Invasion of Hybrid Babies FAQS

Here are the FAQS for the unusual Monday/Tuesday content release!

Invasion of the Hybrid Babies

There are mutant human/dog hybrid babies every where! What’s going on?

Stewie’s and Brian’s half human, half dog babies are running around town wreaking cute and uncomfortable havoc. Stewie does the only natural thing, and gets pregnant with Brian’s babies again. Meanwhile, Peter’s favorite vestigial conjoined twin returns to Quahog.

When does the Invasion of the Hybrid Babies mini event end?

The mini event ends on Thursday, July 30th, at 3pm PST.

How do I get Teen Mom Stewie?

Teen Mom Stewie is available in Al Harrington’s for 150 clams. you will need to have Stewie unlocked to use the outfit.

How do I unlock Chip Griffin?

To unlock Chip Griffin for your town, you’ll need to collect the following:

8 dingo collars (extra rare)20 blue tennis rackets (common)5 cold cuts (uncommon)4 red balloons (rare)90 Tennis ball chew toys (always)

Tennis ball chew toys come from clearing Hybrid Babies and Blind Hybrid Babies.

Chip Griffin is available until 3pm PST on Thursday, July 30th. Unlock him before then to have his relentlessly optimistic attitude in your town.

When do the Hybrid Babies spawn? How often?

Hybrid Babies and Blind Hybrid Babies spawn after you start Attack of the Hybrid, Part 2. You can also spawn extra by purchasing the Baby Maker 5000.

They respawn every two hours.


4 thoughts on “Invasion of Hybrid Babies FAQS”

    1. Yeah, maybe. The outfit is more like when Stewie dressed as a girl in the episode Leggo My Meggo, when Meg got kidnapped in France and sold as a sex slave



  1. Isn’t “Teen Mom Stewie” just “Stephanie Griffin”? When everyone thought Stewie was the anti-Christ and threw up the wine and they had to disguise him as a girl?



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