Mobster Event Week 4: What Grinds Your Gears?

Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

The Mobster update has been live for a few weeks now, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!


We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears in the last week!


28 thoughts on “Mobster Event Week 4: What Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. You know there is a problem when I am #38,000 on the leader board, just got the ultimate prize of kingpin consuela and I may not even get Lois and do the final upgrade of the mansion to see bonnie’s costume or detective scrotes. That shows a major blunder by tinyco and that their people do not know what they are doing. They have not been able to get their algorithms correct, made a fix on an earlier one but no more after that. I do not know if that earlier mistake is the reason everyone is so far behind but I would need weeks more to get through bonnie.

    I think the problem are too many tasks for the same character and horrible management. Like I said the game may be on a down slide. It’s hard to start a game like this right now when it’s been going for over a year and everyone else is so far ahead of you. A CEO may want to look good and get their bonus so they will do a money grab and make the game really hard without spending money and wring that last bit of cash out of the game. They will look good for a while but it will mean the game’s demise much sooner.

    Listen a real video game that they spend more than most motion pictures on cost around $60 new. You have suckers (sorry for the harshness but no other way to say it) that spend hundreds even thousands on a cheap phone game. Especially a lame Sims game like this. I mean compare the actual Sims game to this and that is how bad this is as a game. I can tell you the top 1000 players probably spent thousands on this game. The game brings out the addicts in people. It’s the same people that get addicted to watching home shopping and buying that crap too.

    So I am expecting more of the money grab and that the next event will be the same way. The only way to save the game is to organize and get people to stop giving them money but that is like telling a drug addict to stop buying drugs. It’s pointless


  2. Instead of having RV’s that allow you to create more Goons at one time, they should have had the ability to create more than one type of goon at one time. E.g. Rather than creating a Mobster and then a Showgirl, you should have been able to create them both at the same time.


  3. Right now, the fact that I am not getting all the nunchucks I’m supposed to be getting is grinding my gears. It’s bad enough I only just upgraded a day ago, but now my buildings and characters are only dropping half the time. I just collected and should have had four…but nope. Only two. I’ll never catch up at this rate, and no sense messaging tinyco about it because it takes them weeks to respond. This event has really sucked.


  4. This is turning into my least favourite event so far, it’s the only time I’ve been thinking about quitting. There’s another upgrade tomorrow and I still haven’t got last weeks upgrade yet! Despite the fact that I haven’t missed a day and play several times a day! Everything is too reliant on the goons, right now all of my quests and items for characters need nothing but goons and they’re time consuming to get.
    I really hope there’s an extension for this event otherwise I have no hope of getting most of the characters.


  5. This has been a rather tedious event – too much going on at once and we can barely keep up for all the crashing! This does seem a poorly planned event – do the developers even give any thought to the timings and feasibility of collecting items to unlock characters etc, or is this just a clever ruse to get the freeminum players to stump up for clams to speed things along?


    1. I did a little googling on the company and the consensus seems to be that tinyco is staffed by good developers, writers, and artists, but management is a mess, likes to backtrack, puts the teams on too tight a schedule, and don’t really understand what goes into it all. The turnover is also very high which explains the lack luster customer service. Older reviews for the company say it was a dream job, but the reviews from the last year are far less glowing. One of the sites I looked at had dropping them down to about 3 out of 5 stars.

      The reviews are subjective though and the gaming industry is known for being a harsh work environment but, their high turnover rate shows in the games. Can you imagine a developer working on an event another group designed with their own coding style and trying to fix bugs? Coding also takes massive practice and developers improve with each year of active work (often having a wth reaction to their old stuff), so while new devs cost less, they statistically produce lower quality code. A good employee is worth the extra pay; a bad employee isn’t worth an extra day (example: a QA tester who is a trained quality assurance professional is worth the extra cost because they can usually find about 3x as many bugs, give better reports for replicating the bugs, and be more “professional” than some kid they hired for peanuts).


