PeterPalooza: Snoop Dogg’s Walkthrough

If you purchase Snoop Dogg, his questline – Doggystyle – will pop up! Here is the walkthrough!


Part 1

– Make Snoop Ride Low (8 hours)

Earns 8 Glowsticks

Part 2

– Make Snoop Perform his Hits (12 hours)
– Make Jerome Host Happy Hour (2 hours)

Earns 4 Glowsticks

Part 3

– Make Snoop Drink Gin & Juice (4 hours)
– Make Quagmire Hang Out With Snoop (2 hours)

Earns 6 Glowsticks

Part 4

– Make Snoop C-Walk (2 hours)
– Make Chris Eat a Large Ham (8 hours)

Earns 10 Glowsticks


4 thoughts on “PeterPalooza: Snoop Dogg’s Walkthrough”

  1. “Make Quagmire Hang Out With Snoop”
    I can’t do this quest. For some reason, when I tap the mission in order to go to the quest, Quagmire doesn’t have this action. Any tip?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Turned out I only had to “update” my version to the official one (if you know what I mean… :P) then the quest popped up in Quagmire’s quest list. Everything solved!


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