PeterPalooza: How do I Unlock Makeover Meg

Find out what you need to collect to unlock Makeover Meg – TIMED – 7 DAYS! Available to craft in the Festival Mercy Kiosk Center

350 x Glowsticks (always)
– Earn glowsticks when you complete tasks
– Collect from Neon Statues
– Do a Concert
– Collect from Kwik Pick Kiosk
– Collect from Toads
– Collect from Fans

100 x Skull Guitar Picks (always)
– Collect from Kwik Pick Kiosk
– Do Concerts
– Collect from Toad Users


10 thoughts on “PeterPalooza: How do I Unlock Makeover Meg”

  1. I’d done a concert and cleared some toad users, and was about to do another concert to get more picks, but now that concert option has gone! I now have to do Joe Lion’s concert instead, which requires me to spend any picks I’ve already got to run it! This has now made it impossible to get Meg!


    1. You can still get Makeover Meg, she’s on the merch stand page 1, click “back” or “next” to go from page 2 to page 1



      1. Thanks Rypod (love the site btw!) but what I meant is that I had the option of doing a different concert which would have got me most of the picks I needed for Meg’s outfit. Now that concert option is replaced by the Joe Lion concert, which requires me to spend even more picks just to run it. I can’t see any way of getting enough picks now to get Meg before the timer runs out.


      2. It depends on how much time you have left for her and the amount of picks you have. If you have close to 100 picks and have about a day or two left, as Rypod suggested, doing Rockstar Peter’s Jam Out! task will get you 5 picks in three hours. In other words, you can get about 40 picks per day by doing Peter’s task to clear out the Toad Guys (if you’re up for waking up every three hours during your sleep of course :p).



  2. I have been playing the peterpalooza update and i cant get the meg outfit. After 2 days it locked on me. Can anyone tell me why


  3. Also possible glitch in game. Clear toad users earns guitar picks, but they don’t register in the totals. In game message sent to TinyCo, but not hopeful that i will have time to earn Meg with picks being earned but not counted.


  4. I’ve actually bought the building that gives you picks,and since the event began, I have 3! How on earth are we supposed to get 100 in a week?!? Ridiculous.


  5. Tiny Co have given out conflicting information with this outfit, in the craft area she has a 7 day timer, but in the FAQ it says you have until the 17th September to unlock her!


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