  6. Before I start I just wanna thank the moderators for making this post after I asked for it on another post. Also, I feel bad saying this but I think the moderators are slacking as less new posts are coming out (walkthroughs please) or they’re just so bored of this event that they gave up already.

    Anyway what grinds my gears is the numerous pointless questlines. Do we really need ‘Prized possession’ and the one that tells us to upgrade the mansion (I think it’s called lifestyles of the rich or something like that) when it’s pretty obvious we need to upgrade the mansion and increase mob rep. Also they can’t be done by direct actions and can only be done by doing other quests, so its stupid having them as quests. The ‘Rise to the top’ and ‘Become the best’ questlines are the most annoying. When does ‘Rise to the top’ even finish? I’m on part 6 but it became annoying after 3. Don’t give us more optional stuff to do with our goons when there isn’t even enough time to do the essentials. Why would I clear 12 girl scouts when I NEED to clear armoured trucks for raids? I’m just happy we can get another shady RV this week.

    Speaking of goons, the newest ones are useless as they only clear armoured trucks to drop COINS!!!! The same coins I have over 5 million of!!! Why don’t you give us more cookies, like you used to? The same cookies we need 20,000 of to get Tricia’s costume, which I still have no idea how I’m gonna get!!!

    Another thing I need a lot of is mob rep. The Consuela costume should be obtainable for freemium players so I made it my target, but if it took me 4 weeks to get 12,000 mob rep, is it possible to get another 5,000 in one week? I think we might need an extension for this event.

    Why is burnt out Brian available from the mystery box? This means even if you pay clams, you ‘might’ get him. And if he’s premium then why is the in the group on facespace that gives clams? This costume has been poorly managed.

    And finally the mob wife Lois costume – I’m just glad we didn’t get anymore characters. (People are asking where’s detective scrotes, but would you really want to work on that as well as everything else?). Anyway, the 2 always items are only obtainable by raids, which is kind of a drag. Give us more ways to get them!!!!

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    1. The mods aren’t slacking Saad, Holly and Zooey struggle to get into their games as it keeps crashing on their devices and I’m a week behind so even I can’t help with that



      1. I hope that they are okay otherwise. Anything I can do to help? I’m on mobile only, so I’m pretty limited on what I can do, but something is better than nothing.


      2. Yeah, they’re fine (I assume lol) they make posts now and again so they’re alive anyway 😄



  7. what grinds my gears? Crashing of course, as well as not being in the current week and not going to be compensated for the bugs that was caused by them. They should atleast allow Android people another week cause of the bugs, it isn’t like they didn’t do something for Android people in the past.

    I kinda agree with the too many tasks, but I almost have Ft Nox almost down for the first time, but the main problem is, seeing everyone with high numbers and here I am still in the 160k range cause of the Android bugs.


    1. They are pretty harsh right? That why I have to log in multiple times to do anything. Cleaning your town of extras (unused characters, decor, excessive roads, and past event buildings) helps. I downloaded Security 360 and clean the junk that Family Guy builds up often (it really slows down speed and increases crashing).

      The most bizarre thing is if you apply the IDC report to the situation. 81.5% of all phones shipped last year were android operated, 14.8% use iOS, and 3.7% used other. Even if you give iOS users a wide birth, that still means over half of users are on Android.

      Maybe developers are just going for the minimum to pass inspection so they can can get it out on time and fix later. I know management must be breathing down their necks and QA too (whom I bet order devs to ignore most of the bug reports from as they get close to release) to get it done without delaying for game breaking bugs because corporate has figured out that people will pay for a broken game.


