September Fest Walkthroughs Part 4

Here is a walkthru for Bad Trip Stewie

His quests:
Try to sell his shirt – 2hrs = 30 coin and 20 exp
Wildly hallucinate – 4hrs = 50 coin and 30 exp
Hide from scary monsters – 6hrs = 65 coin and 45 exp
Dance like a hippie – 8hrs = 100 coin and 50 exp
Go on a bad trip – 12hrs = 80 coin and 65 exp
Watch the wallpaper dance – 1day = 150 coin and 100 exp

The 8 & 12 hr quests are the only ones with ‘action’

His quest series is only 4 quests long.

Take a bad trip pt1:
Have bad trip stewie dance like a hippie
Have Brian call the ambulance

Take a bad trip pt2:
Have bad trip stewie go on a bad trip
Have Lois be flirty

Take a bad trip pt3:
Have bad trip stewie wildly hallucinate
Have meg smell the roses

Take a bad trip pt4:
Have bad trip stewie try to sell his shirt
Have Brian sneak a drink

Enjoy! And Congrats to all those who got Bad Trip Stewie

Thanks to TwistedDecaf for this one



11 thoughts on “September Fest Walkthroughs Part 4”

  1. Hey.. just got a new quest going… here are the stats:

    Back to the Brewery pt 1
    Get the Pawtucket Beer car
    Have Pawtucket Pat distribute beer 1 hr
    Have Tricia Report breaking news… 2 hr

    there is also a 24 hr challenge.. Which I don’t see how it can be made:
    In Memorium:
    Have Opie Be a better employee than Peter-3 times
    Have Angela attend illegal Cock fight-3 times
    Have Lederhosen Peter epic beer belch

    Now, my Opie is on a 24 hour quest expiring in 6 hours-Celebrate employee of the month… So, don’t know if i am going to make this..

    Also, The Lederhosen Peter is a outfit.. They brought back the Pawtucket Brewery craft crap with new items.. same collection items.. beer bottles, suds, bottle caps and golden flutes. So, if you have extra from when you were doing the brewery, they will count for it.. here is a list. hope it helps..

    Beer Bottle

    (these are uncommon)

    (required for the Beer Bottle Trees, Fermentation Tank, Infinite Pee Machine, and Stacks of Beer = 28 Beer Bottles needed in total to
    have 1 of each item)

    You can earn Beer Bottles by:

    – Make Herbert Be a Peeping Tom (6 hours)
    – Make Meg Practice Bird Calls (6 hours)
    – Make S and M Lois Practice Whips on Joe’s Legs (6 hours)

    Beer Bubbles

    (these are rare)


    (required for Creepy River Boat, Bottle Caps Bush, Infinite Pee Machine and Stacks of Beer = 15 Beer Bubbles needed in total to have 1 of each item)

    You can earn Beer Bubbles by:

    – Make Bruce Get Fit for a Suit *requires Vinny* (12 hours)
    – Make Connie Steal Meg’s Diary (12 hours)
    – Make Stewie Suspend Time (12 hours)

    Silver Ticket
    (these are rare)


    (required for Creepy River Boat, Bottle Caps Bush and Beer Bottle Bush = 13 Silver Tickets needed in total to have 1 of each item)

    You can earn Silver Tickets by:

    – Make Carter Smoke Money Cigars (2 hours)
    – Make Mort Retreat Cowardly (2 hours)
    – Make Tom Tucker Buy Mustache Cream (2 hours)

    Tap Handle

    (these are extra rare)


    (required for Creepy River Boat, Fermentation Tanks and Infinite Pee Machine = 9 Tap Handles are needed in total to have 1 of each item)
    You can earn Tap Handles by:

    – Make Dr. Hartman Extract Gerbil (4 hours)
    – Make Mayor West Regurgitate Raft (4 hours)
    – Make Tricia Report On-Scene (4 hours)

    Bottle Cap

    (these are uncommon)


    (required for Fermentation Tank, Bottle Caps Bush and Pyramid of Beer = 30 Bottle Caps are needed in total to have 1 of each item)

    You can earn Bottle Caps by:

    – Make Mermaid Peter Hose Off (1 hour)
    – Make Bathrobe Quagmire Eat Sexy Cereal (1 hour)
    – Make Seamus Practice Cartwheels (1 hour)


    1. I copied and Pasted from your sites “Pawtucket Brewery tips” from January 16th… They seem to be the same.. except Carter, Mort, and Tom… those guys aren’t letting me get silver tickets.. But, I did have a lot of stuff left over.. HOpe that helps.. and if anyone wants to add me as a friend in the game.. add me on Facebook…


  2. Hi Rypod,

    Thanks for all your hard work posting the invaluable walk throughout and updates.

    PLEASE can you check your formatting? The posts going up this week are displaying HTML coding both on the page and on Facebook, a minor blip in your usual diligent work.

    Thanks for your time and hard work!


    1. It’s not my hard work Ian, I’m literally copying and pasting from the comments lol, Fred and Decaf are the ones to thank 😄 and that’s why it has coding in it because I’m copying and pasting


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I managed 1st place in the first round for the starlight express peter, but held onto 2nd place in my bracket for the bad trip stewie. IMO I don’t like the new setup of leaderboards. Even getting the items it seems unfair to most. It doesn’t allow for enough people to get the rewards, and one person can get stuck in a more active group of payers/players and have a fight for the few prize spots while another can get tossed into a inactive group and not really have to do much for the same prize.


  3. Thanks for the information. It nice to see you’re finally uploading something other than simple FAQ’s but what’s up with the formatting? Every line beginning with makes it almost unreadable.


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