Week 5 – Mobster Event Walkthroughs

Here are this weeks walkthroughs for the Mobster Event!

Family Betrayal Pt. 1

– Make Mob Wife Lois Sample the Supply (6 hours)
– Make the Fatfather Sample Cookies (8 hours)
– Make Jerome Hide from The Fatfather (6 hours)

Family Betrayal Pt. 2

– Build the Hotel D’Italia (4 hours)
– Make Jerome Dump Cookies (6 hours)
– Take Out the Italian Mob Enforcers

Family Betrayal Pt. 3

– Collect 3 x Powdered Donuts (Peter – Take Care of Business, Lois – Ignore Basement Screams, Herbert – Buy Candy for Kids or Yummy Hour Donuts)
– Hire 3 x Dirty Cops (1 hour and 30 minutes)
– Take out 3 x Cookie Fiends

Family Betrayal Pt. 4

– Attack Don Corleone’s Henchmen
– Place 3 x Barrels of Wine (50 Cookies)
– Build Taste of Italy’s Meats (2 hours)

Family Betrayal Pt. 5

– Make the Fatfather Take Care of Business (4 hours)
– Make Chris Practice Fight Moves (6 hours)
– Attack Don Corleone’s Henchmen

Family Betrayal Pt. 6

– Take Out 3 x Cookie Fiends
– Clear 3 x Armoured Cookie Trucks
– Make the Fatfather Eat Rigatoni (12 hours)

Family Betrayal Pt. 7

– Create the Mob Wife Bonnie Outfit (8500 Cookies, 5 Mini Dresses, 15 Diamond Rings, 20 Glittery Lip Glass)
– Make Mob Wife Bonnie Perfect the Poof (2 hours)
– Make Mob Wife Lois Revel in Attention (6 hours)

Family Betrayal Pt. 8

– Earn the World’s Largest Cannoli from the Villa
– Defeat the Don
– Make the Fatfather Fire Tommy gun (8 hours)

Thrilla in the Villa Pt. 1

– Earn 1 Star on the Villa
* Get Through the Toll Gate Obstacle – Make Mort Retreat Cowardly
* Get Through the Guard Dogs Obstacle – 5 x Steaks are needed
* Get Through the Metal Gate Obstacle – Make Mort Retreat Cowardly, Make Chris Eat Cookies
* Get Through the Italian Mob Enforcers Obstacle – 2 x Gold Coins are needed

Thrilla in the Villa Pt. 2

– Earn 2 Stars on the Villa
* Get Through the Guard Dogs Obstacle – 3 x Steaks are needed
* Get Through the Toll Gate Obstacle – Make Mort Swallow Jewels, Make Seamus Sing Shanties
* Get Through the Guard Dogs Obstacle – 7 x Steaks are needed
* Get Through the Metal Gate Obstacle – Make Bruce Be a Good Listener, Make Seamus Visit Siblings
* Get Through the Italian Mob Enforcers Obstacle – 4 x Gold Coins are needed

Thrilla in the Villa Pt. 3

– Earn 3 Stars to Complete the Villa
* Get Through the Toll Gate Obstacle – Make Seamus Sing Shanties, Make Joe Raid Weapons Stash
* Get Through the Guard Dogs Obstacle – 15 x Steaks are needed
* Get Through the Metal Gate Obstacle – Make Chris Eat Cookies, Make Mort Retreat Cowardly
* Get Through the Toll Gate Obstacle – Make Seamus Visit Siblings, Make Bruce be a Good Listener
* Get Through the Italian Mob Obstacle – 6 x Gold Coins are needed

It’s a Lifestyle Pt. 1

– Make Quagmire Ogle Lois (2 hours)
– Make Mob Wife Bonnie Perfect the Poof (2 hours)

It’s a Lifestyle Pt. 2

– Make Joe Give himself a Sponge Bath (8 hours)
– Make Mob Wife Bonnie Go Shopping (12 hours)

It’s a Lifestyle Pt. 3

– Make Mob Wife Bonnie Wear Leopard Print Everything (4 hours)
– Make Diabeto Beg Mama for Cookies (4 hours)

It’s a Lifestyle Pt. 4

– Make Mob Wife Bonnie Accept Donations (8 hours)
– Make Joe Grab a Beer (1 hour)

It’s a Lifestyle Pt. 5

– Make Mob Wife Bonnie Be Abrasive (10 hours)
– Make Mr. Washee Washee Eliminate Stain (8 hours)


68 thoughts on “Week 5 – Mobster Event Walkthroughs”

  1. Hey Rypod, think you could create a new post where we can share how far we got in the event? Maybe give opinions? Also, what happened to the ask tinyco this time around?