  8. Let’s see…

    1. Crashing and freezing frequency

    2. Having the event in the same cell as the town (thus increasing crashing/freezing from overload)

    3. Coins dropping instead of event related stuff (this really gets under my skin)

    4. Being stuck at week 3 for well over half of week 4 (which is far too common)

    5. The intense push to spend clams (ie. It is impossible to stay even close to the schedule without spending clams, prizes that would normally be available in a replicator type thing are given out based on mob rep, and timed quests which are made to where they cannot be finished without spending clams)

    6. The top leader board prizes are mostly a competition for who spent the most money. It is extremely unfair and unbalanced. Those who are frequent players and/or spent small amounts of money are dwarfed by those who spend massive amounts. Replace frequent player with hard worker, small spenders with average people, and the top people with rich (or overextended) and you basically have real life on a scoreboard.

    7. The goon bottleneck (could we at least have 8 or 9 slots since like to sleep sometimes for longer than 6 hours?).

    8. The story is kinda boring. Not really funny or entertaining.

    9. Vinny as well as the majority of my characters aren’t involved in any way because it’s considered unfair to new players (so is trying to force everyone to spend money on clams or use up their stockpile to advance the story at the required pace).

    10. The clutter from all the various cookie themed enemies.

    11. Individual prizes are rather lack luster. A premium character skin, a building, and a few clams are the only notable things. How many people won’t even be able to use the top prize skin? Between that and the leader board kicking my butt, it’s not much motivation to try to win.

    All and all? I think tinyco got exhausted by the Star Trek event and decided to give themselves a break by creating a meh event. I’m probably in the minority thinking this, but other than a few new touches and such, it kinda feels like a reskinned Kingdom of the Full Moon only more crashy, less inspired, and with worse customer service.


  9. I am going to give you guys a tip that I discovered in this event.. I took all of my characters that have no cookie or mob rep and put them in my inventory… I have 7 million in cash.. so i don’t need anymore… I also put my moving useless decos.. my game is now running top notch…


    1. I did that too hun. I’ve been playing since the beginning, so my inventory is… extensive. I’ve stored all decor, non event characters (save the ones I know I’ll need for quests), half my buildings, and most of my roads. It’s the only way my game is even playable with all the moving targets, maze, and stuff going on in the sidelines (seriously, why didn’t they just do the same thing as the last event?). It really does help, but I’m getting so many crashes and freezes that it often takes me 3 tries to get everything, assign tasks, and have the tasks stick (which is beyond sad).

      A good cleaner app like 360 Security/Booster helps (the game often starts up and runs in the background as well as do a lot of stuff that clogs up phone speed). Using it before starting my game has reduced crashing/freezing instances for me.


  10. The whole event is so much of a fustercluck, but I’m really upset that the only way you can get Brian’s costume is to gamble, at 75 clams a pop! So freemium players won’t be able to get the 25-clam reward for getting all 4 Griffin mob costumes. Seriously, they should’ve tied the clam reward to costumes that didn’t *require* clam expenditures.

    Lots of other stuff bugs me about this event, but damn, that one REALLY grinds my gears!


  11. The game freezes every other second and it takes the game twice as long to load now… Its ridiculous. I don’t understand how this game performs so terribly. Much more demanding games run fine on my phone but this simple game freezes and takes forever to load… Do something TinyCo!!!


  12. a lot of the task take too much time and they want you to do multiple tasks at once with the limited amount of resources that you have you literally have to wait a day if you need to destroy Fort Knox or take on Trisha Takanawa Family or even to unlock some other characters very frustrating at times


  13. I’m tired of getting the 24hr events that are impossible without spending clams. For example the most recent one takes over 24 hours to just get the goons.
    I also hate the leaderboard setup as they are pay to win and have no bearing on how much time you actually spend on the event, just how much money you lay down.


  14. for the first time, I may not able to unlock all the “free” characters. I’m still stuck on Mr. Washee washee. This may be my least favorite event. 😦 I enjoyed the beginning of the event, but it got overwhelming with too many different tasks happening. The only way to complete this event is if you fork out your own money to use clams.


    1. You should try grinding the goons to get Mr Washee. I create 2 goons and 3 show girls alternatively. That gives you just under 5 hrs to wait per ‘batch’. It is slow going but you get there eventually.

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