PeterPalooza: Week 5 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 5 of PeterPalooza!

How do I begin the fifth part of PeterPalooza?

You will need to complete Deadmau5 in the Hau5 Pt. 7 before you can start on the fifth part of PeterPalooza.

How do I unlock Rick Astley?

To unlock Rick Astley, you must repair his VIP chair and collect the following materials:

4,900 Glowsticks

12 Trench Coats (rare) from concerts and Rick and Roll Hall of Shame

28 London Jacks (common) from Quagmire, Alice Cooper, and DJ Herbert

“Dessert You” Bakery

“Run Around” Track

Rick Astley is available until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I unlock Greased-up Deaf Guy?

To unlock Greased-up Deaf Guy, you must place the Vat-O-Grease and collect the following materials:

70 Tubs of Grease (common) from Gold Robots and Robots

12 Hearing Aids (common) from sideshows and Ricardo

Stay tuned for phase 6 to collect the rest of his materials!

Rick Astley is available until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I unlock Ricardo?

Ricardo is available at the Festival Merch Crafter. To unlock Ricardo, you must collect the following materials:

10,000 Glowsticks

35 LPs (common) from concerts, Deadmau5, and clearing Honey Gold Bears

40 Lighters (common) from sideshows, concerts, clearing Greased-up Deaf Guy, and Zoopi Lighter Display

10 Short Shorts (extra rare) from Jerome, Bonnie, Lois, Candy Necklace Factory, Platforms Aplenty, and Sam Doody’s Guitar Store

Ricardo is available until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Tricia Takagaga?

She is available in the shop for 250 clams.

How do I hire Mechanics?

You can hire Mechanics at the Event Staff Tent at 1 Wrench each. You can receive Wrenches from Chris and Meats & Pleats. It will take 30 minutes to train each Mechanic.

Use Mechanics to clear Robots and Gold Robots!

How do I clear Robots?

You will need 3 trained Mechanics to clear a Robot.

When do Robots appear?

Robots will appear after starting Attack of the Mecha Astley Pt. 1.

How do I clear Gold Robots?

You will need 1 trained Mechanic to clear a Robot.

When do Gold Robots appear?

Gold Robots will appear each time you defeat Mecha Astley.

How do I perform sideshows?

Visit the Spooner Stage to the left of the main stage to perform sideshows.

Swipe through the options to select which type of sideshow you would like to perform. The types of prizes that you are able to win depend on which type of sideshow you choose.

You will need Microphones to perform a sideshow. You can earn Microphones from the Headliner Mystery Box, Tricia Takagaga, and defeating Mecha Astley. Each type of sideshow will cost different amounts of Microphones.

The more characters that you pick to perform, the higher your chance of getting rewards!

Characters that are currently performing sideshows will be unusable for the duration of the performance. You can also fast-finish sideshows with clams to free them back up quickly.

How do I defeat Mecha Astley?

Mecha Astley will appear in your town after starting Attack of the Mecha Astley Pt. 1.

To defeat Mecha Astley, you will need to attack him with Rockstar Peter, Rick Astley, and Tricia Takagaga. Each character will deal different amounts of damage. Tap on him and press the green “attack” button to see who is currently available.

If the 24 hour timer runs out before you defeat Mecha Astley, you will lose your streak. Keep defeating him to earn more rewards!

Gold Robots will appear each time he is defeated. Clear these to earn Tubs of Grease to unlock Greased-up Deaf Guy.

What can I win from the Headliner Mystery Box?

The Headliner Mystery Box can be found in the shop at 50 clams per try. You can win the following prizes:

Foam Party

Golden PortaPotty

“Hurt You” Acupuncture Group

“Tell A Lie” Detective Agency

175 Clams

100 Clams

350 Glowsticks

2 Microphones

5 Lighters

15 Concert Tickets

30 Guitar Picks

Materials and currency will repeat but deco items will not.

Where are my sideshow prizes?

If you won the Barbershop Quartet or “Let You Down” Hot Air Balloons, they will be waiting for your inventory!


55 thoughts on “PeterPalooza: Week 5 FAQS”

  1. My money is on them waiting until 1-2 days before the event ending and then spontaneously announcing that they are, out of the goodness of their hearts, extending the event by a week.


    1. I would bet against that. I think the Star Trek event was the last time we will see an extension. The Mobster event desperately needed an extension, and they did nothing. My money is on that same result this time (my money is also not being spent on this game anymore). I believe TinyCo has changed it’s approach on these events, and are listening less and less to the player comments.


  2. This event pushed me squarely into the freemium/occasional player from now on. In the past I wouldn’t mind throwing TinoCo a few bucks per event, but no more. There must me some serious players shelling out some major dollars for TinyCo to make the game like it is. It would be interesting to see an anonymous list of players ranked by cash spent.