    1. The Ask TinyCo posts are usually done by Zooey and Holly as they know someone on the inside lol, I’ll sort out a post for your views on the event



      1. Thanks Ry. I think it will do people good to have a place to vent. It was a pretty disastrous event for a game that has been up and running over a year.

        Ah. Well I’m guessing tinyco has its hands full after the mob event with support backlog and such. Besides, a lot of players would use the opportunity to just be nasty to the employee answering questions.


  2. I’ve had enough. I just deleted the game from my phone. I enjoyed what you guys do here keeping things up to date and having a place for the community, but TinyCo has made this game so much of a pay to win that I’ve lost the desire to play anymore. Good bye all and best wishes.


  3. Well, I wasn’t able to even unlock the last mansion. Never got enough for Tricia or Mob Lois. Its not like I didn’t log on more than 3 times a day to do tasks either. This event was made for people who were willing to spend money to get the premium characters to help out. If they continue to do these events like this I might have to bow out. Its frustrating.


  4. They really should make an extension. Even with an extra week, the average players would still not be able to complete the unlocks. The average player has completed less than half of the unlocks. This event is insanity; I guess tinyco is selling out to become solely a premium game.


    1. They refused to extend it because they are planning another (hopefully less glitch filled and sucky) event.

      As a hard core freemium player who checked the game every couple hours (after getting through 2 to 6 crashes each time and at least one nasty one a day where a complete shut down glitch would cause a freeze and black screen that would make my phone completely unresponsive forcing me to do a hard power down), finished at 14,020 place (zoot suit level), and didn’t use a single stockpiled clam, I came up very short myself. Detective Scrodes, Tricia skin (had 15,000 cookies at the end), and Bonnie skin (short on items) were out of my reach. Again, look at the place I was at. And look how far I fell short (first time ever). If I fell that short with the amount I played and the place I ended up in the rankings of every player who plays FG:QFS, what must the average look like?

      From posts I’ve read, the only freemium who completed the event had a huge stockpile of clams and used them all on cookie producing buildings and such. Even premium players are not gonna be able to complete this event unless they are also a hardcore player or spent hundreds on clams. I wonder how many will quit over it…


  5. There is no way I can get Consuela by end of today. Not enough hats (Just over 16,000). There’s too much emphasis on different goons for Ft. Knox, the mansion, characters and quest lines. It is too much goon building.
    My boyfriend’s game mysteriously got a glitch that wants to load the Staypuff character, but he never had it. He hasn’t been able to load the game since July 4 afternoon and TinyCo Help just keeps telling him to wait for an update.
    Not fair. He is waaaaay behind now. The game needs to be extended.


  6. This event sucks balls!! Been a freemium player from day one…downloaded the game when it came out & pretty much enjoyed it all..I’ve totalled up 6million in coins(which are useless really as clams are the main currency TinyCo are interested in your spending!), time taken up by going on every hour of the game(which has caused friction between me & the missus!!). TinyCo only seem to be interested in people who spend REAL MONEY on clams…the endless times I’ve complained to them only to get automated messages back is ridiculous. They obviously don’t care about LOYAL players..I could go into things in detail but I have had it with this game..this event has proved to annoy lots of players including myself about impossible tasks for freemium players(20,000 cookies for Tricia, cocobana 6 man limit, rarity of drops etc…). I’d just like to say thanks to you guys for the tips with which I would of found the game a lot easier…& to TinyCo you bunch of money-grabbing ****s !! I will be deleting this game now if you didn’t get the jist & anything to do with TinyCo in the future will be dismissed. Adios Amigos✋🏻


    1. I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t so great for premium players either. I’ve shelled out a fair amount of money to support this game because I liked it and I wanted to be around for a while to enjoy. That’s not the case. The more you give, the more they want.
      I regretfully paid to finish Tricia and Lois and Cleveland’s son.. And mr. Washi or whatever.. Yes.. I did that. But I didn’t get Bonnie or detective Scrotes and I sure as s%#t didn’t spend anything to speed up the weekly premium scams.. I mean goals.. Like the Star Trek event was for premium players, this one was for the ELITE premium players.

      There’s someone on another board for another game I play (maybe they play this, too and is on this site. Hehe!) with a signature that basically says: All game devs around the world- you do not have fans, you have customers.

