Week 5 FAQs

Here are week 5 FAQS!

How do I unlock Mob Wife Bonnie?

To unlock Mob Wife Bonnie, you’ll need to collect the following items:

15 Diamond Rings (always)

12 Glittery Lip Glosses (rare)

5 Mini Dresses (extra rare)

8500 Gurl Scout cookies

You will have until Thursday, July 9th to completely unlock her. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I win Detective Scrotes?

After you complete the quest “Beginning of the End,” you’ll win Detective Scrotes as a playable character!

“Beginning of the End” will appear after you’ve upgraded your mansion to The Fatfather’s Ultimate Mansion and you’ve completed “Family Betrayal Pt. 1.” In order to complete “Beginning of the End,” you’ll need to defeat The Don and his henchmen on all five streak levels.

How do I defeat Don Corleone?

Don Corleone will appear in front of the Mansion after you upgrade to The Fatfather’s Ultimate Mansion.

To defeat Don Corleone, you’ll need to attack him with Goons. Tap on him to find out which type and how many you’ll need.

Each time you battle Don Corleone, you’ll need different types and amounts of Goons. If the 24 hour timer runs out before you defeat Don Corleone, he will call for backup and you’ll lose your streak. Keep defeating him to earn more rewards!

How does Don Corleone’s Streak work?

You will have 24 hours to defeat Don Corleone to move onto the next streak level. If you keep defeating Don Corleone before the timer runs out, you will earn more rewards!

You can view the timer by tapping on Don Corleone to open the information window. If the timer runs out, your streak will end and you will start back over at 1x streak.

How often does Don Corleone respawn?

Each time you defeat Don Corleone, he will respawn in four hours. When he respawns, he will be at the next streak level.

What is Don Corleone’s 24-hour timer for?

The 24-hour timer counts down how long you have to defeat Don Corleone at that current form. Once you defeat him, he will respawn in 4 hours at the next form. Keep the streak going to earn more rewards.

If you do not defeat him within the 24-hour timer, Don Corleone will call for reinforcements! At this point, you can pay clams to continue defeating the Don at his current streak level. Otherwise, he will reset to the 1x streak.


46 thoughts on “Week 5 FAQs”

  1. Wow looks like we won’t be getting an extension even though we clearly should. Almost every freemium player and some premium players are still lagging behind and there’s still another type of goon which is locked. Also they’ve done this for every past event.
    But I just saw a splash screen saying the event WILL end on 9th July. I don’t know if there’s any point playing anymore!


  2. So I just upgraded my mansion to the final form as it seems and we NEED an extension. We should get one because so many of us freemium players are behind due to earlier blunders (like the tuba issue) and they end up doing it for every event lol. Also, if I click on the nightclub, I see that another goon type is still locked. When are they releasing this? Next week (if you know what I mean)?


    1. One thing I forgot to mention: How can we be expected to collect 5 extra-rare items (which is reasonable if we get the extension) and 20 RARES???? That imbalance doesn’t make any sense!!


      1. “That imbalance doesn’t make any sense!!”

        It does when you consider who is running this game.


    2. My first post on here. 🙂
      I stalk this page site on a regular basis. 😛

      I feel an extension is much needed as well. I’m an occasional clam purchaser and I still have yet to unlock week 5 content. With two days left, it seems unlikely I’ll get Bonnie’s costume if there’s no extension.
      This event stinks. I’ve had more than enough time to get everything I wanted in past events, but this one is proving to be way out of my price range. Boo. 😦


      1. Welcome Brittany 😊 feel free to comment on these posts as often as you like, we’ve got a great batch of regular commenters and they’ll all help you out with anything you need



      1. She’s a skin for Consuela and you’ll only get her if you get the top individual leaderboard prize



      2. If you’ve already unlocked Consuela (like most people have) then there’s no need to worry, as these events usually go if you don’t have Consuela, you’ll have to wait till you get her to get the skin, I imagine Zoot Suit Stewie will be the same as you won’t have 2 Consuela’s walking around your town



    1. Yes. The prize is a SKIN for her. However if you do not already have HER then you win her TOO! Once you win the skin prize then you will find Consuela herself with her house in your invetory to place. Once placed THEN you can craft the SKIN you won in Al Harringtons. Hope this helps 🙂

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    1. My Taste of Italy Meats is broken. I placed it a couple of days ago and it counts down but gets to 0 and never pays out. I have to put it into inventory and get it back out to reset the timer. It also does not show that it drops anything. Guess I will just have to eat at the wing place from the Fireman event…


  3. Hi guys! Since this morning I can’t load the game on both iPhone and iPad: when the loading screen is on, a pop up message appears about a loading streak which isn’t in config. Do you appreciate the same issue, too?


