PeterPalooza: Week 6 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 6 of PeterPalooza!

How do I begin the sixth part of PeterPalooza?

You will need to complete Attack of the Mecha Astley Pt. 6 before you can start on the sixth part of PeterPalooza.

How do I get Weird Al?

Weird Al is available in the shop for 250 clams.

He will be available for purchase until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT.

If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Bad Trip Stewie?

Bad Trip Stewie is the first place prize for Round Two of the leaderboards.

How do I unlock Greased-up Deaf Guy?

To unlock Greased-up Deaf Guy, you must place the Vat-O-Grease and collect the following materials:

70 Tubs of Grease (common) from Gold Robots, Silver Robots, and Grease Factory

12 Hearing Aids (rare) from Pop sideshows and Ricardo

16 Candies (uncommon) from Rap sideshows and Weird Al

30 VIP Passes (common) from Tie Dye Booth, “White & Nerdy” Comedy Club, and Grease Factory

20 Greasy Underwear (rare) from Dance sideshows, Joe Lion, DJ Herbert, Avril Lavigne, Alice Cooper, and Grease Factory

Greased-up Deaf Guy is available until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.


25 thoughts on “PeterPalooza: Week 6 FAQS”

  1. When i click place the Vat of Grease, it does nothing, and it’s not in the store? I’m totally gonna miss Greased up Deaf guy cause of this. Can anyone help?


    1. I’ve had vat for about 2 weeks now and still have gotten enough tubs of grease to unlock him. 70!!!! and they are common but only after they hire enough mechanics, destroy mecha astley to get a few gold robots to use one mechanic instead of 3, or spend all my clams to get the grease gactory. Soooo easy to get… 2 weeks and I only have 32 tubs. I refuse to play anymore clams in this game.


  2. I saw something about a free album when I bought Weird Al. Is there really one and does anyone know how to access it? Any help is much appreciated.


      1. Yeah, I was pretty gutted I couldn’t get the albums either 😕 I like all the artists involved in this event and we kinda got screwed



  3. Sorry for all the posts but, quick tip for viral videos for the leaderboard; the tasks (at least Peter’s and Avril’s) cost half as much to rush as most others (1 Clam/hr instead of 2), Might be TinyCo’s way to encourage a spend-off but thought it was worth mentioning.


  4. Not sure if you guys noticed but they bumped Peter’s damage against Mecha Astley from 1 to 2. I’m still just trying to get Tickets for the “Run Around” Track but they are near impossible now that Greased-Up Deaf Guy stopped spawning. There are now more tasks for Wrenches though (Bruce’s “Fret…” task). Any tips for getting those dumb Tickets since they are my major bottleneck now?


  5. You’ve never heard of Wierd Al?? He’s been around since the 80’s. Famous for parody songs from Michael Jackson’s Beat It, to Gangsters Paradise. Hillarious stuff.

    I HATE THIS EVENT AS WELL> I’m still trying to unlock Assley too.


  6. As much as the Premium stuff has been bugging me, I had to buy Weird Al. Been a fan of his for 20+ years. Only reason I could justify it was because of the “free” copy of his newest album. I still think they are going to extend one more week. Proof is in the fact that there are four VIP chairs and we have only unlocked three characters from there so far (Avril, Alice and Astley).


      1. Couldn’t care less about him but I knew I would be getting Al from the start even if he was Premium. Any speculation on who the fourth VIP chair belongs to?


      2. Who do the other chairs belong to? So far in the event you’ve had…

        Avril Lavigne
        Snoop Dogg
        Rick Astley
        Alice Cooper
        Weird Al Yankovich

        So there’s six characters for four chairs…unless there’s a new hidden character but we’re in the last week now so doubtful



      3. Technically the chairs were only for Avril, Cooper and Astley so far. Snoop, Deadmau5 and Al were purchases that didn’t involve the chairs.


  7. I’m not even going to bother with Stewie’s costume, which I actually really wanted! NOT happy with this.. only TWO people get it and you bet your ass everyone will have several premium players in their leaderboard 😦

    I’m so behind! I stupidly forgot to update my game (I think I’ve subconsciously stop caring, see last paragraph) so I only started last week’s content a few days ago! Still trying to unlock Rick (it asks for 700 clams to do it instantly, which sounds like a long way to go), Ricardo is not even a possibility now. Also not sure if I will be able to unlock the Greased Up Deaf Guy! Such a shame bc they’re both actual characters from the show, so I actually prefer them to these random guest celebs.

    I’ve been playing for a while now. Started in the middle of the Pyramid / King Tut event, and have unlocked everything available to freemium players since, except for very few cases. By now to be honest I feel kind of burnt out. I’m getting too old for this!


    1. I got the stewie character by skipping all other characters. Only using clams the last hour or two so only spent about 50. I realized early that I wouldn’t be able to get all characters so i set my sights on stewie and came in 2nd. I figured they ranked people in groups and tons of people really won Stevie’s skin.



    Still trying to unlock Rick.

    Who is Al? Never heard of him!

    The only skin I really wanted for Stewie. That won’t happen now!

    Cannot wait for this crap to end!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Al? Al could be Alice Cooper – probably the most famous guest star in this event after Snoop Dogg, he’s a rock star who released songs like Poison and more famously Schools Out For Summer

      Or do you mean Al Harrington? The owner of the Al Harrington’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman Emporium and Warehouse



      1. Don’t forget- part time actor.. Starring in Wayne’s World 2 and the Princess of Darkness, among his other roles. These are my favorite..


    2. Just read the post lol – Al in this case is Weird Al Yankovich, a comedian who spoofs loads of songs to make them funny, such examples are:

      Smells Like Nirvana (a spoof of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana)
      Another One Rides The Bus (a spoof of Another One Bites The Dust By Queen)
      Constipated (a spoof of Complicated by Avril Lavigne)

      He’s appeared in a few TV shows and films including The Simpsons



      1. His two Star Wars ones are still two of my favorites; “Yoda” (spoof of “Lola” by The Kinks) and “The Saga Begins” (spoof of “American Pie” by Don McLean). I would personally recommend actually going for his premium character as “Mandatory Fun” has some great tracks including “Handy” (spoof of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea), “Foil” (spoof or “Royals” by Lorde) & Inactive (spoof of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons). “Foil” made me laugh so hard I was crying.


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