Where’s my leaderboard prizes?

Some of you may have already received your prizes, or you might be wondering where they are… Find out below!

Leaderboard prizes have begun going out. It may take until Thursday for all of them to be awarded, but starting today the top winners will begin seeing their prize.

To collect them, you will need to log in. A prize modal will pop up detailing your prize. When you hit “ok”, they will be added to your inventory.

Here are the prizes and payouts. Let us know if you have any questions!


1 – 100: Don Corleone & Golden Griffin House & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

101 – 1000: Don Corleone & Silver Griffin House & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

1001 – 5000: Don Corleone & Bronze Griffin House & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

5001 – 10000: Don Corleone, the Godfather & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion

10001 – 50000: Zoot Suit Stewie

50001 – 100000: Don Corleone’s Mansion

100001 – 250000: Horse Head on Bed

250001 – 500000: Drive by Car

500001 – 750000: Don Corleone’s Cat

750001 – 1000000: Godfather Toll Booth



42 thoughts on “Where’s my leaderboard prizes?”

  1. Im sure I’ve been done out of don corleone positive I was between 8k-9k and only got stewie, I was logged in minutes before the event ended, I was gutted as I only needed 700 cookies for Tricia and now no don, tiny co should of left the leader board on until the prizes had been issued


  2. I just checked my town…I no longer have the icon on the bottom of the screen where when I press it; it tells me that we will be getting our challenge rewards soon. I know that a lot of you have received your rewards…but I didn’t get anything!!! I know I finished in the 3rd place positioning (top 5000). I know for sure. Now I have received nothing. What is going on TinyCo?? I paid a lot of money in this event.


  3. I was in the “5001 – 10000: Don Corleone, the Godfather & Zoot Suit Stewie & Corleone Mansion” but I didn’t get the mansion. Looking back, we weren’t supposed to get the mansion. Can anyone confirm being in that range and getting the mansion too?


    1. edit. I see it now. Apparently I placed it & forgot. It’s very small so I didn’t see it during my visual sweep. Oh well, I wasn’t even expecting to get it, so no complaints.


  4. Ok, so you needed to finish in the top 10000 to get multiple prizes; you don’t automatically get your level prize and all those levels below.


  5. Well, this is probably my last straw with this game, if they don’t fix this. My ending rank was 8,776, so I definitely should have gotten the Don and his mansion, plus Stewie, but I only got the Stewie outfit. I’ve checked all my inventory; he’s nowhere. And I can’t send messages to TinyCo in the app–I get a red “unsent” exclamation mark each time. I’d send them an email, but they’ve never responded to me there either.

    Wow. Just…wow.


      1. Yeah, I sent them an email but I’m not really holding my breath waiting for a response. When I first started playing, they were actually amazingly good at responding to in-game messages, but now…they really don’t seem to care. 😦


      2. Although, at least I went into this skeptical. I took a screenshot of my final standings and included it in the email. I took the screenshot because somehow I just KNEW they were going to screw up the leaderboard prizes. So, hey, yay for preparedness?


  6. I am having trouble finding the zoot suit Stewie. Is there something that I need to do to get him? I don’t see him in my inventory or in his list of skins.


    1. I just sent in a request to support asking them to give me the suit for Stewie. We will see what happens. I definitely won him but he is not appearing anywhere in my game. Can’t wait for the Futurama game to start. I am just about on my last straw with this game.


      1. And, sometimes I just feel so dumb. I always forget about Al Harrington’s. That’s where my Zoot Suit Stewie is. (facepalm)


      2. Every ringtone and notification on my phone is a clip from Futurama. The moment it comes out I am all over it. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!

        Rypod let me know when the FuturamaTips WordPress site is up and running. 😉

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  7. Was anyone’s leader board place presented wrong in the last few hours. With 15 to 20 minutes left I was in 9,600th place but did not get the Don.


  8. Would have been really nice to see our final rank….

    I’m fourth tier Freemium (godfather, mansion, stewie). I think I was on about 6500 at the events end.


    1. I was pretty disappointed at the size of the mansion. After all the effort of the event, you’d think that they would go to town with the top-tier prizes. It doesn’t fit with either of the other two scales they use for buildings (don’t get me started!).


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