New Event!!


This is a pic I’ve been sent from Zooey (who was sent it from TinyCo) about the new event…

What do you make of it?



16 thoughts on “New Event!!”

  1. Just found this on my app updates page:

    It’s a Halloween movie marathon at the Quahog Drive-In! It’s all going smoothly until Death unleashes Chucky, Michael Myers, and your favorite horror movie villains on an unsuspecting Quahog. Will Peter and the gang make it out alive? Find out during our special Halloween event, Death at the Drive-In!


  2. Tired gags…. tired staff…. I’m certainly underwhelmed by their lack of creativity. For what it’s worth, the possibility of introducing Back to the Future has passed unless they’re really looking to ruin the Halloween event. Fox has a tremendous library of properties of which last halloween they dumped the majority of popular ones. Back to the Future is NOT a Halloween related property. If they force it, it will forever seal their fate as a marginal gamehouse. They’ve been treading water all this year as FG’s ratings have slumped. Hell rival South Park is in its 19th season and continues to push the envelope of being topical and edgy. To this point, Fox cannot allow for misuse of their licensing when they’ve got nothing to replace it with. TinyCo can’t afford to lose Fox or will be destined to fall into obscurity. This property, FG, is their one shot to pull out all the stops and they’ve been too adversarial to call it successful. It’s like Tesla, has the ability to be great and people are already sold on the concept but, the company wants to be elitist without realizing that the innovation is what makes them strong to begin with. 50 years ago computers were a novelty that few thought had any potential, today they dominate to world. The game won’t make it past the 3 year marker without some give in the right direction. I digress, as a gamehouse, the continued floundering around and poor follow-through have resulted in a rather lackluster attempt at being successful. Sadly the funniest thing about the game lately has beem their feeble attempts at getting our collective wallets open. I have very high hopes for this coming event as we’re entering my favorite time of year. They honestly better impress me or this “whale” will be seeking warmer waters.


  3. mhhe… another boring thing for what we would need to do something, to hire someone by doubles or triples, and get rid of them… and see IF we get something instead of useless coins. Not interested… NEEEXT


      1. oct. 21, 2015 10:26 a.m. marty mcfly went to the future. makes sense since the celebrated 30 years of ghostbusters last year.


  4. Zombie ice cream? Looks similar to an event they had earlier in the year in Tapped Out where they had GMOs running rampant as monsters.


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