Evil Week – Fear No Evil Walkthrough

Here is the evil week walkthrough for the main questions – Fear No Evil! More are coming shortly…

Fear No Evil

Part 1

– Place Welcome to Evil Quahog Sign
– Make Peter Spot his Doppelganger (30s)

Part 2

– Place Retep and Retep’s House (1 hour build time)
– Collect Rent from Retep’s House Twice (12 hours)
– Make Peter Watch Val Kilmer Flicks (10 hours)

Part 3

– Place Defaced Stewie Billboard
– Make Peter Hang Out at the Clam (1 hour)

Part 4

– Place Evil Stewie and Tiny Tots Sweatshop (4 hours build time)
– Collect Rent from Tiny Tots Sweatshop Twice (12 hours)
– Make Peter Buy Sweatshop Goods (2 hours)

Part 5

– Harvest 6 x Anti-Coins
– Make Joe Go Beer Skeet Shooting (1 hour)
– Make Quagmire Report Evil Incidents (2 hours)

Part 6

– Place The Sober Oyster (2 hours build time)
– Make Quagmire Read Lipstick Message (1 hour)

Part 7

– Make Lois Freshen Up (6 hours)

Part 8

– Place McVeggietown (12 hours build time)
– Make Peter Overeat (6 hours)

Part 9

– Make Retep Murder a Lady (4 hours)
– Make Peter Stub His Knee (2 hours)

Part 10

– Make Evil Stewie Lick Wounds (24 hours)
– Make Retep Regenerate Hand (12 hours)


Join in and discuss FG:TQFS with fellow Quahoggers!

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