Friendly Leaderboard Winners

So, the votes have been tallied and here are the top 3 winners and their prizes for the freemium and premium leaderboards…


1st: April 15024

2nd: Ben 11092

3rd: Just because 10746


1st: Icandyguy 61075

2nd: Jetflint 26793

3rd: Fredlusk 25302


3rd placed players get…nothing

2nd placed players get…a lot of nothing


The winners…who worked SO hard to be top of our leaderboards get…

*drum roll*

…A WHOLE LOAD OF NOTHING!!! 😃 give them a round of applause!!! Yay!!! Woo!!!

We’ll probably do another one or two of these if people ask but it’s good for you all to scour the comments and see how your fellow gamers are getting on 😊


P.S. Don’t get angry there’s no prizes 😆 lol, it’s just a friendly competition 😄


11 thoughts on “Friendly Leaderboard Winners”

  1. Anybody else curious about the #1 player Pretty Fist? That mob rep will make you go bugeyed! I can only imagine the money s/he spent on clams to get that score. In fact, I tried to calculate an estimate but there we too many variables.


  2. So who do I collect my nothings from? Will I get nothing all at once or is over time ? I believe I should get more of nothing than anybody else. I will share nothing with everybody. Actually I don’t need nothing from you!

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    1. Those were freemium players who earned a boatload of clams from the star trek event and used them at the start of this event. Hardcore freemium players (someone who checks their game every 2 to 4 hours save sleep time) who didn’t spend any of their stockpiled clams are usually at the zoot suit Stewie level. Some are at mansion level. I’ve yet to talk to any who didn’t spend their clams that are any higher up than that.


      1. ah yeah, makes sense. Most of the free clams I’ve collected throughout the game got spent during the Star Trek event. There’s nothing I’m too desperate for in this event though so I’m not too bothered


  3. Hahaha.. I love it… I will take my nothing and be proud… I didn’t even know we were doing a competition here.. I am just working hard to insure that I get the griffin house, don Stewie, and Don Corleone… thanks again The Baby-Dingo out!!!


  4. Didn’t realise that there was any competition factor in this. My competitiveness says I shouldn’t have been so early writing my result in.


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