Mobster Event: What Grinds Your Gears?

Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

The Mobster update has been live for a few weeks now, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!


We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears in the last week!


63 thoughts on “Mobster Event: What Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. I think I am over this game. I downloaded world of Tanks and have been playing that with enjoyment. After reading evils post he is right on just about everything and more importantly how unfunny Seth McFarlane has been a failure as of late. Ted 2 looks like the biggest piece of crap and so bad that mila Kunis turned the part down. Before that it was what a thousand ways to die in the West? Need I say more? Well the thing before that was the last star wars family guy and it was so off part that he actually apologizes in the beginning of it. Oh and I almost forgot about the thing before that. The Cleveland show. Nuff said about that.

    The game in order to be a free game has to be doable by freemium players with a lot of play. Not a ridiculous amount but realistic. If everyone writes to Google play store or to Apple that the game is unplayable without in app purchases maybe they will remove it from the top free game section and that will really hurt them.

    If you really want to hurt them people need to stop spending money on this game and now that I think of it how is this even a game? There is no real strategy. It’s just collecting things like characters, buildings, and skins.

    As for the event I have everything for Tricia skin except there is no way in hell I will ever get 20,000 cookies. Obviously unattainable for a freemium player. I have 6000 and 5000 has to go to washee and he will take forever because you have to raid girl scouts, raid bike couriers, and take down fort Knox a shit ton of times each. BTW what is the connection between cookies and mobsters? Seems kind of dumb. Seems pretty stupid and that they are in no control over their own game that th ey couldn’t at l at have a single task for Vinny to get a little mob rep all because newer players do not have them. Tinyco gets suckers to pay for characters and costumes that will never be used again because they need new suckers coming in to do the same thing and their priority is not to piss off new paying customers at the expense of their long term customers frustration. I mean look at how angry we are getting at a game that is supposed to be fun. They fixed the Cleveland Jr problem and I have come to realize that everything in this event is that difficult and impossible. The thing that passes me off is that they are definitely doing a money grab. Their ceo must be looking for a good bonus and they are totally taking advantage of the people who have addictive personalities and billing money out of them. The ceo will bilk to the point of where he/she starts doing harm to the game but keeps the dollar figures up so he gets his bonus and then when the shit hits the fan he will step down and get a job somewhere else. You people spending more money is what is hurting the game and that leader board they put up was just another way to get the money spenders to spend even more money. It is all jedi mind tricks and they are taking advantage of you. Thank goodness I never spent a dime of money on this “game” or like the rant before me I would feel pretty angry and used right now.


  2. So at this point I’m completely disgusted with the game and TinyCo’s blantant greed. It’s not bad math….they count our money just fine; but enough on that subject. I found myself wanting to chuck my phone in utter rage over incessant crashes in the past. Moved past that because I love FG. Kept telling myself that just a few hiccups in event rollouts weren’t greed but bad math…then during the ST event, I was proven wrong. The a 2 part nature week…I became disgusted with the inherent greed factor but they still got my money. Now this event… many of us paying players are feeling behind…I myself am about a week behind. What am I paying them for? So I checked my Quahog and decided to take a walk. Once I got home I turned the TV and saw a FG rerun. I turned off the tv immediately. Why? I’m tired of being reminded of the way i’ve been suckered out of money. I always told myself i’d never support a greed factory and i’ve been doing it. It starts with TinyCo and ends with Fox. I find myself now trying to sift through the ashes of my once reasonable mind and fathom why I let them burn it. Then it dawned on me….FG has been waning in popularity. I figured it was just due to the age of the series; however, in a desperate move Fox allowed a no-name game company to bring about the final deathknell for the series. They want it run into the ground and they’re milking it for every last dime using every psychological trick in the book. But why? Seth McFarlane hasn’t exactly been striking gold as of late… Ted 2 doesn’t look quite as funny and no Mila Kunis? The license is aged out and frankly, there are better toons on adult swim. And ratings are in the toilet…merch sales are down…and the Simpsons are still running strong. So how do you kill a long running animated show? Make it into a cheap video game without the creator’s direct input. Tiny Matt once said on an interview that the company wasn’t about greed… they wanted to deliver on a promise of a laugh a day. i haven’t laughed with this game at all this year. The only ones I see laughing right now are Marc Anderssen and his VC firm. Maybe their president Suli, and some sick and sadistic bastard head of ops who gets his or her jollies off of raping our wallets. They feed the addiction folks. It is true that they listen. How else can they know which marrionette string to pull next to get your wallet open. So my beef so far this event:

