Week 4 Mobster Event FAQS

Here are this weeks FAQS for Week 4 of the Mobster Event!

How do I unlock Mob Wife Lois?

To unlock Mob Wife Lois, you’ll need to collect the following items:

12 Diamonds (always)

15 Mink Coats (always)

5 Gaudy Chandeliers (extra rare)

7500 Gurl Scout Cookies

You will have until Thursday, July 9th to completely unlock her. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time.

What can I win from the Mafia Stewie Mystery Box?

The Mafia Stewie Mystery Box can be found in the shop. You can win the following buildings and decorations:

Burnt Out Brian (outfit only)

Cement Shoe Skeleton (deco)

Police Tank (moving deco)

Dancing Traffic Cop (animated deco)

6 Luchador Masks

4 Sequined High Heels

7 Nunchucks

100 Clams

175 Clams

400 Gurl Scout Cookies

600 Gurl Scout Cookies

Buildings, outfits, and deco prizes will not repeat, but the rest can repeat.

How do I get Robocop?

You can purchase Robocop from the shop for 250 clams! He comes with the OCP Headquarters building, and his “Get Drunk” action always drops Nunchucks for hiring Yakisoba Thugs.

How do I get Burnt Out Brian?

Burnt Out Brian is a prize you can win from the Mafia Stewie Mystery Box. After you win this outfit, head over to Al Harrington’s to create it.

NOTE: This does *NOT* include Brian’s character. You must have Brian unlocked as a playable character before you can use this outfit. If you get Brian afterwards, you’ll be able to use this outfit then.

How do I get The Judge?

The Judge is available in the shop for 160 clams. 


47 thoughts on “Week 4 Mobster Event FAQS”

  1. Upgraded mansion and got the new buildable stuff. Judge is kinda lame. Stewie outfit is cool. Robocop is kinda fun. No detective scrotes yet and it’s gonna be a pain getting the rest of these 77 goons


  2. With raiding the courthouse, one of the obstacles requires Brian to party all night long and I’m not seeing that task for him. Is that with the outfit you can win from the mystery box?


      1. The week 4 mansion. I just upgraded mine after getting mr washee washee. Anyone kind enough to share the walk through? Thanks


      2. Well, they have part of it up somewhere on here. Last time I looked, they only had the walk through up to star 1 on the judge course. I just started star 2 and it has Jerome play darts and Bruce fret about something. I’ll try to update, but I’m not sure which quests they completely covered so far. I’ll at least try to remember to do the course.


    1. Apparently because most customers, I mean players, don’t have him yet so it gives long term players an ‘unfair’ advantage.


      1. I actually feel like since they have that timed challenge special for premium players, they should have one for long time players as well, where more characters and costumes are used. But obviously it’s too late into the event now, plus we already have our hands full with the current tasks and quests.

        I still need one more of the cleaning spray thing to unlock Mr. Washee Washee before I can finish the main questline needed to upgrade the mansion. I don’t think I’ll unlock Tricia’s costume too since the amount of cookies needed is just too high!


  3. I need one more gurl scout to finish one of my tasks, but they’re not respawning! I’ve had about 4 in the last nine hours (last one was about 3 hours ago). Anyone else seeing this?


  4. I can’t believe Tricia outfit is 20k cookies…..really? I’ve had the items for a week but still need like 12k cookies. Is this a type-O or that much


  5. I can’t remember which quest it was, but on one of them Cookie Monster was mentioned, I really hope that this was a hint that he’s going to be added to the game during this event, it would be awesome if he is!

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  6. The raids this week take an INSANE amount of goons. If you’re a freemium player they will require ONE HUNDRED NINE of them to complete all three. That’s a tad more than three times the amount necessary last week (35).


  7. I just gut the new 24 h challenge and I think who ever came up with it idear can’t do math or is trying to force us to buy more clams – let me explain what I am talking about – here is the new challenge :

    So to take down 5 armored cookie trucks we need 10 guns that r 30 min each so far 5 hour for first mission – to take out 5 gurl scouts we need 10 guns that take 1 h each – 10 hour for mission 2 and total of 15 so far. To take down 5 cookie courier we need 15 lady gunes that take 45 min to hire each and that takes over 11 hour for mission 3 and a total of 26 hour and 15 min – now last time I checked there is only 24 hours for this mission – and I unfortunatly allready put on the list 6 gunes for a cleaved truck before this quest popped so am already missing 3 hour from the time – other night need sleep or work but lets say we all don’t sleep or work or didn’t put something else on the hire guns option – it is still impossible to finish in time – Do The Math !!!!! we need to unite so they fix it before we lose one more challange


  8. I’ve been scoring blank with the show girls, 5 times out of 6. I want to move to next level, but it seems really difficult to get Mr Washee Washee right now… 😭


  9. Where’s everybody in the game at the moment if you are a freemium player? I have only locked Cleveland Jr and Diabeto, halfway unlocking Mr Washee Washee. Got half of everything… no where near unlocking Tricia’s costume (20k Cookies???) and have about 7,600 Mob rep… Am I very far behind?


