In-game Changes!

TinyCo has made some in-game changes!

We’ve recently made some changes to the game that players should find helpful.

Tubas no longer drop from Gurl Scouts. They’re now an “always” drop from the following actions:

Chris – Eat Cookies
Quagmire – Ogle Lois
Jerome – Distract Pit Boss

We’ve also fixed an issue which caused Cookie Trucks to stop spawning prematurely, so players should start seeing them in their Quahogs again.”


37 thoughts on “In-game Changes!”

  1. Anyone having problems with getting Tapes of Mr. Sulu Show for Mr. Washee Washee? It’s been nearly a week and I only have 4/12. While I understand it’s rare, its ridiculous that I’m on pace to unlock him in 3 weeks….


    1. I have zero. Not sure how many times I’ve tried, as I spent a good portion of the week hiring luchadores for tubas. At this rate I won’t get him at all, especially if yet another new goon comes into play. Too hard to have to hire goons to knock down the fort and for items and for the side runs. I haven’t been able to hire goons for the gold trucks in a week. What’s sad is I have all the items for Tricia’s skin before I have the items for mr, washee washee. Doesn’t make sense to me…


    2. I had a worse drop rate of the Tapes than I had for the Tubas… but it looks like they 1) reduced the number from 20 to 12 … and 2) the last few days I had a 100% drop rate. I got Washee Washee just a few moments ago.

      Now if I can figure out why I can’t upgrade from the Lavish Mansion to the Fatfather’s Grand Mansion. 😦


      1. It depends on a variety of factors about upgrading – what mission you’re on, how many times you’ve passed the casino etc



    1. Part 1:
      Take Down 2 Cookie Couriers
      Take Down 2 Gurl Scouts
      Rewards = 150 Fedoras

      Part 2:
      Sent 12 Luchadors to Fort Nox
      Rewards = 180 Fedoras

      Part 3:
      Take Down 8 Cookie Couriers
      Take Down 10 Gurl Scouts
      Rewards = ??? Fedoras


  2. So I have wasted hard earned clams for a building to get tubas. I’ve wasted hard earned clams on Consuela which soon everybody will have. I am a freemium player and it has taken a lot of time and watching a lot of ads to get my very few premium items.


    1. Wait, consuela isn’t just a skin? That makes me kinda mad if I spent clams to get her. Would have saved them for something else…


  3. I don’t see these changes in my town.

    Chris quagmire and Joe tasks do not drop any items for me.
    Also, gold cookie trucks have totally disappeared from my town?

    Any ideas on how I can get this fixed?


      1. Nah, I’m only playing for fun (when it is fun and not a chore). So not too worried. Just thought I’d let other people know it was happening so we can tell if it is a common problem.


  4. Just sent them this, since we’re all voicing complaints. “If the characters have no use after their 1 week period I need my money back or a return on all of my characters. This is a total scam where, as a player, I can have characters that have shown up through the show. Awesome, but they have no use after that period. I’ve spent a lot of money on this app and I’m not getting any return on it. This is the literal definition of a scam. When can I expect a refund for returning all of the characters I purchased?
    And if you at tinyco have a problem, check my account. I’ve been a loyal player without cheating. But I’ve been cheated. By you.”
    I’ll share if they send anything back.

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    1. “Let me get spend clams temporarily so I can get characters that give special drops to acquire goals faster, and then give me my money back when I’m done with it.” Seriously, what did you expect? This is the same way that these characters and buildings have always been presented. Where does TinyCo promise that they’ll do anything else? Accept responsibility for your own actions.


  5. How about not allowing the mansion to be upgraded until the 3 star quests are completed!! It’s easy to accidentally upgrade the mansion


  6. yeah, way too late but better than nothing I guess. Let’s see now if anything gets done about the vhs tapes for the Washee guy, which seem even more impossible to get.

    Also sucks that now the trucks & scouts are dropping coins instead of cookies, I mean c’mon, you have to pay cookies to hire the stupid goons and now we get worthless coins in return? This event is so wrong.

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    1. You answered your own question. They figured by now they had bled the clams out of most the players who would cave in and be willing to pay out of frustration. I’m sure the same will happen with the Washee guy.


  7. Too little, way too late.

    This just cements the fact the TinyCo has had absolutely no idea what’s been going on throughout this entire event. If the tubas were truly dropping at the rate they wanted (which is what they stated after receiving countless requests to change it) then there would be no reason whatsoever to change the rate now. The drop rate is either where you want it or it isn’t. Changing the rate now means they admit there was a problem. It should not take a WEEK AND A HALF to admit such an obvious problem.


    1. I could not have said it better myself. Exactly what I came here to type. Unfortunately I have become so disenchanted with the event (and the game) and am so far behind it hardly even matters. I can’t wait to see what the pom-pom waving leporid has to say about it. Get ready to hear about what a great company TinyCo is and how they listened to the players. Go TinyCo!! Yay TinyCo!!

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  8. At last. Well I was planning to get Boxer Cleveland today as I only require 10 boxing gloves but I guess I’ll get him tomorrow now.


  9. I just saw the Jerome task and was happy for the change. Unfortunately it is too late for it to help with the 24 hour task, but it will help finish up my last 4 tubas. Thanks for the work you guys do on the site that allows are issues to be heard.


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