Your Views: Mobster Event

Hey guys,

A few gamers have asked for a post where you can give your opinions on the mobster event and how far you got. I imagine a lot of hate will be coming in these comments lol so keep it clean.

So…how far did you get and what are your (clean) thoughts on the event?



92 thoughts on “Your Views: Mobster Event”

  1. So I have the Fathers Ultimate Mansion and for the first couple of days it looked normal. I just noticed yesterday is doing this weirdness. Only the animated bits are still visible.

    Oddly when I go in and move it it comes back until I return to the life game and then it does this again.


  2. I like these kind of posts but even if the imbeciles at TinyCo read these, implementing actual change that benefits the players will be highly unlikely. Just look at their track record this year: 1) The Star Trek event which in my mind was one of the coolest things they have come up with, turned out to be an absolute debacle of crap drop rates, poor execution, and all around incompetence. 2) The Bird is the Word Mini-Event, came too quickly after the Star Trek debacle and was also a horrendous grind that pissed everyone off. 3) The Firefighter event, which showed that maybe TinyCo was catching on 4) The Mob Event, which showed that they learned absolutely nothing from previous mistakes.

    TinyCo has made a habit of never ever ever ever ever learning from past mistakes. They make weekly habits of never ever ever listening to their players. Event after event is filled with glitches, incompetence and frustration. I had some guy named Matt F tell me on the help chat that they are working towards making future events more streamlined – well they have a lot of prove because i highly doubt these people are capable of doing so.

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  3. They lost me when they changed the first weekly challenge from “complete the raid” to “complete the 1st optional raid”. They changed that overnight. I had used clams to speed things up so I’d have it in time.
    Also, only being able to spawn 1 thug at a time made progress to sluggish to succeed. Everything needed multiple thugs, and 1 at a time wasn’t fast enough. If they had sold another premium nightclub, I would have bought it.
    I ended up rank 6,5xx with 32,xxx hats. Only spent those wasted clams, but had to get up multiple times a night and be available pretty much 24/7


  4. I am done… I gave up too much of my life to the game… 3 days left in the mobster event, I was in the top 11,000 on the leader board and was only unlocking the last week worth of content. With only 3 days to complete a week worth of content. There has only been 3 events that I didn’t get the final freemium prizes, King Butt (which I later got at the beginning of the year), the Star Trek event and this one. Tiny Co has decided that anguish is the way to go.

    I get that coming up with different types of content is not always easy. And that getting the correct balance in the game can be a challenge, but typically Tiny Co has been more responsive. But the last few events have shown that you guys don’t seem to care anymore. I have enjoyed playing the game over the past year, but the last few events have been too difficult to get drops. And I have the charts (in Excel) to prove it. When we are unable to move from week to week, we can’t explore all the rich content you guys try to build in to the game.

    Star Trek was a huge disappointment, it looked great! I was soo looking forward to it. I didn’t get to play with half the game mechanics because the drop rates were too low, I was so focused on trying to get through each week’s objectives, that I didn’t get to try many of the game features you guys worked so hard to put into it. Then on the Mobster event, when the final week opened up for me with only 3 days left. I just stared at the screen and gave up. At that point I was in the top 11,000. A friend of mine who gave up prior to the event was at 1.3 million on the leader board. Assuming my friend was in last place and I was at 11,000 exactly (and in between 10,000 and 11,000) that means that less than 0.8% of the players had a chance to complete the content. This assumes that player 10,999 was able to do what I could not.

    So unless the policies at Tiny Co changes and the drop rates are fixed, I am done with the game. The stress of trying to play isn’t worth it.

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  5. I was at least a week behind when the event ended. I managed to unlock the costumes for Lois, Consuela, and Cleveland. I think my rank was around 68,000 or something. My only premium purchase was the Japanese Arcade (to help unlock Mr. Washee Washee), and that was with saved up (not purchased) clams.

    So, in conclusion, this event sucked. There was just way too much going on. There was no way to prioritize. All different kinds Goons and cookie carriers and obstacles; all being required to complete quests at the same time. So no matter what you focused your time and nightclub training slots on, you had to neglect other quest lines. I am really getting sick of this constant stream of events. When was the las time we had a new district added to town? I was hoping that the Firefighter event would end in a massive forest fire that cleared vast acreages of land around my town so I could actually arrange it more like a town again, rather than a packed parking lot of buildings and an extensive inventory of decorations.


