Tell DoPyr 😈

Hey guys,

RyPod’s evil twin here DoPyr, checking in to see how you’re all doing in this evil weekend.

My “good” twin RyPod has already got Retep, and doesn’t have long to go to get Evil Stewie, hopefully with all these evil characters coming into his Quahog, maybe he’ll learn to become more evil, more…like me 😈 mwahahaha!!!

Ylloh and Yeooz are also doing ok in their games and together the three of us will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

So…join us…and tell us how you’re doing, and let’s rid this world of goody-two-shoes like RyPod, Zooey and Holly!!

DoPyr 😈


20 thoughts on “Tell DoPyr 😈”

  1. Now that this mini-event is almost over, any idea what and when the next one is? also can we have walkthroughs for Paddy, Loretta and New Brian’s individual questlines?


    1. As for, what the next event is, I don’t know, I heard someone mention “Peterpalooza” but I don’t know if that’s anything or not



      1. I think it Will Be the next event. It was announcd on facebook. Tinyco is also searching for non usa Android players for a secret feauture


  2. I like how things changed a little since the Mob event. The last two mini events.. the hybrids and evil week, at least had something more related to the show. Also I truly enjoyed that drop rates improved for limited time things…I unlocked both characters quite early and had time to progress with the quests… that’s cool!!!
    But I still have this feeling that they are releasing way too much content into limited time things. There are so many great characters (from the show) that are only obtainable through events, and that’s why they are useless after that.. I would prefer more adventures and characters for unlimited time Districts, than mini events or events every week.


  3. I liked this event,got retep and evil stewie no problem.Wish evil coins had a better drop rate.Can’t wait for peterpalooza,hope it starts tonight.


  4. Why can’t they just keep things going so that we can get all the characters? There’s no way to get even 1 of the characters from the Lazarus Portal, let alone all 3. Too many items needed to unlock both the evil characters and the one ghost that came out of my portal. What happened to just leaving the characters til they’re unlocked? I’ve actually been playing this event regularly, too. I’m getting bored with the game since it’s impossible to get everything in the time allotted. I missed out on the one puppy or whatever it was cuz I didn’t even know when the event was ending. I was 1 item away, too! So frustrating!


    1. You can get all 3 from the Lazarus Portal Rpiller, they’re from District 11 which keeps going till you get all 3 characters, it’s only Retep, Evil Stewie and the Devil that are disappearing, Loretta, Paddy and New Brian are in the game till you get them



  5. My only complaint is that the drop for evil coins isn’t all that great. I was able to unlock Evil Stewie and Retep, and get one of the buildings but I was not able to get a few buildigs and decos that I wanted. But I was glad to see they made the characters very reasonable to get this time around.

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  6. So should your evil twin name be DoPyr or DopYr? “Doh (or Dew) Pire” sounds a little weird versus “Dop Your”. “Dop Your” sounds a little more like “Up Yours”, which could be construed a more evil. Just Sayin…

    Yours truly, Rekam Eci Ynnhoj. Boy, that is truly a mouthful. Didn’t realize it until I started typing it.


    1. 😈 mwahahaha, it doesn’t matter what they call me, all will learn to bow to me when I run Hell with my trusted minions!! 😈



  7. Derf here!!! Your comedy Dopyr kills me!!! Wish we could meet in person, that damned pond!!!

    I have Retep and Evil Stewie… Just chugging away on their quests… both quests up to level 3
    this little quest is most welcome, and works well with the quests for the new districts… On my second ghost there…


  8. Nomis here.Have Retep and got Evil Stewie this morning. LOVE the storylines. I also bought Satan (never thought I’d ever say that!) so a lot of quests going on. Having a blast.


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