Raising The Dead

Hey guys,

Just checking in to see how everyone’s doing with Loretta, Paddy and New Brian, any problems? Has anyone got them all yet?

I’ve got Loretta and Paddy, just need to unlock New Brian now so all’s good with me 😊



24 thoughts on “Raising The Dead”

  1. I have Paddy and finished with all quests but can’t seem to get anything but zombies from the portal… I’m getting VERY frustrated!!! The drop rate for the helmets for Paddy was ridiculous, 12 hr tasks and they weren’t kidding when they said rare. Ugh!!


  2. The first attempt at the portal gave me New Brian to unlock, and I have only now in the last hour received the final item to free him – seriously hard to get those flutes and tinyco confirmed my drop rate was fine, which I find hard to believe because the rare items are usually the first thing I collect all of. It’s taken me this whole time just to get one character. I’m only glad that these characters aren’t timed otherwise I’d have missed out.
    Anyway, so second attempt at the portal gave two zombies, and the third attempt has given me Paddy to unlock. Lets see how long he takes to free!
    (btw: long time lurker, first time poster).


    1. Welcome Begal, lurk no more!! Feel free to comment whenever you like 😊 you’re lucky you got Paddy in 3 attempts, took me 50+ times to get Loretta then another 30+ times to get New Brian



  3. Have Paddy & Loretta and working on New Brian. On schedule to have him by the weekend (figuring each character is supposed to take about a week to get). That’s assuming Peterpalooza doesn’t drop today.


  4. Still need three tank helmets to unlock Paddy….he is the first character to appear for me. Helmets are impossible to obtain….grrrrrr……


  5. This has been a good event. I have Paddy and Loretta (she was hilarious). My only issue is the Teddy Bears for New Brian. 2 characters and 1 building always drop, but only 1 every 24 hours. That’s a minimum of 3 days, 8 hours (assuming you can keep up with the timing. It’s a district, so it’s not going to ‘time out’ on us, it just seems odd to ONLY have 24 hour jobs. Silly TinyCo, Trix are for Kids!


    1. Psst you can build more of the buildings. They take 1 day to build, but you will be done faster with the teddys. Its not as bad as you think though. The flutes are hardest because Peter is almost always needed for questing so it’s very hard to tie him up for 12 hours at a time. Dr Hartman is the only other one that can get the flutes besides the clam building, which i did not get.


  6. I unlocked the last ghost a few days ago. I was pretty disappointed to find out that after you’ve collected all three ghosts, you are unable to place the Lazarus Portal in your inventory because it is “Too important to put away”. :/


  7. Got Loretta. Just unlocked paddy yesterday and I play a lot. Those blue ball earrings killed me with Loretta. Pissed about it but I guess we have no time limit on them so some day. Oh and thank heavens for consuela and her vacuum.


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