PeterPalooza: Week 3 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 3 of PeterPalooza!

How do I begin the third part of PeterPalooza?

You will need to complete Festival Fail Pt. 7 before you can start on the third part of PeterPalooza.

How do I unlock Alice Cooper?

To unlock Alice Cooper, you must collect the following materials:

700 Glowsticks

20 Ticket Stubs (common) from Bears

15 Boa Constrictors (uncommon) from Quagmire and Bonnie

9 Leopard Skin Boots (rare) from Rockstar Peter and Belgard. Tomik’s “Take the Selfies” action will always drop Leopard Skin Boots!

10 Guillotines (uncommon) from Avril and Lois

Alice Cooper is available until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I unlock Belgard?

To unlock Belgard, you must place the International Hostel and collect the following materials:

5 Club Shirts (rare) from Jerome and Chris

5 Prepaid Phone Cards (common) from Herbert and Mort Town Records

3 English Dictionaries (uncommon) from Bonnie and Ear-Piercing Store

Belgard is available until Thursday, September 17 at 3 PM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Tomik?

He is a prize in the Festival Mystery Box!

How do I hire Park Rangers?

You can hire Park Rangers at the Event Staff Tent at 1 Picnic Basket each. You can receive Picnic Baskets from Joe Lion, Mort, Bruce, and the Nature Gear Emporium. It will take 1 hour to train each Park Ranger.

Use Park Rangers to clear Bears!

When do Bears appear?

Bears will appear after reaching Grin and Bear It Pt. 1.

What can I win from the Festival Mystery Box?

The Festival Mystery Box can be found in the featured tab of the shop for 100 clams per try. You can win the following prizes:


Neon Pegacorn

Oversized Lava Lamp

Hot Chocolate Van

Mindblowing Speaker Tower

6 Concert Tickets

250 Glowsticks

350 Glowsticks

20 Guitar Picks

100 Clams

175 Clams


33 thoughts on “PeterPalooza: Week 3 FAQS”

  1. Is there a glitch in my game, or is TC just trying to sneakily make Alice Cooper premium? I have been stuck on 8/9 boots for four days now, while sending Peter out three times a day to ‘worship Alice Cooper’

    That’s not rare, that’s extinct!


      1. wow, that is a dick move. Joke’s on them though, still not gonna spend any more money on this game. I’ll survive without Alice Cooper in my Quahog


  2. Im all about the premium and on the Godfather leaderboards I went all out and got 2nd mostly because I really wanted Stewie’s zoot suit. Thing is if I remember i could have been 3rd or even 4th to get it and all the top levels were decent prizes.

    This event if I were to throw it all in i would still have only a small chance of getting 1st place just for a ugly Peter costume. Like I don’t already have too many already. 2nd place and below are all crap prizes not even worth the effort.

    Im focused on Alice Cooper and skipping Snoop and those two useless blonds all together.

    Saving all my clams for the hopefully great upcoming October Halloween event. Tinyco you listening?!


  3. I don’t see how it’s possible to have 4000 glow sticks to but the building to get this new random dude. Is there a trick to earning massive amounts of glow sticks? And as far as the concerts go, the only way O can do a concert this week is if I unlock Alice Cooper, and then maybe some encores, right?

    Or is there another way? Somebody was saying you could drag characters on to the stage but that didn’t seem to work.

    Thanks for the help


  4. This week seems to be mainly about getting Alice Cooper and the Hostel character. I’m just hoping to get the free Alice Cooper album, not that I am into him, just like the idea of a freebie.
    Still trying to get the last of the Ghost characters.


  5. It would be nice if they would have given those expensive Kiss guys some tasks here. They totally fit the theme and they are just strolling around with nothing to do. People might be more willing to spring for premium characters if they thought they might be useful down the road.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, totally… This is PETERpalooza. How is KISS not involved? I’m sure a quick call from Lois could have Gene Simmons ready to play a gig.


      1. Having to get 8 rare boots with only Peter on an 8 hour task is going to take forever. Even though I have done encore concerts and more, I don’t have 4000 glow bracelets to get the other character that can help. Not sure they thought that through really.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve gotten that far. I have bears but no picnic basket tasks. I’m guessing we have to finish Grin and Bear It part 1 to get those tasks. Should be thru that in a couple hours.


      1. you need 2 picnic baskets for each bear 😒 so bear (no pun) that in mind when recruiting rangers.. anyone else miffed at the new leaderboards ? I messaged tinyco and just got some tatty awful generic reply 😕


      2. I’m number 10 on my leader board with 17 total, number 9 currently has 51, and number 1 has nearly 80. Considering that 1st place is a Peter skin, 2nd is 2500 glowsticks and 10 clams (I wish that it could have at least been a building), and 3rd – 10th place get 10 clams, I can’t for the life of me understand why people are fighting for it unless it’s just a side effect of heavy clam us. First place will probably end up costing the winner far more than an expensive character overall, but to each his own.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. In the FAQ’s tiny co say we should report anyone we suspect of cheating. Now is it just me or is anyone with a score of 50+ clearly cheating?


      4. Depends, there’s loads of ways to get stuff, concerts being the easiest, I’m on 10 and I’ve barely played due to work



      5. Tell a lie, I’m on 54 lol, just checked, I’m tenth apparently and I’ve not cheated, the concert gave me loads and fan girls give you some too here and there



      6. You have to finish grin and bear it part 1 AND build the mascara shop which takes 8 hours then you can start earning picnic baskets.


    2. I’m currently 1st on my leaderboard have 197 points havent cheated or used clams to get them holding concerts pays off big if you get enough stars 55 glammys per concert


    1. I don’t know what you mean. Every event has had a premium mystery box and another premium one the next week, but they ALWAYS have a freemium one in the last week. Plus they’re mostly full of useless decos, freemium or premium.


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