Struggling With Boots?

Hey guys,

Just a quick mini post, if you guys are like me and struggling to get the leather boots for Alice Cooper, they’ve added new ways to get them…FINALLY!!

Quagmire has a task to get them now, as does the Leather Boot Store (common sense lol) so hopefully I’ll get up to this weeks content now instead of being a week behind you all 😕

Stay cool, guys



13 thoughts on “Struggling With Boots?”

  1. Exactly Nancy! but that’s the problem I see.
    If events are meant to draw new players, how are they succeeding if they are so difficult? Anyone would know that satisfaction/reward is key to keep a customer. New players can’t keep the pace, old players get tired of such a nonsense time.
    I don’t think of my self as a “premium” player.. but let’s say a semi-premium. I used to shed clams once in a while, whether for interesting buildings that helped me out through events, or sometimes even characters from the show (for example both bitches)… I remember spending clams for Halloween and Xmas.. and it was FUN!!
    But now, I don’t see that premium buildings are well designed, they don’t help as they used to; Most things are only decorations, very big ones actually considering the lack of land, and we all know the story about useless characters.
    So… if they need more players, if they need more people to spend money on the game… shouldn’t things be different?. Less complicated, more fun? .. they need to give us a reason to keep playing and (for some) paying. At this point I can’t see any.
    Everytime I remember the Mob event I get mad… it was soooo terrible, and this one is no better.


  2. Honestly guys?!?! I don’t know what do you think, but for me this is the end of the game… absolutely sad how they have turned events, that used to be fun, in to the most annoying time. I’m not sure how many of you share this thought, but something changed badly, compared to last year’s events, this year is all about ridiculous techniques, poor drop rates, and a very cynical way to (try to..) make us spend clams. Decorations are dull, characters we all know are going to be useless after this (not that they help a lot right now), no land to place the stuff, and, well… just way too much to complete in a logical way, considering time and stuff required, adding that it is also a random result… I’m not sure how this is supposed to be fun or encouraging to keep playing.


    1. Yes I agree,last year the events were fun and as freemium players you at least had a chance of getting most of the characters and items, and didn’t mind not getting obviously premium characters. But this time the events seem to be so obviously biased towards paying for nearly everything and are more a chore than fun.
      What is the point of spending money on items and characters that are going to be worthless?
      It’s not even as though we can exchange coins for clams, yet we can pay for coins.

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      1. The dynamic for TinyCo has changed drastically. They need events to draw in new players and they need events to develop new content, especially content that will (they hope) cause people to invest in clams through impulse purchasing. As the pom-pom waving leporid loves to tell everyone: “They need to feed their families. They need to keep the lights on.” What they did for the first year didn’t work. Hackers damaged their business greatly. Their own failures damaged it even more. When was the last time you made it through an entire day without the game failing to launch on startup or the game crashing or staggering so badly that you had to restart just to send a character on a task? How about the last time in an event where there wasn’t at least one challenge that was a failure either in the math or the execution? These are the reasons why they can’t build trust in the playing community and why players aren’t investing more financially into the game. These are TinyCo failures. I can’t even imagine how badly they are losing out on their financial investments in licensing for events. Events are plotted out to draw in new players and get “impulse purchasing” of premium items. Any savvy FG:TQFS player knows that those characters are useless the second the event ends. I am a fan of Family Guy and that’s what drew me to the game. These events are a waste of time for me. I want to see characters from the show doing things that made me laugh while watching the show. I barely know most of the event characters who I am sure they are paying handsomely to have in the game. I realize you can’t put everything from the show in the game in six months or you have no game for Year Two. But I wish TinyCo would slow its roll, solve the many problems of the game and go back to the core storyline before launching into its next money-grabbing event.

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  3. Sure, after I finally get my last boot they add more ways to get them! I’ve been a premium player in the past but this event is strictly freemium for me. I’m getting bored with the game and how much they want people to spend on things.


  4. I was going through my characters in my inventory.. There is now a task for 80’s rock star cleveland that collects glowsticks. Also they added a glowstick task for Punk rock Chris if you are tired of making him do a rap album.. (for glowsticks)


  5. So the new trend for TinyCo in these long term events is to have an impossible drop rate on one item during the course of the event to make sure all fremium players fall behind the pace of the game. Mobster event it was Tubas, this event it appears to be Boots. I just got my last boot, so I am now 5 days behind, just in time for the added tasks to kick in to get them, how useless. Fun stuff…;)


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