September Fest Walkthroughs Part 3

Battle of the Beers pt 10
Have Opie Style his hair
Have Peter obnoxiously sulk

Employee of the Month pt 3
Have Opie babble unintelligibly
Have Chris eat a large ham​

Employee of the Month pt 4
Have Opie Celebrate Employee of the month-24 hours
Have Chris Enjoy Glue -21 hours
Have Opie Wear 2 different shoes-2 hours

Thanks to Fred for sending these!!



6 thoughts on “September Fest Walkthroughs Part 3”

  1. Words cannot express how royally pissed off I will be if I can’t get the last couple scissors I need for Opie before the end of the event despite having the tasks running almost perpetually.


  2. Here is a walkthru for Bad Trip Stewie

    His quests:
    Try to sell his shirt – 2hrs = 30 coin and 20 exp
    Wildly hallucinate – 4hrs = 50 coin and 30 exp
    Hide from scary monsters – 6hrs = 65 coin and 45 exp
    Dance like a hippie – 8hrs = 100 coin and 50 exp
    Go on a bad trip – 12hrs = 80 coin and 65 exp
    Watch the wallpaper dance – 1day = 150 coin and 100 exp

    The 8 & 12 hr quests are the only ones with ‘action’

    His quest series is only 4 quests long.

    Take a bad trip pt1:
    Have bad trip stewie dance like a hippie
    Have Brian call the ambulance

    Take a bad trip pt2:
    Have bad trip stewie go on a bad trip
    Have Lois be flirty

    Take a bad trip pt3:
    Have bad trip stewie wildly hallucinate
    Have meg smell the roses

    Take a bad trip pt4:
    Have bad trip stewie try to sell his shirt
    Have Brian sneak a drink

    Enjoy! And Congrats to all those who got Bad Trip Stewie


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