Festival Mystery Box

Hey guys,

There’s a new mystery box we can get for 100 clams, in it you could win…

Tomik (character)

250 glow sticks

Neon Pegacorn (decoration)

175 clams

350 glow sticks

Lava lamp (decoration)

Cleveland’s Hot Chocolate Van (moving vehicle)

6 Concert tickets

Mind blowing Speaker Tower (decoration)

125 clams

20 guitar picks

All good items there but are they worth 100 clams? Tell us your thoughts and how this music festival event is going for you



12 thoughts on “Festival Mystery Box”

  1. I decided to give the box one try. I got the Pegacorn. I was less than impressed that I just got a decoration that took up a fair amount of space. Then, it dropped bracelets on me. Now, I am feeling much better about it. I was worried about the 4000 for the hostel. This decoration should help with that. I just noticed a jump in bracelets. Anyone know the drop rate and time on the Pegacorn?


  2. as I’m running low on clams i won’t even try 100 is a lot, i wasted loads of clams on borg consuela and burn out brian… but now i’m giving up thanks tinyco for making me lose interest in this game by putting a character in here and bringing the leader board back, been hooked from the start… i can finally go back to having a life


  3. I was really lucky with this box, in order I got;

    1) Tomik
    2) Lava Lamp
    3) Pegacorn
    4) Mind Blowing Speaker Tower

    I’m not happy to see leaderboards back, this time only 1 person will get the top prize, and only those who spend a ton of clams will get it, and I’m not spending out like I did in the Mobster event. Since the game began I haven’t missed a single outfit or character, as I’m a completionist, so the fact I’m going to miss out on a outfit is really annoying, and the worst part is that this is only round 1 of the leaderboards, and round 2 will start on 3rd September! I really hoped that Tiny Co would of listened to the feedback that people hated this aspect of the game, but obviously not.


  4. Best luck ever with the mystery box ! : Got the lamp, then Tomik, then clevelands van then the Pegacorn 🙂 I only wanted Tomik & the Pegacorn so for the first time ever I’ve not had to spend tons of clams to get the couple items I wanted 🙂 🙂

    There is also a new leaderboard that’s appeared – looks like everyone has the chance to win top prize this time as it’s based on concerts you do (unlike the mob event where you were against all players). This seems a lot fairer IMO 🙂


  5. I am starting to loose my interest in the game.. I am down to 80 clams… and am pretty much refusing to buy more.. but to unlock Alice Cooper, You have to have Tomik… So you mean to tell me I can’t get a character unless I buy this one???


    1. huh? You don’t need Tomik for Alice Cooper. Some of the drop rates timer have also reduced. I think this event has been fairly easy so far.


      1. I just don’t get it on people complaining about this and that. I have mentioned many times that this event has been fairly easy unlike the mobster or the star trek event. Week 1 and 2 were a breeze.


      2. Originally, when Alice appeared.. one of his gathering quests — Leopard skin boots- was only “Make Tomlik take the selfies… they then added 2 more gathering quests for this one..


  6. I used to be a completionist with characters and skins. Then they came out with the Borg Consuela mystery box, which I passed on, because there’s no way I’m spending potentially 1000 clams on a skin. Now it looks like there’s no need to be a completionist with characters, either. Nice. 🙂


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