New button to direct players to Death

TinyCo has added a new button to help you find Death while they work on a fix:

” We’ve added a button next to the Event Hub that will take players to Death via the Main Menu’s inventory. This button will only appear for players who have purchased Death but have not placed him in their towns yet.

We will have a fix for this bug in the next update, but we’ve implemented this button as a workaround in the meantime.”


16 thoughts on “New button to direct players to Death”

  1. Death at the Drive in – The sequel pt 1
    Vampires are coming

    Have slasher bait peter hang out at the scene of the crime

    Clear 3 vampires

    Man of few words pt 1
    Have Michael Myers do sit ups
    Have Slasher bait Peter do Football poses

    Meg has a friend Pt 1
    Fix up silver car

    Meg has a friend pt 2
    Save Patty (7day timer)
    Have Patty pop some pills

    to save Patty :
    15 calculator watches common
    Make Joe investigate source of prank calls
    Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey
    Get from Skeletal Catacomb

    15 Retainers uncommon
    Make Lois freshen up
    get from warded bunker

    100 unicorn stickers rare
    bomb flock of vampire bats

    1 dark society library
    I guess get the building-movie projection booth

    3 Slasher bait Lois
    Have slasher bait Lois get violently murdered


    1. Also, they opened up a bunch of characters that collect 3d glasses-Alien, Predator, ghostbuster cleveland, meg, halloween Connie, Jason, Freddy Krueger… And I will add more when I find them


  2. FINALLY!!! ALL characters from last Halloween event (Ghosts of Francis, Mr. Weed & Diane Simmons, Pink Brian, Vampire Duck Stewie, Slutty Cat Meg, Witch Connie, Predator, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, Alien and All the Ghostbuster costumes but Cleveland os the only one not doing something else) now have tasks that drop 3-D Glasses! Time to rack up the event items!


  3. Watch out folks, there is a 24hr time on Slasher Cat. I missed it. 😦
    Get the 100 reels before getting the tower as once you get the tower the timer starts on Slasher Cat.


  4. how come I cannot change the movie? I’m at level 6 and it says I still need to do something…and it shows an hourglass? And yes I tried a hard reset by closing the app…like 5 times!!


    1. no it doesn’t?… mine still says 35 popcorn for 5 Reels and i’m almost to Scream Level 4. if you notice this phase coming up should be for us to focus and collect the NEXT set of event currency which will be pop or drinks whatever. we don’t know yet if that will increase to 45 to get 5 Reels.
      well i mean i hope it’s NOT gonna be like that lol


    2. oh no wait a minute, i see what you’re talking about now…i had no idea what you meant until jus now i’ve leveled up to 4 and it now says 45 popcorn for 5 Reels. well that sucks! hopefully whenever this Phase2 stuff comes out there will be some better options added because with having to collect that much popcorn after level 4 is ridiculous! Slasher Cat has STOPPED chasing Lois in my game at the moment so the only option i have right now is to clear UnHoly Nuns to get popcorn😔😐😶


      1. That stop chasing won’t last long.. I am on level 7 and he is chasing Lois at least once every 3 hours… Hope it keeps going good for you Tat…


      2. 45 Popcorns? Psh! Amateurs! I inadvertently hit level 5 last night and it costs 60 Popcorn for 5 Reels. I will need 600 more Popcorn to get the Pumpkin Tower and Slasher Cat. Thank God I read about the timer!

        P.S. *Feigning shock to emphasize sarcasm* Is anyone else as shocked as I am that they are over 12 hours late rolling out the content for this week?


    3. That’s ok, at scream level 5 it takes 60 freakin popcorn for a reel. And still stuck in week one content. The timer is long done and yet it won’t change over to the next section. It’s even noted as a known bug yet nothing they ‘suggest’ fixes it.


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