    1. Got diabeto and cleveland jr, almost got washee washee but am no where nwar to getting the mansion upgraded as im only on pt 3 of the questline thanks to cleveland jr


    2. Freemium player here.

      I finally unlocked Cleveland Jr yesterday, but haven’t leveled him up to even start on the Good to Be a Gangster quest.
      9,539 mob rep / 3,790 cookies
      Broke down Ft. Knox for the first time today.

      Mr Washee progress:
      Spray Bottle – 1/4
      Frames – All
      Shirts – 13/15
      Tapes – 2/12

      Tricia progress:
      Got everything except the cookies.

      I seem to be getting 1,000 mob rep/day now, so the rewards are within sight, but it sounds like the next mansion upgrade is a long way off and the next raid is going to be an uphill struggle when I finally unlock it.


    3. I unlocked Cleveland Jr last week, but now im stuck with Mr. washee washee i still need 7 tapes, i got everything for tricia except the cookies, i think i have about 7,500 cookies.

      I think now im going to focus on my mob rep and try to get Consuela as a prize. This event was very disappointing for me freemium player.


    4. I didn’t miss a day of this event but I got washee washee earlier today after it seemed they changes the drop rate of the tapes to always. Anyway he’s currently doing his 8 hour task so I can upgrade my mansion when he’s done with that.
      I got diabeto and Cleveland jr already and just need cookies for Tricia. If we really do have just one costume to unlock this week that gives us more time to work on the main quest line and work on anything we haven’t completed from previous weeks so it’s all good.
      I also have just over 10300 mob rep and need 70 more gloves for Cleveland’s costume.


    5. Freemium player here. I’ve been on a lot and I haven’t spent a single one of my free clams. I’ve been sick, so we are talking way above average log in frequency. Here’s how I’m doing…

      1. I’m on the charts as Toothless Lasagna 72. Staying at around the 25,000 range with spikes at times of 20,000 or so and as of this post, I have about 13,000 mob reb.

      2. Unlocked new mansion late this morning (cst). First time I’ve been behind this far during any of the events (the other time was less than a day) and I’ve been here since the game started.

      3. Got Peter skin, Diabeto, Cleveland jr., Cleveland skin (thanks to doing a minimum of 1 to 3 gold trucks every day), and Mr. Washee Washee. I lack a LOT of cookies for the Tricia skin (will probably have to put her off to spend cookies for other characters). I have 2 chandlers and 1 obstacle worth of diamonds for the Lois skin. I have none of the premium characters (I’m saving my stockpiled clams for later).

      4. I have all the buildings that cost event currency, 2 goon trailers, and very little decor (quest related only).

      5. About 6,000 cookies left after purchases and lots of shoes and masks thanks to constantly sending characters out on those actions.

      6. No stars on the judge obstacle yet.

      So yeah… A little disappointed. I’ve never seen an event get so wrapped up in premium stuff that being on constantly still means I can’t keep up. The only freemium who did spent some of their stockpile of clams. I honestly think it was designed this way to push people to not only spend a lot of money, but to force people who won clams in the last event to use them up. Normally I would use my stockpile on one splurge premium character, but between a customer service disaster during star trek and the way this event is playing out, I’m not doing it even though under normal circumstances I would buy The Judge. It saddens me.

      And before I get the “complaining about a free game” reaction, I made a one time $10 clam purchase as a token support towards tinyco (which is frankly more than most of us would spend on one mobile game if it was priced that in the store) for the enjoyment I’ve gotten from the game. And yes, I know many of you spend ten or even fifty times that every month and think that it isn’t something to brag about, but I did it to support their first attempt at charity with Spock (I’m also legally disabled and on a fixed income, so that purchase cut into my monthly food budget), so it is something.


  10. Finally got Cleveland Jr. after they adjusted the drop rate for tubas. Now the same problem happens again with Washee Washee. I can’t continue to week 4 without him. Had 5 cleared couriers in a row without a SINGLE drop!!!!! This will take all week again…..why can’t they let us continue without impossible characters. I don’t mind missing out on a character once in a while, but now you brake down the whole event for freemium players 😦 :(….

    I complained with TinyCo but I”m not expecting a reply since they have stopped replying to complaints it seems…. MY GEARS ARE GRINDED!!!


  11. I can’t upgrade my mansion yet since I’m only up to gtb gangster part 4 but what happened to detective scrotes? I am pretty sure he was supposed to be available this week


    1. They will drop items needed for the raid (think mort and dog food from week one). But the image will show just coins until the new items are needed (like the dog food image did when it was time for mort to collect). So save up your nunchucks! 🙂


  12. Was surprised to see 2 premium characters added this week, but thanks to my OCD I had to buy them, and it only took me 2 attempts at the Mystery Box to get Burnt Out Brian, so I’m happy with that. But where is Detective Scrotes? I really hope he will be an earn able character, and not a decoration!


    1. Seems that way, unless you’re that far ahead (which I doubt because you’re not a premium guy) it could be a clam job



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