. Now it is 50 sodas for 10 reels. Which makes it impossible (even with the buildings). I have spent clams early on in the event to get the buildings which generate popcorn and sodas and now feel ripped off for doing so.


      2. I was told about the issue with slasher cat. I therefore collected enough reals for the pumpkin tower and slasher cat before placing the tower. Bit lengthy but you can’t get Death without slasher cat unless you spend loads on clams.


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