      I love that. And it seems highly relevant in this situation. 😆


  7. I’ve been playing constantly this event, and I still don’t have anywhere near enough cookies for Trisha, and I’m still short on materials for Bonnie, despite sending people on tasks as soon as they are done.
    Why can’t Tinyco figure out that when they do events it needs another week, where nothing new drops or there is no way to keep up XD


  8. Where is everyone at? I’m at 1300 cookies and still like Bonnie and Tricia skins and 1 building. Working hard on getting through the obstacle course so I might be able to get Bonnie but it’s extremely unlikely unless they add time on the event. Seeing how much rep I have and my place on the board, I can’t imagine very many getting everything without spending some serious clams.


    1. I won’t get Bonnie or fight promoter Cleveland or Tricia’s skin. I somehow managed to get detective scrotes even though I only upgraded my mansion on Monday. This event is a terrible disappointment. I’ve never missed an earned character or skin before and to miss three is just insane. And the fact that they use the excuse that they can’t extend the event because they have another one planned is ridiculous. Because, ya know, I really want another sucky, frustrating event that has a ton of glitches. They could use the time gained in extending this event to make sure their next one is glitch free…. Can’t say I’ll spend any money on this game again.


      1. Best I can theorize is that they must have lost a bunch of devs and/or Q through either quitting or temp contracts expiring and this event was made by a new team. They do have crazy high turn over after all. So disappointing though. 😦


    2. I honestly feel sorry for customer service. You know those poor people are crazy overworked and have to deal with droves of people who are angry at them for things outside of their control. Shame on management for not doing their jobs and for their hiring practices. I bet they aren’t hiring enough people for the teams, giving too tight a deadline, and/or skipping over professionals who can do double and triple the work with better code and reports and going for kids and fresh grads to push down cost! At least that’s what they end product looks like anyway.

      … sorry for the rant :X


  9. Well.. I just sent this little gem to in-game support:

    Well I see the pop up stating that the event will be ending tomorrow. I am not happy that I will not be able to finish this event. I have posted that I was not happy on a public forum also letting you know if by chance you saw the post that I will discontinue my business with you. I will also ask iTunes for a refund due to shady business tactics if future events run in this fashion and if, dare I say, that we do not get an extension on this event. Especially for the other people who’s games wouldn’t run properly. This is absurd. If you can’t extend this event due to another event that takes place when this one ends.. Why not delay the next event? You can’t possibly be THAT money hungry.

    Also take note that I will ask paying customers on said public forum if they will join me in not paying for any more IAPs until you start listening to your customers.


    1. I have contacted them in game as well. I have already deleted all of my other TinyCo games, I’ll be contacting Apple for a refund for money spent as well, and I’ll be contacting Fox about the poor PR that this causes Family Guy as a franchise. Who knows with as big as Fox is if they’ll even get it/care, but at least I’ll be doing something.


      1. Please let me know how far you get. I sent Apple support a message asking for a refund on all monetary support of TinyCo this early afternoon. 48 hour response time. We’ll see.


  10. This is a nightmare, Tinyco aren’t responding to my email, and the game keeps throwing me out if I clicked to upgrade the Mansion.

    I deleted like three-quarter of the content in my device, but it’s futile. Why does this keeps happening all of a sudden?


    1. The majority of users have been fighting these crashes for a week or two and the mansion upgrade glitch has hit most hard. Don’t expect a reply from their customer service for 2 to 6 weeks as that’s the average response time. Their first reply will usually be very generic.


  11. Has anyone else completed the 4 timed quests ? I have & still no idea what the grand prize is as it’s still a shilouette. sad to read they won’t extend the game as completing the quest lines is what does it for me. I have all avail characters & skins (except Mob Bonny which I should get after hiring goons overnight to get coins) and just levelling them up isn’t that fun – I like to complete quest lines for a bit of variety & feel a little cheated on this event. the goons take too long to hire to be able to get through quests (I’m still on 50/55 cheerleaders!) unless you spend serious clams.. those in top 100 must be spending a fortune as their mob rep is through the roof (or they are cheating!). I’ve spent a fair few clams on this event (think I’ve purchased 2-3 drums worth) and I’m no where near completing all the quests 😦 at least I’m able to get the silver griffin house as long as I don’t get pushed back any further 🙂


    1. I got the judge Rypod – like all characters he was used a bit during a quest line (and I think the odd villa streak requirement) then nothing.. now I’m just sending him on tasks to level him up.. I like to have all characters as I’m a completionist so used to it.. same for Miyagi, Robocop & Scrotes – hey ho!


  12. I can’t seem to be able to upgrade the mansion. EVERY time I touch that big house and the game immediately crashes and quit me out of it. What am I supposed to do now?


