Uh-oh! Finn and Jack issues – NOW FIXED!

TinyCo mistakenly released an earlier content release last night, due to a technical error and the items/characters released didn’t appear correctly! Below we have images of before and after…



This is from TinyCo:

“We mistakenly pushed Jack and Finn live at approximately 4am PST this morning due to a technical issue. As the content was not complete, they contain placeholder art and not all quests have been implemented. We are removing them from the shop now and adding content to make them look less placeholder-y for players who already have them.”

If you purchased Jack last night, this is who you got instead:


And if you purchased the Prom Night Dumpster Baby, this was what you got:


And if you brought the Automatic Beer Blaster, you got this instead:


The tasks to unlock Finn weren’t appearing either:





This has been fixed now:



Were you faced with these issues? Have they been fixed now?


4 thoughts on “Uh-oh! Finn and Jack issues – NOW FIXED!”

  1. I started building the obedience school at about 7amish ET. It was a 12 hour build and its still counting down though the status bar doesn’t move now. I assume since it is still counting that it will finish.


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