  3. It is about impossible to do all of the quest tasks, and keep the streak going on Mecha Astley.. I just let mine restart.. So damn Aggravating!!!


  4. I decided to go totally freemium with this event and it is impossible! I’m 3 lp’s away from DJ herbert and no way from reading the comments above be able to complete much of anything before the end next week. Oh well… I think this is how I will play from now on and only get what I get. You lost a semi premium player TinyCo!!


    1. freemiums got really screwed this event, and of course no response from tc on this- cannot get past level 2 with mechastley, (4hrs x 6attacks=24 hrs.) need 10 damage, but max is 6 if you’re rounding the clock. then there is the 24 hr. wait for him to reset!
      I agree nancy.


    1. Tbh I don’t even think she’s supposed to be able to attack but we’re lucky she does. It even says ‘attack Borg Bertram’ when it’s actually mecha astley, so just don’t question it and roll with it.


    1. I used avril alone for 9 of the 12 coats. Other 3 came from her and Alice. Got 6 of the hearing aids from just new brian. Seems the fewer the characters the better the chance, by process of the other items have much less chance. Backwards….yes.


    2. I used the spooner stage mostly with a solo performer.

      My 2nd time I used Peter alone and got 3 coats.

      3rd time Avril alone and got 3 coats.

      6th time Chris alone and got 3 coats.

      8th time Avril and Alice gave me 3 coats.


    3. I’d like to know the secret too. I’ve done 3 and just got glow sticks and lighters. Now I’ve stopped so I don’t waste microphones and I’d rather have peter defeating mecha astley and Chris earning wrenches.


      1. Perhaps eight is a magic number. I did eight side shows, each one of them with all four performers and got my 12 coats that way. I am not sure there is a magic formula or combo. It seems to just pay out like a “rare” drop. I would say that I think I went empty for the first three then got a bunch in a row.


    4. Alice alone gave me three coats twice in a row.

      Now I need to wait to ‘fail’ defeating Mecha Astley, so I can beat him at 1X to get more microphones. Because there’s no way I’m beating him without the Hayley glitch at anything more than 2X.


  5. Hi. Quick question that may have been answered in another thread and if so I apologize. When we send the mechanic to fix the scorpion is it supposed to result in an automatic vat of grease?… also I have not been getting automatic wrenches. Maybe I misunderstood. But I’ve been playing pretty diligently and I only have four vats of grease out of 70. Pretty much seems impossible to get the Deaf guy. Again, sorry if this was answered


      1. Thanks for the response. I think it’s time to give up on getting the Deaf guy. I think I’ve gotten five of the objects needed. It’s never going to happen


      2. I don’t count 1 out of 5 as common….I took out three gold and two silver robots, and only got one vat of grease. Not that it matters, it’s mathematically impossible to get all the vats of grease necessary anyway.


  6. Just another quick question. Does anyone know what tasks we have to do for weekly 24hr challenge prize? I daren’t tap get now for the 2nd item in ? Icon as I barely did it last week thanks to not having toad men so if anyone has tapped that to do the challenge, please tell me what the tasks are. I would be eternally grateful & as I usually am on top of all tasks/quests/challenges and get them all within 2days (I need to stop spending so much) I will probably be able to help you in the future. If you aren’t bothered about trying the 24hr challenge then please tap it anyway & give me a list of tasks. Sorry if any are struggling, the game is getting way too cost heavy. They are a small company who are prob struggling financially (u get more if prices are reasonable to encourage spending) have programmers that must have just got out of degrees and they don’t get the amount we pay for clams – iTunes gets a big chunk as do Google Play, Amazon etc. TSTO got like this but after FGTQFS was launched they slowly changed their ways. TSTO is now cheaper to play, everyone can get all prizes, even freemium, we get loads of land released & there are many chances to get free donuts. 3 for leveling up, from neighbours towns (got 3 today), tasks, mystery box etc etc. I’m thinking FG is gonna be over within 6 months. If that happens I’m borrowing Stewie’s time machine to go back in time & not spend any money on clams lol. Lost my train of thought there, sorry I do ramble on. Thanks again to anyone who can help. Happy gaming

