PeterPalooza: Rockstar Peter’s Walkthrough

Here is Rockstar Peter’s Walkthrough – Do You Wanna Rock!

Do You Wanna Rock

Part 1

– Make Rockstar Peter Trash Hotel Room (2 hours)

Earns 6 Glowsticks

Part 2

– Make Lois Rip T-shirt Sleeves (6 hours)
– Make Rockstar Peter Turn It Up to 11 (11 hours)

Earns 4 Glowsticks

Part 3

– Make Joe Work Security (4 hours)
– Make Quagmire Sneak Into the Party (4 hours)
– Make Rockstar Peter Party with Groupies (6 hours)

Earns 4 Glowsticks

Part 4

– Make Rockstar Peter Sign Autographs (8 hours)
– Make Lois Do the Laundry (10 hours)

Earns 6 Glowsticks


7 thoughts on “PeterPalooza: Rockstar Peter’s Walkthrough”

  1. Did everyone get the free Avril Lavigne album? I thought it might be free songs but an entire album? Cool. I’m guessing a Snoop and Deadmau5 album too?


      1. It happened this morning after I unlocked Avril. On the Android version, there’s a tab in the event info saying “Make sure that you have space available and are logged into the Google account you want to redeem your code with Google Play!”

        There’s an additional popup that says “The hits keep on coming! Earn free songs on Google Play when you get music superstars, like Snoop Dogg, in your Quahog!”

        I had assumed the iOS version would have similar language, but I read on “the other site” that it’s apparently a Google Play exclusive.


  2. I have a question that is not involved with Rockstar Peter Walkthrough , how i do to uprade my game to PeterPalooza in the facebook ?


  3. Hey guys, not sure if you know yet, but the next phase of the event begins at some point today, then after that each new phase will hit like normal on each Thursday! 🙂


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