  4. Thank you for your timely updates, even though it would appear not many people will make it to week 5 content with time left on the clock to earn any of the week 5 stuff


  5. I don’t have the option to upgrade mansion either. I’ve got all the characters. Up to date on most quests. Just a says keep checking back to upgrade


  6. Did anyone else that hadnt unlocked mr washee washee yet lose him?? Like the laundry mat is still there but he is gone. And he shows on purchse character screen but with a lock. I’m stuck now because my show girls and median wrestlers only drop coins. I can’t unlock washee or progress in quests…. Ugh


  7. My mansion will not allow me to upgrade it I don’t even get the option someone please let me know what I’m missing I got an update last night but nothing has changed in my game


      1. You nailed it Rypod. I just needed to complete one more stupid quest line and then the mansion appeared. I’ve been scrambling now to try to get back up to speed.


  8. So we upgrade the mansion, do one part of a questline, defeat the boss while waiting 4 hours in between and then get a playable character, while also unlocking mob wife Bonnie and any leftovers from previous weeks (freemium players have a lot of these trust me). Not to mention most of us won’t have completed last week’s main quest line and will probably upgrade the mansion in a few more days.
    Seems like an extension is imminent…

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  9. Well this is disappointing. Unless they extend the event there is no way I will get detective scrotes. I’ll be lucky if I can upgrade my mansion by Sunday. Oh well. Bugs the crap outta me I’ll miss out on players when I’ve never had that happen during an event before, but this event has sucked so bad I should have expected it.

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  10. This is such bull sh*t. This event is impossible freemium. I thought maybe it would wash itself out over time but it’s getting worse. I play a lot and no chance at the cookies for Tricia even though I have had everything else for a week now, I just upgraded and I am going for Lois, so I may not have Ben make it to see bonnie. I am going to write to Google about this games free status and ask that it be removed. Everyone else here should be doing the same thing.


    1. The thing is, who is the game for? Premium or Freemium or both types of players? If they make it too easy for Freemium players to complete then people won’t pay to play the game so much. Also it’s not a game if there isn’t a chance of losing it. But having said that, I do believe that freemium players should have a chance of winning all the characters and item that you do not already have to pay for. Premium players get characters like Robocop and Alien etc, and items that can not be won in the game.


      1. Paying money for something does not count as “playing” a game nor is it “winning” if someone purchases something. Also, considering that the payout ratios are set by algorithms programmed by TinyCo, the best definition for these practices is illegal/unregulated gambling. I, for one, am not going to just give my hard earned money away & get literally nothing in return.

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    2. I am disappointed. For the first time since I have been playing the game I have decided to abandon a streak. I have spent hundreds of clams working to defeat the Don just once and did not realize I would be doing it for the rest of the game. I don’t mind throwing snowballs at Yeti (Christmas event) as I did not have to pay to continue. The requirements to defeat the Don over and over again are designed to deplete in game resources and force the player to pay to play. I initially thought that insulting the Freemium players with the use of a leaderboard was a bad idea. As this event drags on it has become obvious to me that TinyCo has drank the Kool-aid and has forgotten about playing for fun. Congrats on becoming a Corporate shill guys. I never saw Detective Scrotes on the show anyway…


      1. TinCo does seem to get their corporate jollies off of stressing people out. The gambling comment was spot on and as paying consumers, we all have every right to be upset. TinyCo has forgotten the fundamental rules to gaming….

        1) A game must be entertaining. The comedy has been hackish as of late.
        2) A game must be immersive. Think of it in terms of acting and why actors are told don’t break the fourth wall. If you break immersion, you lose your audience. The moment something negative happens in a game, you need to resolve it asap to retain the gamer or interest will be lost.
        3) Never frustrate a casual gamer. The purpose of a casual game is to relax. Greed factories of which TinyCo has now the dubious honor of being labeled as, are attempting to redefine the term “casual”. Nobody’s gonna buy into it for long.
        4) If you’re goal is to rip people off, you have no future. This falls squarely on the business side of TinyCo. They’re being run as a carnival game enterprise where the games are rigged against the player. They use the same psychological tricks and tactics to bait and switch users.

        They’ve been quite the interesting study as have everyone’s reactions. I’ve been researching them as a case study in hopes to shed a bit of light on the industry’s shadier side for a few years now. Honestly I don’t expect a huge amount of notoriety from this but once you see how far down the rabbit hole they go, you’ll understand why the event topic itself was the most comical thing about it. Tongue in cheek aside, TinyCo’s roots are founded in separating fools from their money. They’re still quite proud of the gambling games. Take a pop out onto your aps store and look at other TinyCo offerings and see for yourself. Worst part is targeting children with gambling games is just downright despicable.


    3. Nox gives 500 cookies. Beating Don will probably give some as well and increase as you rise in levels. Use the 24 hour timer for Don to your advantage and have the necessary goons ready ahead as much as possible while using the spare time to take out nox and do raids. Don’t use rhe basic goons they use cookies, use the one you have the most items for. Ie i have over 100 masks accumulated so i will use wrestlers on nox.


    4. I reported this app to google/Apple…but not because of the freemium status…it’s because they took the $ I’ve spent on this game ($25) over its lifetime (have only bought weird characters like die hard, miagi, etc), and paid it to a convicted rapist. I’ve shifted my expectations about what we can freely “earn” as tinyco has shifted its strategy into milking customers for every potential penny.


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