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  7. I think TinyCo just don’t seem to care. I am a very heavy spender & I have just got the last character I needed, Riccardo thanks to doing a concert & an encore. I am in a lucky position (or some might say stupid) but as I’m disabled this game keeps me occupied. I can tell u I have spent around £200 on this event alone and I think it’s wrong freemium/low spenders don’t seem to stand a chance. Leaderboards are the worst and it seems that all of these things going on – all needing the same few characters – are designed to get us to spend money. It started with Star Trek event. Now I don’t see how freemium players can defeat Mecha Astley on max (20 hits) without Tricia. I can only just do it with Tricia, Rick, Peter & Hayley but it means I can’t do tasks and I can’t do Rick 12hr task to do an encore. Other characters should have been used to defeat Astley so the others could do their tasks. And only having a max 4 hits in 4hrs is greedy on their part (unless you use Hayley for another 1 hit until TinyCo remove it – probably by tomorrow). Only way u can get max defeat is to play every 4hrs for 20hrs leaving no time for Rick to do encore task, or Peter & Tricia to do their quest tasks. At least in Star Trek we had 5 characters with between 1 & 3 hits each. I’ve given up on tasks now I have done all main quest tasks. The rest can wait. So far I’ve got 33 tubs of lard & all of deaf guy’s other item so almost halfway there. Only way to get maximum gold bugs for tubs of grease is to defeat at max as many times as possible. I’m thinking we might need records, guitar picks, tickets, spanners & microphones next week so I’m going to try & do as many encores & Mecha Astley defeats as I can. If we don’t need them it’s no loss, but if we do I’ll have a head start. I suspect this Mecha Astley is going to be how we get points for leaderboard next update but as we are changing groups I’m not bothering trying for that. I got last one but due to my spending I’ll be put in a much higher spender group. I thought people in my group getting 80 blammy every time I got 10 was mad enough. I waited until last 2 days when they stopped at 495 & spent all day speeding up concert tasks & ended with 1,384 blammy.). The 2nd & 3rd in group ended with around 700-800. I’ll be put in with millionaires lol so I’m not fussed about another skin. Last one was a bit disappointing really. Mostly indoor tasks. I know we will get more side concerts next update so I’m going for mics. I’m lucky with spanners as I bought clam buildings & sped up one shop as it always dropped for 10clams. I think you get about 15+ gold bugs for dear on max streak.

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  8. This update is stupid. Another chicken and egg situation. to unlock rick astley we need trench coats, but the only freemium way of getting them is sideshows, but we need microphones to do them, and we get microphones by defeating mecha astley, but we need rick astley to have any chance of defeating him enough times!!!
    I know peter can defeat mecha astley but he can only inflict 1 damage every four hours, which means he can only attack 6 times a day so it only works until level 2. After this we need rick astley but its unlikely freemium players will have him for reasons above.
    All I’m asking for is more characters to fight mecha astley (like carl and belgram since they do NOTHING in their OWN EVENT apart from earn a little bit of glowsticks) and maybe more ways to earn trench coats, please tinyco.


      1. No… Rypod is right.. she is still fighting him for me.. She transforms to punk rock Chris.. but fights Mecha astley with 1-2 pts damage.. also.. it is the same thing.. as soon as your characters finish the quest start them back up.. so when the Mecha astley comes back to life after the 4 hour defeat time… click on your characters which have been there with the quest checkmarked.. so you get a head start on that round..


      2. I’ve not even played this game in 6 days now lol, didn’t complete week 3, never started weeks 4 or 5, glad I didn’t, seems like a massive problem from start to finish


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  9. What the hell? Why haven’t my game updated to Week 5 yet?

    How exactly am I supposed to “Complete Deadmau5 in Hau5 Pt.7”?

    The only questilne I got left is DJ Herbert’s personnel quest. Should I complete ALL the questlines?


  10. Guys… was going thru character inventory again.. Found 2 new characters that gather glowsticks.. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley… Hope that helps. A little trick I use is to go thru the merchandise booth, and spend all of your glowsticks you have in inventory on the buildings.. So you can be earning glowsticks back while working the quests..

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  11. TinyCo has historically had an issue with basic math. I think the program director flunked the third grade and got lucky getting hired on. Game economy has been in the toilet since the original King Butt event and has only gotten worse. The only way to send them a REAL message is to quit sending them your money. I’ve done research on them as a company. Here’s a few facts:

    1) Thier first game was an online gambling game. Quickly followed up by a kids game with In App Purchases.

    2) Their primary source of funding comes from the Anderssen Horwitz Venture Capital firm with Marc Anderssen heading up their board of directors.

    3) Their CEO, Suli, doesn’t want to address anything not related to stocks or money (not what we pay them but big big money) coming into the company. Any attempts to contact him directly have been met with referral to Matt aka TinyMatt, thier PR guy.

    4) As of last time I looked, they were still looking for a “Director of Game Economy” position. Meaning they know it’s an issue but aren’t avidly looking as this position was first published on their website around Christmas.

    Honestly, just when I was starting to enjoy the game again, this is what we’re in for? Sheesh. And what’s with the Tricia skin costing as much or more than the celebs? Or is it Seth MacFarlane and crew are simply milking this game out of existence. I’ve already moved on from watching or even DVR’ing FG episodes (mostly from the reminder of how frustrating this game has become). Sigh. I only hope they fix it before it’s too late.

