Worst Leaderboard (both freemium and premium)

Hey guys,

We’ve done the best, now we’re doing the worst…

This leaderboard is for who has the LOWEST score and as we’ve all had trouble logging in or being behind, I imagine a lot of you will be up for this…good luck!!

You have till 10pm UK time on Thursday to post your score if you think you’re the lowest in the leaderboard…

I’m currently 7,094 lol, beat that 😉



8 thoughts on “Worst Leaderboard (both freemium and premium)”

  1. I was never close to the top freemium players in your last polls so maybe I am more on pace to be near the bottom. Here is my current total:10,649. No vacations or down time, just regular play every day.

    It seems that I am sooo far behind the pace of the game. Week 5 will roll out this afternoon, and I have just started week 4.


  2. Even while I’m not doing badly for freemium there are a lot of issues with crashing etc. I haven’t been willing to upgrade my game on the ipad in case it locks me out on my Android phone (which I can use anywhere) – does anyone know if this is fixed now?


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