FREEMIUM Leaderboard #2

Hey guys,

It’s the second of these we’re doing, you know the drill by now…

This is the FREEMIUM leaderboard, the premium one has a separate board

The end of this “competition” is 11pm UK time on Monday evening (3pm USA time? I don’t know lol)

All you have to do is comment your mob rep and we see who’s got the most

There’s no prizes, it’s just for fun so enjoy 😊



11 thoughts on “FREEMIUM Leaderboard #2”

  1. 8,974 Mob Rep.
    Still trying to get Mr. Washee Washee to continue the main quest line. Probably will be able to rack up more Mob Rep when I get into playing Week 4 content…during Week 6 of the event!… No glitches or missed days for me (knock on wood). How do freemium players get so far behind the release rate of the game? Definitely a premium event.


  2. is it too late now?! i wanted to post my totals because i totally missed the last comp lol
    …my MobRep total right at the moment is 11,149 !!!


  3. Only 9600 here. This event Sucks. Need separate rvs one for each hiring classification and you need to pay for them so this whole event is a premium event. I now also have 5 million useless dollars .


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