New/Old Character: Mr Weed

Also: Mr. Weed now has a full bribe at the Lazarus Portal. 😊

How do I unlock Mr. Weed?

Use the Lazarus Portal for a chance to summon the dead. Once you have summoned Mr. Weed, you will need the following materials to unlock him:

•12 Softball Bats (common) from Jerome and Falconer Peter

•8 Dinner Rolls (rare) from Lois, Mayor West, and Le Croissant


•15 Mr. Zucchini Heads (uncommon) from Seamus and Chumba Wumba Stewie

•8 Home Movies (rare) from Olivia and Madame Claude

There is no time limit on unlocking Mr. Weed. Once he is unlocked, he is yours to keep forever!



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