Worst Players Leaderboard

Hey guys,

The results from the lowest ranked players in this event are…

1st: Cat3101 5,702

2nd: RyPod 7,402

3rd: JohnnyIceMaker 10,642

Well done to Cat, Johnny and myself lol, we all win different amounts of nothing to spend however we so choose 😄



12 thoughts on “Worst Players Leaderboard”

  1. I happily celebrate your scores… I hope you don’t spend that nothing all in one place… I blew my nothing nowhere!!!!


  2. Am I really that bad I am not on the best leaderboard I am not on the worst leaderboard I have been playing for 1 year and I haven’t even won nothing


  3. Here in the states, I think I will take my 3rd place nothing winnings and light them off on the 4th of July.With burn bans and fireworks bans all around the Seattle area due to the dry weather we are having (believe it…it has been dry in the rainy northwest for almost a month now). My nothing will be the safest fireworks around!!


  4. Although not THAT bad, I almost thought I’d be on there. I’ve spent a LOT of $ (that’s American money for you Brits, lol) and still ranked at about 11,000 overall. Got Tricia. Bought Robo and The Judge (OY!) and should have mob Lois early tomorrow morning. I love the game, but this one is WAY over quested, sheesh!

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  5. LOL I went from 200 to 1700 (within 1 day) on Tinyco Boards because i stopped buying clams…What does that tell you? LOL


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