District 11: How do I Unlock Paddy (Ghost)

With the new Lazarus Portal, you have the chance to resurrect three ghosts – once you do, you still have to unlock them… Here is how to unlock Paddy:

14 x Golf Clubs (always)

– Make Dr Hartman Test Experimental Drugs
– Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete
– Make Carter Make Money Angels

20 x Anger Managing Books (common)

– Make Joe Visit the Gun Range
– Collect from James Woods High
– Collect from Quahog Public Library

15 x Plaid Pants (uncommon)

– Make Lois Do Target Practice
– Make Connie Go Shopping
– Make Bonnie Bake Sale

6 x Tank Helmet (rare)

– Make Mayor West Visit Vinny
– Make Peter Roll Over Children
– Collect from Sick Burn Crematorium


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