District 11: How do I Unlock Loretta Brown (Ghost)

With the new Lazarus Portal, you have the chance to resurrect three ghosts – once you do, you still have to unlock them… Here is how to unlock Loretta Brown:

30 x Dinosaur Skull (common)

– Make Jerome Play Darts
– Make Mayor West Launch Cats

4 x Bathtub (extra rare)

– Make Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath
– Make Seamus Emerge from the Shadows
– Make Cleveland Bath Time
– Collect from Barrington Hotel

10 x Cricket Bat (uncommon)

– Collect from Quahog Playhouse
– Collect from Quahog School of the Performing Arts
– Collect from Olivia’s Playhouse

5 x Blue Earrings (rare)

– Make Quagmire Do a Special Dance
– Make Peter Commandeer the Clam
– Collect from Sick Burn Crematorium


10 thoughts on “District 11: How do I Unlock Loretta Brown (Ghost)”

  1. Blue earrings are impossible. 5 days now twice a day with Quagmire and Peter so out of 10 opportunities, I have 0. That’s right, 0, not a single bloody one. I’ve finished all the other drops for the character.


      1. It’s now August 19th and I am STILL waiting on blue earrings. Nearly 3 weeks with at least one character once a day and I only have 4 earrings, brutal.


  2. The dinosaur skulls is absolutely crazy… 3 days into it.. have 9.. it says common, but it is giving away like rare.. Jerome is the only one giving out, and that is 2 out of 3 times.. Mayor West launching cats is a waste!!!


  3. Dinasour skulls is ridiculous… every 8 hours you might get 2 and you need 30 of them?!?!? I have other things to do in life than wait for Jerome to finish playing darts…. make this more attainable…. add in a building or another character task or 2


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