    1) Clams Character pricing is too high for a one time use.
    2) The Brian skin is in a mystery box (they started that trend on Thanksgiving 2014) but for the first time is on a “achievement” list in the FaceSpace.
    3) Delivery trucks and Gurl scouts now drop coins instead of cookies.
    4) The leaderboard concept is not only elitist but also rigged. The top listed person has achieved an unobtainable, through standard gameplay, amount meaning that person paid a fortune for the event. Flaunting it is actually a huge mistake because they’ve proven it’s rigged. Not because somebody paid a ton of money… but because their financial reports don’t reflect it. Look at the top 50,000 players. Now do the math. If you do you’ll find they made over 30 million a week since the beginning of the event. Possible? Sure but how is it possible when they didn’t event come close to that with the ST event? Why rig it? A psychological trick to entice people to spend more money. In gambling it’s a bait and switch designed to make you feel like you’re winning when in fact they control the outcome.
    5) Everything is “as intended”. During the ST event I was slapped in the face with this one. Yes, the gamehouse TinyCo intended to anger and alienate players. Their mantra of choice is “as intended” but then they make adjustments when too many players complain. You see folks, games have an immersive quality about them and in the app industry, retention is king. So if you give a game a “casual game” genre and send people on an emotional rollercoaster, it confuses the average person. This is called priming and all marketplace games do this. Priming involves making the gamer unstable. The confused gamer can then be groomed through various cues and timers to spend money regardless of what their better judgment may tell them. So why haven’t the crashes been fixed? Priming. Why do they appear to have horrible math skills? Priming. Why constantly change drop rates? Priming. Why is the game so huge? To edge out competition on your device and prime you through incessant crashes that follow due to lack of space. TinyCo has managment that truly does understand what makes the greater majority of gamers tick. Backing the greed factor they pull the wool over your eyes and you blindly comply by opening your wallet.
    6) How is this mob event including robocop and mr miyagi? Neither had anything to do with the mafia. Mike tyson was a stretch but more plausible than those two.
    7) 77, 55, 109, 20,000? Hey TinyCo… just nuke the town… put a sign in the middle that says pay $1000US to continue playing and get it over and done with.
    8) Ever try to delete an account? Not just the game but the account. Hint: You can’t. It’s why they seemingly have over 1.1 million players but how many.are actually still playing?

    Thanks for letting me vent a bit and warn everyone to keep a sharp eye on the wallet.




    Anyone has a tip on which is better? Should I unlock Mr. Washee Washee? Tricia’s costume? Cleveland’s costume? Knock down Fort Nox?

    I’m now struggling with the shirt the same way I was struggling with tubas AND it takes 6 hours to get the heels for the showgirls AND we need 3 showgirls (instead of 2 like the luchadors) to clear one of the cookie cart thing. The drop rate is listed as “rare” so I guess it is supposed to be harder than the tubas (which was already HELLISH). I still haven’t knocked down Fort Nox or gotten Cleveland’s costume yet. IF TinyCo learns ANYTHING from Tuba-gate, they should change the drop rate of the shirts to “always” ASAP.


      1. Tricia and Cleveland are your least priority. Knocking down fort Knox is your last my game won’t even let me hire the show girls or whatever they are yet so unlock Cleveland Jr, then Mr washee while at the same time getting through the casino and other obstacles over there.


