District 11 Walkthroughs

Here are the walkthroughs for District 11:

A Brush with Death

Part 1

– Enter the Graveyard District
– Clear the Land Around the Lazarus Portal (24 hours)

Part 2

– Investigate Lazarus Portal

Part 3

– Place Madame Claude’s Psychic Parlor (4 hours)
– Help Madame Claude
(22 x Tarot Cards (common)
– Make Stewie Learn New Choreography
– Make Mayor West Regurgitate Raft
– Make Pawtucket Pat Drink Beer from Hat
– Make Olivia Throw a tantrum
8 x Bent Spoons (uncommon)
– Collect from The Founding Father
– Collect from Taste of Sicily
– Collect from Meatloafaria
4 x Crystal Balls (common)
– Make Connie Steal Meg’s Diary
– Make Tricia Interview Shoppers
– Make Peter Feed Master
3 x Hairband (rare)
– Make Lois Shoplift
– Collect from Psychic Parlor
12000 x Coins)

Part 4

– Make Madame Claude Consult an 8-ball (6 hours)
– Make Lois Teach Piano (4 hours)

Part 5

– Activate the Lazarus Portal Once ( 5 x Zombie Parts needed – get by clearing Zombie)
– Make Brian Down Beer (2 hours)

Part 6

– Make Stewie Play with Spirit Board (10 hours)
– Make Madame Claude Play with Tarot Cards (12 hours)
– Resurrect a Ghost (collect Zombie Parts to activate the Lazarus Portal until you Resurrect a Ghost! – I got Paddy only second try!)

Part 7

– Make Brian Do the Scoot (8 hours)
– Make Stewie Host a Tea Party (10 hours)

Part 8 (started after resurrecting 2nd Ghost)

– Make Brian Protect Lois (12 hours)
– Make Stewie Tempt Fate (4 hours)

Part 9 (appears after resurrecting the 3rd ghost)

– Make Brian Host Death (4 hours)
– Make Stewie Do Target Practice (1 hour)

Part 10

– Make Brian Eat from the Garbage (6 hours)
– Make Stewie Rethink Things (2 hours)

Part 11

– Make Brian Find Inspiration (12 hours)
– Make Stewie Do Death’s Bidding (10 hours)

Psyched Out

(Madame Claude Walkthrough)

Part 1

– Make Madame Claude Perform Astral Projection (4 hours)
– Make Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose (4 hours)

Part 2

– Make Madame Claude Play with Tarot Cards (12 hours)
– Make Bruce Play with Tarot Cards (joint task with Madame Claude)

Part 3

– Make Madame Claude Consult an 8-Ball (6 hours)
– Make Peter Guess his Future (10 hours)

Part 4

– Make Madame Claude Run Psychic Hotline (24 hours)
– Make Chris Work the Psychic Hotline (24 hours)


12 thoughts on “District 11 Walkthroughs”

  1. I’m so glad they finally released something not timed or limited!! looks more like a Halloween event though, but I really like it! – now we only need more land… these new blocks get filled so quickly with new buildings (especially because of the size of the mausoleum) thnks for the walkthrough!


      1. Pawtucket brewery stuff was district 10.
        District 11 was when we had to unlock Olivia and do time travel, and that was like 3 months ago. Therefore this should be district 12, right?


      2. It must have been. It was continuing from the plutonium business in district 9. Also we got land when the time travel content was released? We only get land when there’s a new district.


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