PeterPalooza: How do I Unlock Rockstar Peter

Find out what you need to collect for Rockstar Peter to unlock Peter’s new costume:


40 x Glowsticks (always)
– Earn glowsticks when you complete tasks
– Collect from Neon Statues
– Do a Concert
– Collect from Kwik Pick Kiosk
– Collect from Toads
– Collect from Fans

2 x Wallet Chain (uncommon)
– Make Joe Work Security
– Make Herbert Be a Peeping Tom
– Collect from Sam Doody’s Guitar Store

2 x Whiskey (rare)
– Make Peter Remember Rodstock
– Make Quagmire Remember RodStock
– Make Mort Scrounge for Coins
– Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete

3 x Studded Bracelet (always)
– Make Lois Rip T-Shirt Sleeves
– Make Chris Enjoy Private time.


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