Halloween Walkthrough Part 1

Death at the drive in pt 5
<br />Learn about using movie props
<br />Clear 5 unholy nuns
<br />
<br />Blast from the past
<br />Create the slasher bait Peter outfit
<br />Have slasher bait Peter save Lois from Slasher Cat​

The walk thru’s skip around some, due to up-ing the Scream levels and checking out things. ..
<br />
<br />Death at the Drive Inn pt 7
<br />Have Peter unlock car doors
<br />Have Lois break up love birds
<br />
<br />Somebody Scream pt 3
<br />Reach Scream level 3
<br />
<br />Death wish come true pt 1
<br />Place Death’s mom’s house
<br />unlock Death



21 thoughts on “Halloween Walkthrough Part 1”

  1. So uh, my game skipped around a bit. Now I have tons of vampires but no way to kill them (I can collect garlic, but they don’t show options to use them). I am not sure what to do about that. Any ideas?


  2. Death at the drive in pt 8
    Have slasher bait Peter save Lois from slasher Cat
    Have Lois hide from slasher cat

    Classic Horror Tropes pt 2
    Have Slasher bait peter split up
    have Lois hide from slasher cat


  3. Finally placed Death’s Mom’s House, and I can’t believe the amount of rare things he requires. All total items cost 1454 clams???

    Just wow.


  4. Special weekly quest walkthru.

    This weeks quest for the prize is

    See No Evil pt:1

    Check out the prizes
    Clear 45 unholy nuns in 3days.

    The prize for this week is a haunted house entrance.

    So those of you who haven’t started the 3 day quest yet. Start stockpiling your water balloons…. Going to need 45 of them at 5hr per quest to get one. /facepalm


    1. So that’s 5 possible characters that can get water balloons at 5hrs per quest for 1 water balloon (chance). So best possible time is 45 hours to earn the 45 water balloons. 5 characters @5 hrs x 9 tries = the 45 hours. Then another 45 hours to craft each water balloon into a launcher. At least the crafting can be done at the same time as you quest to earn more. Of course this is a little faster if you get the extra water balloon from the premium joes car wash. Hope this helps.


  5. FYI

    Just noticed ‘reel’ cost for unlocks are in the shop.

    Slasher Cat Cave = 20
    Quagmire Haunted House = 26
    Pumpkin Tower = 20

    With Slasher Cat = 100

    So maybe stockpile at least 66 without Slasher Cat; 166 with.

    That’s in addition to the 24 for Deaths Moms House

    So 90/190… Ouch


  6. As soon as you place deaths moms house a timer triggers which will allow you to unlock access to ‘bonus water ballon action’ if Death is unlocked within 24hr.

    It would be virtually impossible to unlock within the time unless you have some help(or 1454 clams), hence my chance is already blown…

    To unlock death you will need 20 ‘souls of the dead’ (18clams ea) drops from ‘slasher cat cave’ which is the next unlock from the projection booth which requires 20 reels.

    Also needed is 15 brimstone (12clams ea) drops from the ‘pumpkin tower’ which is two unlocks ahead of the cat cave. At a guess, theses wouldn’t be less then 20 reels each.

    These are exclusive drops from each building so it would be advised to as least stock pile 84 reels before getting deaths moms house (24+20+20+20)

    On top of this Slasher Bait Peter needs to be murdered 3 times each taking 8hrs (impossible without claming) so if you going to try make sure you have Peter on task and almost completely murdered the first time when you get the house.

    Also 18 sandals (uncommon) needed from Bruce fretting (6hr) OR Peter dig thu attic (unsure time but he is busy getting murdered) OR ‘House of Masks’ drops every 6hrs if you pony up the 100 clams.

    Obviously it’s impossible to aquire the required amount in allotted time for freemiuim players but you can purchase sandals at 20clams each.

    Plus 8 ‘scythes’ (EXTRA rare) from (unsure task times) lois teaching piano OR quagmire photocopy privates OR bonnie twerking OR Slasher Cat OR 70clamsEACH

    Slasher cat is the last item unlocked from the projection booth which would need more reels again (maybe 20?)

    So my best advise is to try do the timed ‘see no evil’ 45 nuns cleared in 3 days first, then grit teeth till you stock pile 104reels

    Then have Peter, Lois, Quagmire, Bonnie and Bruce all on task (and almost completed) before getting the house. To make the timer you will need to purchase as least some sandals but this will help minimise it.

    If trying to beat the timer you will probably need to calm some Scythes as well at 70clams ea.

    So at least you have advanced knowledge if you want to attempt it.

    I will update task times and ‘reel’ cost as I complete them.



    PS. I’m hoping some tasks drop multiple items so will update if I discover that too.


    1. well… nope, Slasher Cat needs 100 reels, not 20, and he is timed, so make sure you gather a nice 200 before placing all the stuff… also be careful, since upgrading your level also increase the amount of popcorn needed to get Reels


  7. Ok, just placed Death’s mom’s house which brings up Death to unlock… Also opens a 24 hr task:
    Death at the door
    Get Death’s bonus water balloon action (it says Get Death now to unlock access to a bonus water balloon action.) I don’t see how anyone can accomplish this. To get Death, you have to have other items from the Drive inn.. or you can pay 1454 clams!!!

    To get Death:
    1 Slasher bait Peter:-3 times
    Have slasher bait Peter be brutally murdered

    2. Scythes 8 of them extra rare
    Get from Slasher cat in the movie projection booth
    Make Lois Teach piano
    make Bonnie twerk it
    Make Quagmire photocopy private parts

    3. Sandals 18 of them uncommon
    Make Peter dig thru attic
    Make Bruce fret about something
    Get from house of masks

    Souls of the dead 20 of them common
    get from slasher cat cave in the movie projection booth

    Brimstone 15 of them rare
    get from Pumpkin tower in the movie projection booth


  8. Classic Horror Tropes pt 1
    Have Slasher bait Peter do football poses

    Bring the movies to life pt 3
    Place Death’s mom’s house


  9. So far when you complete blast for the past, that is it.. once you create the Peter outfit and save Lois from the slasher cat, it ends..


  10. Just placed Death’s house & got a 24hr task: get Death now for bonus water balloon action.
    HA! Buy off for him is almost 1500 clams! And no indication of what the actual water balloon pay off is just as bad.


  11. Be careful with those balloon launchers. I just found out the hard way that you CAN miss a nun and lose a set of balloons if they’re out of range when you hit the checkmark. Bummer.


      1. ohh wow! that’s something i would have never imagined you would say LOL! i am however enjoying this event so far so good!…BUT we all know that might change after awhile when we get into the middle and ending of it😂😂😂😂


      2. Yeah, this games run its course with me now, as everyone knows, I LOVE music and when I gave up during the Peterpalooza event, I just knew I wasn’t into it anymore 😕



    1. It skips, because it says to build this or that.. or check this or that out.. So when I hit the button, it just runs thru it.. Doesn’t even let me read it.. just shows checks that it is accomplished and it is gone.. But there are no task quests..


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