Tell RyPod: Futurama

Hey guys,

So…I found out today (courtesy of Beccat) that there’s a new Quest For Stuff type game coming out but it’s based on Futurama!! 😃

Saying I’m very excited for this is an understatement and reading comments from others, it seems you guys love it too, so today’s Tell RyPod is this…

What is your fave moment from Futurama? What is your fave character? What is your fave everything about Futurama?

Go on…tell RyPod…

…oh…and bite my shiny metal ass 😉


31 thoughts on “Tell RyPod: Futurama”

  1. Yup. Has to be universes in boxes. Only thing that makes sense. Just think, you too will be able to go for a scuttle in your very own new new york and build a better casino with blackjack and hookers. Matter of fact… Forget the blackjack… And the casino. And you can build it all near the sexeteria in Jerusalem.

    Just to throw one more reference in:
    Bender would have responded to reproduce saying that he’s awesome by saying something like “Shut up, baby. I know I’m great.”

    Can’t wait for this game. 😀


  2. Can someone please help me out? How many seasons of Futurama are there? Everywhere I look it says that there are seven, but on Netflix there are ten. What’s going on with this?!


  3. O have a hard time picking a favorite character. I liked Seymour a lot (the end of his episode made me cry like a little kid) but I also liked Scruffy and… *Loud buzzing sound* ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD!!!


  4. Can’t wait, love Futurama! I’d say Clamps is my fave character…bada climp…bada clamp! It’s gonna be CLAMp this CLAMp that….see what I did there lol 🙂


  5. Me like almost better than Snoo Snoo!!!

    When is it coming out? Will it be as desperate of a cash grab as FG:QFS? NEED MORE DETAILS!!!


  6. Currently rewatching the show just for the launch of the game to refresh my memory so I’ll recognize all of the buildings and characters they put in the show.


  7. I’m looking forward to playing the game. It seems like forever since I last watched the show though, maybe I should have a little Futurama session before the game comes out

    Will there be a site in the future too?


  8. Gotta say my favourite character is Zapp Brannigan but I’ll take any voiced by Billy West. On a side note I was happy to discover the voice actor for Kiff was from Toronto!


  9. OHH YESSSS!!!..i’m definitely playing this game whenever it comes out! i always loved Futurama and there’s sOoOoOoO many episodes that are my favorites. 😀


  10. I love Futurama! Many of my ringtones are Bender, including the one attached to my text messages, “whoa, I’m not reading that crap, summarize it in one word!” Which describes exactly how I feel when someone sends me a mini novel via text message. *Chuckle*

    Don’t know if I will play the game, though.This is enough for me!


  11. Jurassic Bark always tugs at my heart because I’ve had dogs since I was in grade school. Godfellas is another great episode.
    “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all”
    But also small moments like “REMEMBER ME *FLAMES*” which runs through my head every time i click one of those “Remember me” boxes on a login page ;). I have a tiny metal Bender on my desk guarding my candy. I will definitely jump on this game once it releases. Please keep us informed 😀


  12. Good lord, I can’t afford another freemium game!!! LOVE Futurama. Favorite episode is ‘The Sting’. Who’s asleep? Fry or Leela? Very clever story. Of course Hermes ‘slimming’ suit to go against Barbados Slim was hilarious. Definitely a Fry Guy, but you can also bite MY shiny metal ass!


  13. oh man! im so deleting family guy off soon!! ive been playing since the beginning and every event is getting more about the clams!!! i think a swap for futurama is on the cards for this player!!!


  14. Okay seriously let’s rack up some pictures here to get things in perspective.

    My office

    Above the TV in my living room


    Windowsill in gaming room

    Yeah I accept I have a problem I just don’t care. 🙂


    1. I have the same Bender with the beer in his hand, but yours is way shinier than mine. So I guess my bender would have to say “Bite my dull gray ass”


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