  6. TwistedDecaf hit the nail on the head. The StarTrek event was a big wake-up call and the Mob event drove in the nail to the coffin. I’ve spent a considerable amount of money only to feel cheated on content as well. When complaints roll in they respond with “functioning as intended” if they respond at all. The truth is they remind me of my ex-wife… she would act in a poor manner and when called on it, would tell me “you’re not wrong” with the same half cocked smile that would only serve as a response to increase my ire. People like her and the TinyBrains at TinyCo only serve to upset people to throw off their experience. In fact the get off on doing so. When frustrated, people make mistakes in which many adversarial people will do whatever it takes to “win” even if the cost is no longer effective. TinyCo is a gambling company that’s running the FG franchise into the ground. I have even stopped watching FG, AD, and personally boycotting all Seth Macfarlane properties because it reminds me of how iresome the damn game really has become. Noone wants to be reminded of something that frustrates them. In effect, continuing to pay them is rewarding their poor behavior. I refuse and have boycotted the game until they go back to standard free quests. I’m done with events for now. The next time I’ll even consider playing an event is Halloween. Hope they can get their heads out of their butts or they’ll kill the FG franchise completely. Just my 2 cents.



  7. Sorry, it’s all over for me now. Got as far as mob Lois, no promoter Cleveland.

    This crashing and inability to log in really was the last straw, well that and the apparently refusal by TinyCo to acknowledge the issue. Although the almost impossible tasks possibly would have pushed me over the edge anyway.

    Sure, every system has its ups and downs, but TinyCo did nothing. They could so easily have stopped the clock and kept the event running while they sorted their issues, until they’d made sure everyone was back in the game. Instead, for anyone locked out: “TOUGH”. Well, I don’t need telling twice…


  8. after the Android bug and all the crashing, I got to Mob Lois week, just over 11k rep. I have lots alot of interest in the game cause it was a disaster of an event. I was not even able to get Cleveland, cause of all the need for goons for other things.


  9. This event was probably the biggest money grab tinyco has done. In all I ended up spending $100 on this event. Way too much this event was unobtainable unless you spent clams to rush things. I ended up at 3,320 in the leaderboard. All characters and costumes and the grand prize with the 4 weekly challenges. But as a collector this event really upset me. Even with the leaderboard, unless they change something, after the long grind we won’t get all the other tier prizes. I really wanted the cat and horse head bed but not at the cost of loosing a character (the don). And at the end of the event with the mystery box costing cookies that was a huge slap in the face. I ended up with 13 tries at the mystery box, the total stuff available out of them was 34. So ontop of everything else we had to spend cookies on you would have had to have minimum of 34,000 extra cookies at the end in order to get everything out of the mystery box. Now even tho I am a premium player events like this just upset me for the freemium players. I fully believe that when you advertise yourself as a free to play game like this content that you release, characters, skins, etc. that require just a time grind/collecting should ALWAYS be obtainable by freemium players. And not just by the no sleep checking constantly ones, but by anyone who can put in a reasonable amount of time. This event with the obscene drop rates and huge cookie counts forced a lot of freemium players to miss out on content. This needs to change if they want to keep their game going. They are loosing a lot of players both premium and freemium due to their current grind and issues. I would say a lot of players could say sure id spend $20 during an event to get content and extra characters/buildings. But when each of these events (Star Trek, Mobsters) is costing a lot more $ in order to get all of the stuff released it’s going to break the bank for players and force them to quit out of cost or frustration. Ontop of all that, there is Zero break anymore. It’s one event after another. I’m all for content ( just random fun quests to have characters do) but the constant grind of timed event after event is really getting to be too much. I hope they learn from all the complaints and readjust their business model but doubt it.

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      1. I’m not mad that I spent the $. That was my choice in order to get content I wanted. I am mad for the fact that even spending so I could get everything from the event I was still unable to due to the high cookie cost of the mystery box and low cookie drop rate. I am also mad for the freemium players for seem to get cheated with events like this, having characters and skins that are ‘free’ but essentially making them pay because the drop rates are too insane and time frames make it a constant headache grind. Games are meant to be fun for everyone and the proper business model would set it up as such. People that pay get extra content and goodies, yet people that play for free and still access and evolve with the game. Just look at online mmo games, Star Wars for example is completely free to play but people can spend money to access additional content. You satisfy both groups freemium and premium and still can have fun. This is what they need to fix before they loose more and more players.

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