PREMIUM Leaderboard

Ok guys, you wanted it and by golly gosh, you’ve got it!! It’s time for the leaderboards!! (Slightly late but I’ve been away

This post is for premium players ONLY…(there’s a separate board for freemium)

So…all you have to do is comment your star rating (found at the bottom of the screen of your town) that’s it 😊

We’ll try and do a few of these so this one will end at 10pm Wednesday UK time (I think that’s 3pm for the Americans)

And remember…that I like farts, yes I like farts, I like big farts, short farts, long farts, your farts, I like farts!! 😉


28 thoughts on “PREMIUM Leaderboard”

  1. Okay. As of… about 6:20 AM PST, I have as follows:

    Cookies: 50,804 , 20K of which is designated for Tricia. I would have 15K more, but bought 3 Golden Cranes for no good reason.

    Rep: 26,753 ; Rank: 367 ; Mob Name: Gorgeous Sneak 32 (whether TinyCo wants to hide it from me or not)

    I do have 2 of the 700 Clam belts since day 1 and the Brian Box Belt as well when it came out. Completed with all current questlines except the 55 Showgirl on Nox nastiness quest. Does that REALLY need to be a 16 hour cooldown? YEESH! 😛

    I more dress and I have GS Tricia and her questlines. All ready and waiting for whatever gets released today. 🙂


    1. I am holding off on spending 20,000 cookies on Tricia for now. Those cookies are better invested elsewhere. 20,000 cookies could be turned into 4000 MR. I believe my leaderboard name is Lucky Mug. I can only see my real name on my device. Rank 15 (as of 9am) 73,061 MR


  2. MR 61,086
    Rank 21 (for the moment)

    Just joined this world during the Star Trek Event. Love them both. Sure wish I would have known about these boards when I started! Currently working on “Become the Best Pt.6, Send 55 Evil Showgirls to Attack Fort Nox. May take some time!
    Does anybody know what the gold items are when you complete the attack on Fort Nox ?

    Thanks for the great tips and education


    1. Dayyyym I’m only on Become The Best Pt 2 … takes ages ! – 55 showgirls?? jeez that’s close to 2 days of waiting to recruit (assuming you don’t spend clams to speed up) & that’s not taking into account the recovery time for fort nox to rebuild.. not to mention I still have Cleveland and Tricia’s costumes to unlock… ok this looks like the first ever event where I won’t complete all quests unless I spend major clams 😦


    2. Currently ranked 2838. I have Cleveland and am working on Trisha and Washee. I would rather be playing for Big Fat Paulie though…


    3. I’m curious. Besides like sheer amount of money put in, how exactly are you earning your Mob Rep? Is it by doing repeat optional Raids, repeating and clamming Nox, speeding up cookie belts, buying (a lot of) decos? Something else entirely?

      Just been curious what the top 50 or so have literally been doing to earn their Mob Rep. 🙂


  3. Rank 21 (for the moment)
    MR 61,075

    Hard to stay in top 20. Currently trying to finish “Become the Best Pt. 6, Send 55 Evil Showgirls to Attack Fort Nox. A very long process!

    Just joined this world during the Star Trek event. Love them both but it sure would have been nice to know about these tip boards then. Thanks for the info and education.


  4. I did spend $100 on clams when this event first started.. So, I am assuming I am listed as Premium for here.. here are my stats.. I have been chugging away at the game.. When I wake in the middle of the night.. Even have to put my glasses on to reset everyone

    Mob Rep- 25,302 (hats)
    Ranking- 355

    I am on:
    Good to be a Gangster pt 7
    -Destoy Fort Knox-done on the second Fort now
    -Have the Fatfather play Mafia Wars-24 hr task-2hrs 10 mins left

    Enter the Dragon! times event 6 hrs left
    -take down 6 cookie Carriers 3/6
    -Send 6 Luchadores to attack fort-completed
    -Have Cleveland jr take medication for brain storms-2hrs 8 mins left

    Become the Best pt 3
    -Take down 8 cookie couriers 1/8
    -Take down 10 girl scouts 0/10

    Money power, and respect pt 4
    -Have kingpin consuela say hello to her little friend 5 hrs left
    -have the fatfather fire tommy gun-haven’t started yet

    Sweep the leg pt 3
    -have Mayagi trim Bonzai-completed
    -have the fatfather meditate-not started

    I don’t rush any event.. i just keep going

    Also, all of my delivery trucks are gone.. no purple or gold.. And I am 48 boxing gloves away for getting Fight Promoter Cleveland..


    1. A little trick that I have is I have all of my characters not on task resetting every morning at 9am, and I set them on 24 hr tasks.. So if my game does go off, I know it has something to do with the event.. If I think it is a character that they might throw into a questline then I give them a 10 or 12 hour task, so I can use them later..

      Oh yeah..

      on the Tricia Costume I just need 4 skirts

      Mr. Washee Washee-I just need:
      2 spray bottles
      5 dirty shirts


    1. It’s the rep, it’s the same thing, I just said star rating as it’s got a pic of 3 stars in it and some may not know its rep lol



      1. ahh thanks Rypod 🙂 I have no stars – just trophies 🙂 I’m ranked 532nd with 22,639 mob rep so far.. deffo a premium player as I’ve spent well over GBP 700.00 on this game since nearly the beginning (just missed the clown event)


  5. Are you a Premium player no matter how much or how little you have spent?
    I assume a true Freemium player is someone who has never spent any money.
    But is someone who has spent £5 in a year the same as someone who has spent £500 in a year?


    1. Good question: to me, a premium player is someone who has spent money on this event, whether it’s £5 or whatever on clams, freemium players are those that haven’t spent a single penny (or cent) for clams during this event



    2. If you’ve earned clams legitimately ONLY through visiting friends towns or collecting sets of characters and you’re given clams for free for doing so, then you’re freemium

      At the end of the day Koan, this is just a friendly leaderboard, it’s not a contest, there’s no prizes, it’s just for fun so it doesn’t really matter, but freemium players have to be kept away from premium on these leaderboards because as a freemium player myself, it’s really unfair to mix the two 😊


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