Leaderboard Winners #2

Hey guys,

Top 3 premium players are:

1) Steve-O 36,794

2) Stef/Lili – 36,276

3) Fredlusk 35,360
Top freemium players are:

1) Silvia 14,988

2) Moody 13,450

3) Scott’s Evil Twin 13,356
Congrats to you all 😊



18 thoughts on “Leaderboard Winners #2”

  1. I will treasure my second place nothing always.

    I will say that us freemium players really can’t hope to compete particularly well. I’m using long horded clams way more than I would like.

    Of course it is all a game, everything is only pixels on a screen and essentially valueless and it’s not worth caring about the end result. The fun is in the journey!


  2. splendid spy.. I can give you what I am working on… Hope this helps..

    Law of the Land pt 7
    -destroy Fort Knox
    -Take out 3 Armored cookie trucks

    All Rise Pt 3
    -Earn 3 stars on the courthouse

    Lifestyles of the rich pt 6
    -upgrade to Fatfather’s ultimate mansion

    For Sure
    -Create Mob wife Lois

    Become the Best pt 6
    -send 55 evil showgirls to attack fort knox

    The best around pt 2
    -send 25 wise guys to Fort knox
    -Send 13 Luchadores to Fort KNox
    -Send 11 evil showgirls to Fort knox
    -send 9 yakuza thugs to attack fort knox

    I hope that helps.. somewhere..


    1. Hi Fred. Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it 🙂 Do you have the walkthrough for the courthouse quest ? ( earning 1,2 and 3 stars) I could save lots of time if I know what the next task will be. regretted putting Bruce on a 24 hour task when he was needed in the 1st obstacle 2nd challenge task 😦


      1. I have it if you still need it Spy 🙂 Here you go.
        Earn 1 Star Courthouse:

        –Metal Detector: Have the Fatfather Take Care of Business (4hrs)

        –Overweight Cop: Requires 2 Fries (Always Drops from Cookie Courier)

        –Metal Detector: Requires Have Herbert Take Old Man Bath (2hrs) and Have Chris Eat Cookies (2hrs)

        –Presiding Judge: Requires 6 Bags of Money (Get from Armored Cookie Truck)


        Earn 2 Stars Courthouse:

        –Metal Detector: Have Jerome Play Darts (6hrs) and Have Bruce Fret About Something (6hrs)

        –Presiding Judge: 10 Bags of Money (Get from Armored Cookie Truck)

        –The Holding Cell: Have Joe Offer Protection (4hrs) and Have Quagmire Shake Down Clients (4hrs)

        –The Overweight Cop: Requires 4 Fries (Always Drops from Cookie Courier)


        Earn 3 Stars Courthouse:

        –Metal Detector: Have Herbert Take Old Man Bath (2hrs) and Have Chris Eat Cookies (2hrs)

        –The Overweight Cop: Requires 9 Fries (Always Drops from Cookie Courier)

        –The Holding Cell: Have the Fatfather Bootleg Alcohol (1hr) and Have Mort Invest Money Wisely (1hr)

        –The Metal Detector: Have the Fatfather Take Care of Business (4hrs) and Have Quagmire Withdraw Cash (4hrs)

        –The Presiding Judge: 16 Bags of Money (Get from Armored Cookie Truck)


  3. Just an update:

    I’ve spent about $40 on the event so far and have played multiple times daily (about 8-10 logins daily). I’m teetering around the 48-52k mark on the leader boards. I just started week 4 content today; so, i’m about 5 days behind. Key issues for this: 1) Cleveland Jr. Tubas 2) Washee Washee Videos 3) Purple Trucks not showing glitch 4) Cookies being removed from squatters.

    How about everyone else? Just Curious.



    1. I’ve spent just a bit more, and so far have just about managed to keep up with each phase of the event, the only time I nearly fell behind was with Cleveland Jr, but I was able to unlock him about 16hrs before week 3 began. I didn’t have any problems unlocking Mr Washee Washee, and I’ve also managed to unlock Fight Promoter Cleveland, School Girl Tricia, Burnt Out Brian (took 2 attempts to get him), and I’ve just finished Week 4 a few minutes ago, and I’ve just got over 40k Mob Rep with around 90,000 Cookies, I try to log in every 2hrs but there are times when I’ve been too busy to do this.


    1. I know you’ve sent this message a few times Spy, but Holly and Zooey normally do these but I know they’re having trouble getting in their games and I’m a week behind as I was away so bear with us



      1. It’s cool man 😊 I’m just the comment moderator myself (and occasional poster) but it’s the girls who do all the hard work lol, I just try and keep you guys happy 😄



  4. I am still # 3… I lost so much not being able to play on Saturday… Oh well, So when are you delivering my Nothing? lol


      1. I suppose being delivered by Amazon Drones that don’t deliver anything just yet, thus nothing…


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