    FYI, after taking up more than 50% of available memory on my phone, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game for the first time since I downloaded it. After all the events over the past year and a half and all the clutter never having been clean out by their updates, i’ve found I freed up several GB’s of space. You may want to check and see how much room it takes up on your device as the source of most their crashes are from running out of resources. Good luck all.

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    1. How do you stop it from losing your progress? I am a bit worried about that. But yes, I am running out of memory on my iPad and not sure how much longer I’ll be able to play for that very reason.


      1. Link your account to Facebook or google+ and your progress will be saved. When you reinstall just sign in again and your town will be loaded.


  12. Yeah”………………… am I supposed to get that many glow Sticks? I’ve got 766 right now and that’s without buying the ranger station to get more workers, which I think I would really need to help move things along, but am probably not going to buy. On top of what is needed for characters, you have to use another thousand plus to make buildings for the character or to be able to perform a concert. I don’t think that even with the addition of the side shows (which are going to be quite difficult for freemium players to do many of) that there is anyway to get that many Glowsticks. Who the heck came up with these numbers. I get more discouraged with each event.


  13. Ok, so it looks like i won’t be getting any of these…
    Still two lp short for dj herbert and only have 2000 glowsticks.
    Since week two ended its taken me a week and a half to get to the next step. I never get to do any encores either.


  14. i gotta say… i’m officially done with tinyco. i’ve been premium since day 1 and have everything up to this point but they got WAY too greedy on this event. i hope they see this, i will be spending the $20 – $30 a month i used to spend on TQFS on SW:Commander. so long family guy

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  15. Hayley (?) Smith has a task attack borg bertram with a pic of mecha astley in it. Is it a bug or something, because when I made her doing it, she turned into Klingon Chris and start shooting the dinosaur…


  16. Omg….really tinyco?! Only 2 six hour tasks to possibly get a wrench?
    This just reached ridiculous……
    But they have numerous Ricardo tasks but try and collect 10000 glowsticks
    makes it unreachable as freemium
    Its almost as if they threw all this last minute crap together

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  17. wow, this latest round is nothing but a blatant money grab, it’s pretty disgusting how ridiculous it is.

    When the hell is Futurama coming out? I can’t wait to stop playing this game. The Monorail for TSTO has actually been pretty fun and no where near the embarrassing money grab that this update has been.


  18. wow, this final round is such a blatant money grab, it’s pretty disgusting.

    When the hell is Futurama coming out? I can’t wait to stop playing this game. The TSTO monorail update has actually been pretty fun….


  19. I’m stuck on the lighters for Herbert, with only the deaf guy dropping them, and he’s only dropping tickets and only twice a day. Another brutal stupid decision by Tinyco


      1. oh.. yeap! I had; I had all the lighters back then.. the problem were the records 😦 – I have him already, but now, getting glow sticks sounds not realistic… 1000 for this, 2000 for that… 10,000 for Ricardo… I hate that even collecting some stuff does not reduce the clam price the way it used to…
        I used to pay for premium stuff during events, but since Star Trek I stopped because 1) that stuff didn’t help that much; 2) prices increased ridiculously… and 3) there is no space and it all becomes useless stuff after the event.
        I though that I’d try to see how completely-freemium works… and clearly is impossible, but definitely I’m not spending any more money on such an unfair and clinical situation. thanks for your response though!!


  20. So, this event, just like the Mobster one, has reached a point where it’s quite impossible to complete – only by paying I guess… HELP ME!!! I’m desperate! hehehehe!!! has anyone find a logical or successful technique to get through all this nonsense?? – I’m tired of waiting 7hrs to clear ONE bear and not geting records.. so, still stuck trying to unlock DJ Herbert..
    Now I read all the stuff from the new phase.. is it for real??? 10,000 sticks for Ricardo?? – 4900 for the red hair dude?? .. payouts for sticks are not that high!! is it realistic??? can anyone tell me how are you collecting items – and completing things on time??? – I play avery 2 hrs.. whether to collect from buildings or just those 2hrs actions to get ONE gstick from Meg, Brian.. etc.. Every 2 hrs I don’t miss any collect process.. yet still I’m way behind and without even buying the Hostel, I barely have 5000 Sticks… What am I missing?!?!?!?


    1. I’m in a similar position to you and play just as much by the sound of it but I’ve almost got dj Herbert – I should have him by tomorrow morning, but bears don’t take 7 hours to clear as we can train rangers while waiting for baskets to drop.
      Anyway the glow stick requirements seem like a lot but mecha astley should help out a lot. Past events have shown that the feature were we have to build up a streak pays a lot if he streak is maintained. I haven’t reached the new content yet but I think it should be like this based on previous events.

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      1. Except keeping the streak going with just Peter is going to be pretty much impossible. :-/ I logged in this morning and was just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that is going on in the game. It’s too much to keep track of and figure out what to concentrate on. Hiring people, side shows, two characters, a robot to defeat, quests, blah blah. Too much going on.


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