Finn and Jack Walkthroughs

We have had a mini content update… On top of our mini event! Here are the walkthroughs for Lost Dog (Finn) and
You Don’t Know Jack (Jack)!

Lost Dog

Part 1

– Make Finn Play Ball (6 hours)

Part 2

– Make Joe Walk the Dog (8 hours)
– Make Finn Be Obedient (12 hours)

Part 3

– Make Finn Do Baby Diaper Scoots (4 hours)
– Make Joe Clean Doggy Poop (6 hours)

Part 4

– Make Finn Evade Imminent Death (14 hours)
– Make Joe Post Puppy Pictures (4 hours)

Part 5

– Make Finn Run Away (1 hour)
– Make Joe Watch Dog Movies (2 hours)
– Make Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine (1 hour)

You Don’t Know Jack

Part 1

– Make Jack Run the Doggie Obstacle Course (6 hours)

Part 2

– Make Jack Play With Chris (4 hours)

Part 3

– Make Jack Violently Burp (12 hours)
– Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop (4 hours, 1 second)

Part 4

– Make Jack Lick Electrical Outlets (10 hours)
– Make Chris Eat a Large Ham (8 hours)


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