Halloween Walkthrough Part 4

Death at the Drive in – The sequel pt 1
<br />Vampires are coming
<br />
<br />Have slasher bait peter hang out at the scene of the crime
<br />
<br />Clear 3 vampires
<br />
<br />Man of few words pt 1
<br />Have Michael Myers do sit ups
<br />Have Slasher bait Peter do Football poses
<br />
<br />Meg has a friend Pt 1
<br />Fix up silver car
<br />
<br />Meg has a friend pt 2
<br />Save Patty (7day timer)
<br />Have Patty pop some pills
<br />
<br />to save Patty :
<br />15 calculator watches common
<br />Make Joe investigate source of prank calls
<br />Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey
<br />Get from Skeletal Catacomb
<br />
<br />15 Retainers uncommon
<br />Make Lois freshen up
<br />get from warded bunker
<br />
<br />100 unicorn stickers rare
<br />bomb flock of vampire bats
<br />
<br />1 dark society library
<br />I guess get the building-movie projection booth
<br />
<br />3 Slasher bait Lois
<br />Have slasher bait Lois get violently murdered​



21 thoughts on “Halloween Walkthrough Part 4”

  1. For some reason the event is over and it still needs me to have slash bait Peter hang out at the scene of the crime but I don’t have the option too when I try to make him do it. What do I need to do to get this done??


  2. Shoot, just when I thought this event couldn’t get any more annoying, 8 of my characters have now turned into werewolves, and I can’t collect anything from them or send them on tasks until I get cannonballs and produce cannons to turn them back.


  3. Has anyone managed to bomb a werewolf yet? None have shown up for me and I can’t now bomb the nuns as my inventory is full.

    This event is beyond stupid. It seems impossible to progress now. I was collecting film reels at a slow but steady rate but since reaching level 4/5 I haven’t been able to collect enough items to get any reels. The only way I can get the garlic catapult up is by going into the tied up nurses action, by then the flocks have scattered.


    1. I think the werewolves start showing up after getting to a particular part of the Death at the Drive-In quest, maybe Pt. 4. Once you get them, the werewolves drop 8 sodas each.


  4. Death at the drive in the sequel pt 6
    Build the warded bunker
    Have Death take the night off
    Clear 4 unholy nuns

    See no evil pt 2— 3 day task for this weeks prize
    Check out the prize
    Clear 18 Werewolves
    Clear 150 flocks of bats

    Man of Few words pt 3
    Have Michael Myers carve a jack o lantern
    Have Bruce pass out flyers


  5. Seriously considering quitting. Apparently death is needed to advance the quest line and well, I don’t think I’ll be getting him anytime soon considering I’ve gotten 1 scythe in the last 6 days of putting Lois to the task nonstop and using quagmire and Bonnie as much as possible. I’m already a little behind because I waited to level up until I got the cat this morning. I really don’t feel like playing if im going to be even further behind…once that happened in the last two events, it just steamrolled until I couldn’t get everything. I really regret spending any money on this game in the past. It would make it much easier to quit if I hadn’t spent money.


  6. Just so you know
    Level 8 is 50 sodas for 10 film reels
    130 popcorn + 45 sodas for 12 film reels

    Also, the slasher cat is still chasing Lois… Damn it


    1. This is a really dumb game mechanic. Levelling up provides no ostensible benefit, aside from eventually unlocking the next phase, and yet it carries a huge penalty. What gives??


  7. Just a FYI… When I pull Some of my characters out that I have put in my inventory to check and see if they are contributing anything for this event, it will not let me put them back into the inventory.


  8. Sorry, I was away from the computer for Death at the drive in the sequel pt 2 I believe it is
    Gather 2 more cloves of garlic..

    Death at the Drive in the sequel pt 3
    Have Chris Eat a corn Maze
    Create 3 silver Cannons
    Werewolves are coming (just actually click the go button)

    Running Scared pt 1
    Create the Slasher bait Lois outfit
    Have Slasher bait Lois do cheerleader poses

    Man of few words pt 2
    Have Michael Myers Reminisce with Tom Tucker
    Have Chris Fat kid hula hoop


  9. This is by far the worst event they have ever done. I am nowhere near unlocking Death because I’m not getting the drops, i still don’t even have all the buildings from week one yet that are required to get all of the items you need to unlock him and now we are in to week two. I am not a freemium player. I buy clams now and then but the number of clams to unlock the characters and other items for this event are just excessive. My heart goes out to the freemium players.

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  10. How to get a bunch of bats with 1 shot (I got 9!)
    Remove all roads
    Build a small patch of road-l did 6×2
    Along the back & left sides place your tallest buildings. This blocks the bats flight path.
    Check timer for vampires to arrive by tapping movie screen.
    When vampires appear 1) make sure you have at least one garlic. 2) quickly tap all vampires on your road square to turn them all into a big bat flock. 3) load up a garlic & fire into the center.
    Good luckđź‘Ť


  11. You have to collect garlic to bomb the flock of bats.. This gives you soda. The pay out for film reels now is
    35 sodas = 10 film reels
    80 popcorn + 27 sodas = 12 film reels

    There is also a silver canon ball thing that I am assuming you use against werewolves.


  12. Also, they opened up a bunch of characters that collect 3d glasses-Alien, Predator, ghostbuster cleveland, meg, halloween Connie, Jason, Freddy Krueger… And I will add more when I find them


      1. yes T.. it is usually Deco. but Joe’s hellhouse skin actually pays ou butcher knives or maybe even 3d glasses when the timer is up…


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