Mini Event: How do I Unlock Chip Griffin

Find out how many items and what tasks will help you collect stuff needed to Unlock Chip Griffin! Limited time only!

8 x Dingo Collars (extra rare)
– Make Brian Do the Scoot
– Clear Blind Hybrid Baby
– Clear Hybrid Baby

20 x Blue Tennis Rackets (common)
– Make Joe Patrol the School
– Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop
– Collect from Chip’s Tiny Tennis Court (costs: $2000 – needed to find Chip Griffin)

5 x Cold Cuts (uncommon)
– Make Peter Overeat
– Collect from Last Chance Animal Shelter

4 x Red Balloons (rare):
– Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete
– Make Quagmire Feed the Puppies
– Collect from Chip’s House

90 x Tennis Ball Chew Toys (always)
– Clear Hybrid Babies
– Clear Blind Hybrid Babies


Join in and discuss FG:TQFS with fellow Quahoggers!

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