      1. I’m trying to start the Family Betrayel quest, at least to unlock Bonnie’s outfit and the “Male Privates” character.


    1. The mansion upgrade glitch is very common. Sometimes clearing your RAM with a RAM manager and cleaning your phone with something like 360 Security can help with some of the crashing. Expect it to take more than one attempt.


  13. I don’t know what happened in this game, but the last 2 or so events, i keep falling short, i’m not even close to completing/getting a majority of the items, and i’m playing this game almost every 4 hours or more a day. It seems that they’ve just decided that you will spend clams/money to even have a chance at completing. And now with less than 2 days left, i’ve just unlocked the final mansion. I could have played that Star Trek event for like 2 more weeks, missed BirdBeard Peter by a few hours, and the fireman event was a waste.


    1. I completely agree. It’s getting harder and harder to play this game as a freemium player. This event has been near impossible without spending money on it


    2. Same here. I cranked through both the Fireman quest and this one as fast as I could, but haven’t come close to finishing either one. Unlocking the Fatfather is what did it; it took roughly forever to unlock him, which held up the entire storyline.


    1. Seriously, who had the cookies for them? I’m still short for Tricia, and will need to make the decision soon on whether to go for her outfit or Lois’. At least Bonnie is not a consideration, given I don’t even have the final mansion yet!!

      This event = FAIL!!!!!


  14. Just to address the elephant in the room… has anyone heard back from TinyCo about whether or now there will be an event extension? Sure there’s been alot of setbacks and I’m sitting in the top 2 percent of the leaderboards without yet having breached week 5 content. With just a hair over 48 hours left to the event, am just curious if anyone else is behind and whether anyone has heard anything. Thanks.


    1. I heard back from them today. They confirmed they will not be extending this event as it will interfere with the next event. So spend your cookies before you lose them! I’m definitely upset they arnt extending this one. I hope I can at least make it for enough to unlock week 5 content so I can buy the remaining buildings. I just got Lois today so I should get there. I’m sad I won’t get detective scrotus lol and I like the cookie theme but happy to see this terrible event end too. I’m in the top 13k and havnt unlocked week 5.. so a game with near a million active players they really failed their customer base this time around. Looking at the leadership board though, they definitely made some cash.


      1. So delay the next event! Ugh! I JUST unlocked the last mansion today. I’m really not happy. This event is THE worst event of all. And I’ve actually enjoyed all events up until this one.

        TinyCo: I hope you see this. I’m a paying customer, and I will not be giving you another dime if future events run this way. Total ripoff.

        Also, thanks for the welcome, Rypod. 😄


      2. It won’t impact the new event for me. I’m done with this game. I’m deleting it and any other TinyCo games I have. I’m at about the same place(Just got Lois, just upgraded mansion, ranking usually around 15K) I’ve never been this far behind since I started this game.

        I won’t pay another penny, and I won’t waste any more of my time. What I WILL do is contact FOX about how this game is handled, since they’re the ones that actually own the copyright on Family Guy. I would contact Apple about the ‘free’ label the game gets….but I know from experience their customer service is less than helpful.


      3. Awww FFS! Like someone mentioned here, TinyCo should lay off the events for a while! Give us a new district, new land and something permanent and NOT TIMED to work on. I’m sure their new players would like a chance to make some progress with their districts too. If they keep going on like this they will lose players as fast as they gain them, but I guess they have shown that nothing matters to them as long as the clams / money are coming in.

        Btw, I’m currently ‘only’ in the top 30k and I just unlocked Detective Scrotes (phew! Just in time!), so I think ranks ≠ game progress. But I definitely agree that this event is such a mess!


  15. Game hasn’t worked in a week this happens all the time im done with it got a refund from google for the last 200 bucks ive spent on this game all i can say is fuck tinyco theyve ruined this game for me and many others everyone should try to get refunds maybe they will realize how much they suck


  16. I think that I am done… even if they “extend” the event… it just don’t have the will to keep trying to play an hopeless game any more. After the Star Trek event, I was hopeful that they would have learned but they apparently didn’t. I am in the top 11,000 on the leader board and have only just unlocked Louis and completed the final upgrade to the mansion. I never unlocked Trish. Sad it has come to this, I have been playing since the iOS release.


  17. As I started late with this event after returning from holidays I will never make it this far. But I also burnt lots of clams on one of those timed quests were it later turned out I do not fulfill the requirements to finish that timed task. At the Simpsons you did not get the tasks if you fail the requirements. I am quite disgruntled about this. I like this game and am also ready to spend clams but if its for naught I kinda feel ripped off by TinyCo!


