Good news, everyone! Futurama Mobile Game Coming Soon!

Are you excited? Are you going to play? What are your thoughts?


If you stalk the Futurama Facebook page, or you were lucky enough to go to SDCC – you may have heard about the big announcement… Futurama is back, but sadly, not another season, but as a mobile game!


The official Futurama Facebook page announced the new mobile game on 9th July 2015, which can be found below:


The announcement didn’t give too much away, as we do not know what type of mobile game it will be… it may be a strategy game, or a town-building game like another popular animated series created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons, who knows?! In the artwork, you can spot differently shaped drones in the background: heart-shaped, square-shaped, triangular, circular, pentagon-shaped and it seems as if Bender is in charge! Let’s hope the different shapes isn’t an indicator of a matching game!

It hints at a possible name for the new game – ‘Release the…

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6 thoughts on “Good news, everyone! Futurama Mobile Game Coming Soon!”

  1. I am thinking it might be Simpson’s Tapped Out, and I might try it as I have lost alot of interest in FG and have long since removed Simpson’s due to crashing and ridiculous expectations.


    1. If you read the post you can see that it’s not by tiny co. It’s made by wooga, the company who made jelly splash, diamond dash, bubble island etc.


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