District 11 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for the new District 11!

How do I get to the Graveyard in District 11?

Finish “A State of Pure Inebriation Pt. 6″ to unlock the Graveyard District.

How long do I have to complete District 11?


How do I unlock Madame Claude?

To unlock Madame Claude, first place her Psychic Parlor from the shop.

Then, collect the following items:

Coins: 12,000 (Everywhere)Tarot Cards: 22 (Common)Bent Spoons: 8 (Uncommon)Crystal Balls: 4 (Common)Hairbands: 3 (Rare)

How do I clear zombies?

Tap to clear zombies after you’ve unlocked Madame Claude.

What is the Lazarus Portal?

The Lazarus Portal is a gateway to the underworld that blocks zombies and ghosts from entering our earthly plane.

You should mess with it.

How do I get characters from the Lazarus Portal?

First, tap the zombies roaming your town to dispense of them.Then feed their zombie parts into the Lazarus Portal for a shot at raising the dead. You can also spend clams for a shot.

Each resurrection has a chance at getting a new character. It also might summon a bunch of zombies.

Note: it’s hard to summon ghosts. Expect lots of zombies.

What characters can I get from the Lazarus Portal?

In addition to copious zombies, the Lazarus Portal contains the following ghosts from Quahog’s past:

Loretta BrownPaddy TannigerNew Brian

Once you successfully summon a ghost, you will need to complete their tasks before you can use the Lazarus Portal again.

How many zombies can I have in my town at a time?

When spawning on their own, up to twelve zombies will roam your town at once.

For zombies that come from failed Lazarus Portal attempts, you can have up to 100 roaming at a time.

All zombies will disappear after you unlock the last ghost.

Fun fact: the collective noun for a group of zombies is a “groan”.

Will the zombies go away?

All zombies will disappear once you’ve freed all ghosts from the Lazarus Portal.

We apologize to anyone who had dreams of being a zombie hoarder.  


2 thoughts on “District 11 FAQS”

  1. Paddy character quest is locked in part 3 (if I remember right). Paddy n Peter’s jobs no issues. But will not collect from ‘Founding Fathers’ building.


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