Mini Event: How do I Unlock Finn

Find out what items you need and which tasks earn them to unlock Finn!

95 x Tennis Ball Chew Toy (always)
– Clear Blind Hybrid Baby
– Clear Hybrid Baby

18 x Test Tube (common)
– Make Mort Swallow Jewels
– Make Jerome Grow His Fro
– Make Herbert Buy Candy for Kids
– Make Jack Play with Chris

10 x Pre-School Application (uncommon)
– Make Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash
– Make Quagmire Take Sex-Ed
– Make Bruce Fret About Something
– Make Lois Freshen Up

7 x Baby Bottle (rare)
– Make Stewie Morning Sickness
– Make Peter Buy Baby Powder
– Make Chip Griffin Travel by Balloon

8 x Dingo Collar / Leash (extra rare)
– Clear Blind Hybrid Babies
– Clear Hybrid Baby
– Make Brian Do the Scoot


One thought on “Mini Event: How do I Unlock Finn”

  1. I think since they want to charge clams for everything and everyone, that once a clam character becomes available, they should keep them available to purchase always


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