Consuela Sucks!!

Edited by Zooeymarie below 🙂

Hey guys,

There’s a new addition to the game (which I think is a great idea) it’s called Consuela’s Vacuum and it’s an easy way of collecting from your buildings without clicking them all.

If you click the vacuum, Consuela will suck up all your goodies for you!!

I clicked once on it and she sucked everything up, it’s safe to say that it was very satisfying 😄


P.S. Consuela, is this post funny?


After so much player feedback and requests, there is finally a “collect all” button in the game. Here are the details!

You must be on version 1.10.0
You must be in District 4 or later
The quest to unlock the coin collector, “Suck it Up”, unlocks after you complete  “The Lost Boys Pt. 2”

Once you’ve unlocked coin collector (it’s easy!):

When you have 10 buildings ready to collect rent from, the “collect all” button will appear
Tap it to collect!
This does not collect materials from buildings. You will still need to tap these manually.


25 thoughts on “Consuela Sucks!!”

  1. I am so happy that tiny co has done this.. The last 2 events, I haven’t even clicked on the buildings unless I couldn’t see the Quahogians thru the little money bubbles…..


  2. This is a nice addition. But I’m so pessimistic, when I saw this pop up I was sure it was going to cost clams to use the vacuum 😛 I guess I just don’t trust tinyco anymore


  3. Great idea, it sucked every morning pressing dozens of buildings to collect cash….well done Tiny Co…! The question now remains….what’s the point in having collected all the cash, I’ve over 6million like other players and I too think there should be a conversion to clams, even if it was crazy like 10 clams per million. At least that way there is some incentive to collect.

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  4. Thanks for this tinyco. This is gonna e really helpful. I still haven’t forgiven you for the last 2 atrocious events though.


  5. To paraphrase a famous movie quote:
    You know, TinyCo, just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!


      1. You are correct! Harry talking to Lloyd while contemplating riding a mini bike to Aspen in the middle of winter.


  6. I have the quest, part1 has a big ol tick next to it, though i didn’t do anything. However i don’t have the button. I’ve got at least 20 buildings that need collecting.


    1. Part 1 is learning about it, part 2 is clicking the vacuum button, I think if appears once a certain number of buildings need collecting from


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  7. Makes things easier I suppose! Meh! What are you to spend all the coins on? I have over 6 million?!!! Should be a way to convert coins into clams imo😕
    Btw I’m still here..though the last event almost had me hovering over the delete game.


    1. It’s awesome you’re still hanging out here CJ, even if you delete the game, you’re still welcome to hang out in this community and join in the banter



  8. That’s spooky… I was literally thinking about this type of thing earlier! O_o

    Love it! It’s gonna make things so much easier!


  9. At last – I was hoping for a feature like this.. makes it so much easier (and quicker!) to collect coins !

    oh and Rypod.. afuera ! 😉


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