Halloween Walkthrough Part 2

New 3 day quest: See no Evil
<br />Check out the Prize
<br />Clear 45 unholy nuns in 3 days..

Classic Horror Tropes pt 1
<br />Have Slasher bait Peter do football poses
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 3
<br />Place Death’s mom’s house

a 24 hr task:
<br />Death at the door
<br />Get Death’s bonus water balloon action (it says Get Death now to unlock access to a bonus water balloon action.) I don’t see how anyone can accomplish this. To get Death, you have to have other items from the Drive inn.. or you can pay 1454 clams!!!
<br />
<br />To get Death:
<br />1 Slasher bait Peter:-3 times
<br />Have slasher bait Peter be brutally murdered
<br />
<br />2. Scythes 8 of them extra rare
<br />Get from Slasher cat in the movie projection booth
<br />Make Lois Teach piano
<br />make Bonnie twerk it
<br />Make Quagmire photocopy private parts
<br />
<br />3. Sandals 18 of them uncommon
<br />Make Peter dig thru attic
<br />Make Bruce fret about something
<br />Get from house of masks
<br />
<br />Souls of the dead 20 of them common
<br />get from slasher cat cave in the movie projection booth
<br />
<br />Brimstone 15 of them rare
<br />get from Pumpkin tower in the movie projection booth

Special weekly quest walkthru.
<br />
<br />This weeks quest for the prize is
<br />
<br />See No Evil pt:1
<br />
<br />Check out the prizes
<br />Clear 45 unholy nuns in 3days.
<br />
<br />The prize for this week is a haunted house entrance.

Death at the drive in pt 8
<br />Have slasher bait Peter save Lois from slasher Cat
<br />Have Lois hide from slasher cat
<br />
<br />Classic Horror Tropes pt 2
<br />Have Slasher bait peter split up
<br />have Lois hide from slasher cat



11 thoughts on “Halloween Walkthrough Part 2”

  1. So I have 40 reels and have Slasher’s cat cave to get next…reels are going for 35 popcorns now(didnt know to save up then) My question is will the rest of these prizes disappear when week 2 starts or when I start the next movie?
    Thanks in advance


    1. Since nobody answered, maybe I could help someone else:

      I have a cleaver with 2 on it on top of my movie screen and slasher cat.
      I have NOT clicked on to the next ones yet.
      I am still getting 35 popcorns to reels and I suppect I could have gotten them cheaper if I had collected all the popcorns first.
      Just got to 90 this afternoon and will go for the 70 more to get the last 4 prizes all at once.

      ps just missed the nuns prize by 10 but got a job and had a lot of overtime the past few days.


  2. Crap, about 30 minutes after I placed the Pumpkin Tower, some 24 hour started on the Slasher Cat. So I either need to collect 86 film reels in the next 12 hours, or shell out 1350 shells, or no slasher cat. WTH, TinyCo?!?!?

    So save up your film reels before you get that pumpkin tower. Yeesh.


  3. 24 hour timed quest to unlock death is such money-grubbing bullshit. Literally impossible without buying clams for real cash. With water ballons taking 1h to turn into the crossbow “movie prop” and even then and additional timer on spawning unholy nuns, it’s just a desparate attempt to get players to waste hundreds of their real life currency on slightly speeding up a limited time event.

    The developers should be ashamed to have even put this in the game. Treat your players with some fucking respect.


  4. the BONUS special to unlock Death in 24hours to unlock his task that drops water balloons is ONLY intended for premium players because us freemium playas don’t even stand a 1% chance at all in being able to do that without buying a sh** ton of clams!…just because they are blowing money on a damn game they believe they shall get something “extra special” in return for lining TinyCo.’s pockets LOL!…but what about us FREEMIUM players why’s it seem like we always get sc***** over on most awesome/cool stuff or even HELPFUL stuff at that!? that’s honestly how i feel at the moment. stuff is getting more IMPOSSIBLE to unlock or even get thru whole events and questlines, but yet if you spend your REAL HARD-EARNED CA$h on this game you’ll be able to get anything or even EVERYTHING you could possible want “VIRTUALLY SPEAKING”!!!…haha no i’m good I need my cash for real life BILLS and necessities in life.😉😘😛


    1. Death seems like a worthless character at this point. Doesn’t help with balloons or popcorn. Well unless you spent the clams and got the “bonus water balloon action”. LOL. Would love to know what that actually entailed? It’s been slow but I’ve managed to keep moving thru the items from the projection booth by ignoring Death.


  5. Classic Horror Tropes pt 3
    Have Slasher Bait Peter hum supernatural music..

    Death at Drive in pt 9
    Reach Scream level 4
    Start the next movie. The supernatural scary movie

    Bring the movies to life pt 5
    Place Quagmire’s haunted house

    I was lucky enough to get a 2 for 1 on the have Lois hide from slasher cat… (Classic Horror Tropes pt 2 and Death at the drive in pt 8)


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