Magic Mike Week FAQS

Here are the FAQS for the new week-long event – Magic Mike!

When does Magic Mike Week end?

Magic Mike Week will end on July 16th at 3 PM, PDT.

How do I get Magic Mike?

Magic Mike is available in the shop for 125 clams.

He will be available for purchase until Thursday, July 16th.

How do I unlock Magic Peter?

Magic Peter will be available in Al Harrington’s as soon as the event begins. To unlock Magic Peter, you’ll need to collect the following items:

30 Tear-Away Pants (common)

6 Baseball Caps (rare)

3 Neck Ties (rare)

5 Bottles of Baby Oil (extra rare)

You will have until Thursday, July 16th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Stripper Jerome?

Stripper Jerome will become available in Al Harrington’s after unlocking Magic Peter. To unlock Stripper Jerome, you’ll need to collect the following items:

90 Tear-Away Pants (common)

6 Neck Ties (rare)

14 Dollar Bills (always)

10 Sequins (uncommon)

You will have until Thursday, July 16th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

What can I win from the XXL Mystery Box?

The XXL Mystery Box can be found in the featured tab of the shop for 45 clams per try. You can win the following prizes:

Stripper Bonnie

Fancy Tie Kiosk

Swell Surf Shop

Cookie Girl

Glitter Cannon

Small Town Mechanical Bull

30 Tear-Away Pants

90 Tear-Away Pants

Decos and costumes will not repeat, but Tear-Away Pants can repeat.


19 thoughts on “Magic Mike Week FAQS”

    1. I imagine it’ll be when they get through the thousands of players who’ve been playing, you can understand it’ll take a while to go through that many players games



  1. I refuse to spend money on this game, so when I don’t get all the characters, misc outfits, decorations and other clam stuff, so be it. My life will not be better if I have the sexy schoolgirl outfit for Tricia, or Cleveland, or Magic Mike.
    It’s a game. It’s a grind.


  2. So basically this entire event is a clam event for new players – given that stripper Bonnie costs clams if you hadn’t gotten her before, or haven’t been playing long enough to have had that event.

    Another fail – so glad I just simply don’t care any more.


  3. This stupid event is just an immediate attempt to try to get players minds off the Mob disaster, TinyCo isn’t dumb. And does anyone really want/need yet Another “sexy” outfit for Peter?? Good Grief.


  4. I’m bout done….crashed on me at the end of the event couldnt and still can’t get on my game….I have been playing since day 1 n every event gets more bugs that just gets pushed off till the next event….im very disappointed in tiny co not giving 2 s#%!s about loyal players


    1. i am the same, i have been playing since the start, it has been 2 days and i have still not been able to get back on


  5. Screw magic f’in mike whoever he is, I still can’t get into my game on android despite the last 2 updates. Missed out on all the end of the mobster event.
    That’s it, I’m totally done with fgqfs.
    My only sadness is missing lurking on this board and the facebook friends I picked up.
    Thanks again to Zooey/Holly/Rypod/Justin/everyone for all your help.
    If you’re still playing, remember to have fun; but I figured when that’s replaced by bitterness and frustration, it’s time to move on…


  6. How can I be qualified for a leaderboard prize? The trophy’s description at the bottom right of the screen has started to scare me.

    Can someone explain?


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