FREEMIUM Leaderboard

Ok guys, you wanted it and by George, you’ve got it!! It’s time for the leaderboards!! (Slightly late but I’ve been away)

This post is for freemium players ONLY…(there’s a separate board for premium)

So…all you have to do is comment your star rating (found at the bottom of the screen of your town) that’s it 😊

We’ll try and do a few of these so this one will end at 10pm Wednesday UK time (I think that’s 3pm for the Americans)

And remember…give a larbage, throw out your garbage 😉


37 thoughts on “FREEMIUM Leaderboard”

  1. My random assigned name is Toothless Lasagna (72 I think? It’s 70 something for sure) and my mob rep is 8,274. Lost 1 day when I ended up in the ER, but staying comfortably in 20,000 to 25,000 place. I have not only not bought any clams, I’ve not used my earned clams either. I just now earned my last tuba because I’m relying on chance and hard work.

    To accomplish this, I put my characters who don’t drop masks or shoes on 2 hour tasks if available (1 hour if I’m not busy and they have no 2 hour). The ones that drop masks/shoes are constantly put on those as they earn twice that way. I plan ahead so that characters are put on required long tasks at night while I sleep. I keep my goons full depending on how long I will be away.

    I’ve only been on so much because I’ve been sick, not because the event is especially fun. It’s rather boring compared to others to be honest, but that could change.


      1. I’m on like 3000 mob rep (give or take), close to unlocking Cleveland Jr (ish), not bothering with Fight Promoter Cleveland, haven’t had a chance to upgrade mansion yet so Washee Washee, Tricia and anyone else will probably be missed out on by me, how are you doing?



      2. I just now got Junior yesterday thanks to the new tasks that drop tubas. I have all the buildings that cost cookies so far, but no decor. Working towards the tentacle thingy in the individual prizes. Just about to get my 3rd star on the Japanese mob thing.

        I’m about 35 gloves short of getting Cleveland’s costume thanks to doing about 2 gold vans a day after they became common. I’m stuck on Trisha’s 20,000 cookies (I have 5,000), but have everything else for her costume. Mr. Washee Washee needs 3 more spray bottles and all the tapes (and cookies of course).

        3 dancing girls for a rare drop on the tape for Mr. Washee Washee is tough. Even guaranteed drop would be about 34 hours of nothing but the girls plus the down time waiting for shoes to drop which is about 4 or 5 (I forget which) per 6 hours. Hoping they add a task or something that drops it to help.

        I totally recommend hording shoes until needed if you want to finish the mob course. The last one for your 3rd star takes 13 dancing girls alone! And fyi, if you are working on a streak in the course, upgrading the mansion resets your course to the new one, so if you are halfway through it, finish it before you upgrade.

        You get to smash Fort Knox with your choice of goons which is oddly satisfying and fun! Each hit drops hats. Once destroyed, it respawns after several hours. I use mostly my mask goons for it rather than spend my cookies on regular goons or use up my girls.


  2. You’re all rocking this event. I have 5’933 mob rep and am sitting at 80,000 in the overall ranking.
    Even playing daily and nearly hourly. This event is the last of a long line of terrible events.


  3. Mob rep 6,376, rank @62k. The only prize I want is the mansion so I’ve been able to stay in that prize range comfortably without killing myself. Also, I play on Bluestacks, so I’ve been fortunate to not have any of the lockouts. Well aware things could change as the event winds down, though.


    1. Your more patient than me, I used hard earned clams to buy the building to get tubas. I never thought I would use clams to buy a building.


  4. Mob Rep 5,237. Playing totally free, no Clams spent at all. TinyCo will not get my money during this poorly executed event.


  5. 15,024 mob rep and 2,227th spot on the leader boards 🙂

    I only bought the 400 clam cookie generator with all the clams i earned durring Star Trek. It really helped boost my mob rep because I had so many cookies to buy alot of hedges and bamboo decos (which dropped mob rep). Best clam investment i’ve ever made! 🙂


      1. Freemium – had clams from Star Trek + Jesus/Daily town in order to purchase Mike Tyson a couple days ago though
        (Up to 11680 rep/6024 rank after completing Enter the Dragon!)


  6. 8496

    Had to spend clams to get dog food in the first lemon warehouse maze as there was no way I would have gotten them.
    Since then I’ve pretty much given up trying to get anything but things that give a greater # of hats.


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