  18. The game is working (at least for me) guys and girls so try accessing it if you haven’t already !! 🙂 I also messages support via the in-game function asking to extend the event for a week since some people have had issues the whole weekend. will let you all know if I get a reply & what that is 🙂


  19. Did any one open the new time limit challange yet? If so can u write what is the task please – too scared to open it if I don’t know what it is


    1. I did, it is the Fountain of wealth
      -Deafeat 3 of the Don’s Henchmen
      -have Tricia obsess Over tiny things
      -Have Lois go on a shoe shopping spree

      I couldn’t do it.. If you beat the Don’s Henchmen 3 times, that is 12 hours just in reset time-there is no freakin way!!!.. I had a choice of getting Bonnie’s outfit or going full force for this.. So, i have every week’s prize except this one..
      Pretty pissed about it!!!


  20. Ok, well this is complete and utter BS now… I just got the final week special quest to pop and it basically says hi you’ve wasted all the clams and everything you’ve done to get to this point only to miss out on the 4th and 5th (grand prize). There is no way to complete it without trish, which is still the insane 20k cookies, and you gotta defete the don 3 times ( of course it’s not back counting) so if you already have him at 5x which takes about half a day for the henchmen to be crafted your screwed there too. I’m really pissed off at this point at tiny co since I’ve spent about $70 so far for this event. So I know there is basically no way anyone freemium is completing the challenge. If any of the people who have spent a ton more and actually have completed the challenge please post and let us know what the grand prize was.


    1. I’m currently trying to do this now, but haven’t been able to make too much headway due to having to get so many steaks/coins on the raids, along with attacking the Don to get Detective Scrotes/questline. When I do get this one done I’ll post here if someone hasn’t beat me to it.


    2. Just finished it, you get 2000 Mob Rep. The Final Countdown part 2 is ridiculous, here it is;

      1 – Earn 3 Stars on the Villa Raid
      2 – Defeat The Don
      3 – Send 24 Dirty Cops to attack Fort Nox

      I definitely won’t be doing this part, as I’m focusing on the final challenge.


  21. Anyone else having problems loading the game? after i try to load the game a couple times it sends me to the crash faq page and when i tap to contact tinyco for support it shows me an error message. Any suggestions?? Thanks


      1. Email TinyCo? Hahaha, your better off asking the local homeless people for help. Hell they will probably have a better idea whats going on than the imbeciles at TinyCo.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They actually have hard workers there, but management is a mess who pushes them to get an insane amount of stuff done in too short of a time period (even with them doing massive overtime). Not enough time for QA to find all the bugs or for devs to fix any of the bugs but the game breaking ones. They do a lot of temp positions and you can tell when contracts expire because it becomes a train wreck for a bit as the new ones try to hit the ground running. There is a lot of turnover too. If I remember what I read correctly, customer service is normally done by QA and/or temps hired for it. They are required to follow certain steps because most aren’t always as knowledgeable because of turnover (how long could you stay at a job where you get insulted and yelled at constantly every single day for things that you had nothing to do with and that you couldn’t change even if you wanted to? Plus, after a while of being exposed to constant negativity, they statistically get sick more often thanks to a suppressed immune system and get/aggravate mental health issues leading to stress, anxiety, and/or depression). I think that they make enough money to hire another dev for Family Guy and management might do better if they promoted within the company to have people who understand it all better.

        *I’m not speaking from personal experience. I read about it through hundreds of reviews of what workers felt about the place. It is not even close to the worst game company to work for and QA aren’t treated like total crap, but they still are in need of improvement.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I believe it man. I want to meet the person in charge of these guys who seem to put out this cluster of a game. Im sure most of them mean well but so would a 8 year working at Starbucks. These guys are in way way way over their head, they are not capable nor competent enough to put together a proper event anymore. I couldnt believe we got something that was a bigger mess than the Star Trek event but here we have it.


      4. facebook is full of people (like me) who can’t get into their games at all.
        seems to be affecting android only, but it’s been days now.
        some people say it happens when you let the don timer expire when you’re not logged in (that’s certainly the case for me).

        nothing to do with space on my phone, i can reboot and uninstall and reinstall and it’s all good to play through the initial quest just fine, but as soon as I link it to my game account then it goes straight back to crashing.

        come on tinyco, sort it out??


    1. Yeah I’m having the same issue – on both my iPhone and Galaxy Tablet. seems to happen to a lot of people when they are on their 4th Dom streak 😦 I’ve just emailed Tiny so fingers crossed.. they usual reply to me but that’s from in-game, not tried sending an email :/. I sure hope all our stats are kept as I was in 609th place before I went to bed and spent a ton of clams to try and speed up loads of Goons as I was falling behind already 😦


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