    1. We all agree that there’s too much going on and not enough time and resources available but here’s what I think about the characters.
      Cleveland costume is supposed to take the whole event so don’t focus on it too much.
      The cookie price on schoolgirl Tricia makes me wonder if that is too, although the rest of the items are fairly easy to obtain, so even if you don’t focus on this costume you should be able to collect most items. It’s just the cookies which I’m finding hard.
      I think mr washee washee should be the priority if you must choose one. Personally I don’t think shirts are as hard as everyone says if you just keep sending wrestlers to take out Girl Scouts. Tapes are harder only because a lot of showgirls are needed for raids as well. But taking down fort nox is a requirement for this too which complicates things.
      Overall I would say focus on mr washee washee and when you have most items for him start taking down fort nox. Don’t worry about Cleveland and schoolgirl Tricia as we have the whole event for Cleveland, and you’ll unlock Tricia steadily if you keep putting everyone on tasks.


      1. Yes I totally meant tapes instead of shirt lol. Thanks for the tips! I feel like things are starting to prioritise themselves. Like you said, as we do the tasks, it’s becoming clear that Tricia is going to take a while bc of the cookies and Cleveland.. well, at this point it feels like his costume is like a “work on this if you have time” sort of thing, even though in theory it’s the easiest one to unlock. I would love to unlock Mr Washee Washee before the new contents arrive, but it doesn’t look like it will happen.


  4. Figure this will make some happy but also grind a LOT of gears as I’ve seen a lot of comments the past day or so of folks spending clams on Cleaveland Jr and his tubas. But it looks like they’ve moved the tuba task to 3- 2hr tasks for Quag, Jerome & Chris. And they seem to drop often.


    1. As I stated in my earlier post, the same happened to me. Finally just had some purple trucks appear after none for over 24 hours. Luckily, I’d been making showgirls when all the trucks disappeared so I was at least able to do stuff with them instead of stuck with 6 regular goons unable to do anything. Unluckily, the showgirls didn’t get me any Mr. Sulu tapes clearing cookie couriers. Should’ve earned my last 15 boxing gloves today, too but still haven’t seen a yellow truck.


    1. There’s a few things you can try:

      Moving all your animated decorations (ones that move) into your inventory always helps

      Deleting other applications off your device sometimes helps

      Emailing if all else fails



      1. I literally nuked my town. TinyCo can’t handle more than like 30 buildings on everyones map, so once you reach like 100,000 coins in game its easiest to just accept everything else isn’t needed. And sometimes that includes characters, cause Jillian isn’t going to help in this event. As well as many other things that we’ve earned.


  5. As a freemium player, I’m also struggling with goals, as usual. What really grinds my gears is that I haven’t had any cookie trucks generate in approximately 24 hours. Pretty much completely stops possibility of any game progress. I also get frustrated with the usual issues of drop rates, etc. but I think that as long as so many people are willing to spend $100’s & even $1000’s (!!!) for notional items that can’t ever be sold or otherwise recouped that Tinyco is practically obligated to keep up these tactics.


  6. I have spent 9.99€ of clams to get 5000 cookies from that bonus quest and I haven’t received both the clams or cookies…

    I’m waiting for the customer support to answer/help me since June 17th…

    This is VERY BAD TinyCo (indeed tiny), messing up with players IRL money its not acceptable.


  7. Ugh I broke down and used like all my clams to get Cleveland junior.

    I also finished fort nox which(!!) after it is destroyed takes 16 hours to rebuild AND I’m supposed to use 12 of my luchadores to attack it??


  8. OMG!!! I crushed 2 Gurl Scouts this morning and got (drum roll please….)

    2 tubas!!!!

    So maybe the drop rate has been adjusted?


  9. The main thing grinding my gears right now is the fact that I accidentally closed this page down when I was just finishing writing this comment and lost the comment before I posted it. But I probably can’t blame tinyco for that ;P

    Yet again with this event the drop rates have been an issue. I still haven’t unlocked Cleveland Jr and at this rate I’m not going to manage it until the very end of the event which is annoying as the questlines need him.

    The other thing that annoys me is that we spent cookies for shady rvs to get more goons and you can still only make 6 goons at a time no matter how many rvs you have. I know you can have more goons in your town but I thought we’d be able to make more and if I’d known sooner that that wasn’t the case then I think I would have saved my cookies for something more useful.

    Also I’m hoping the new content release this week goes smoother than last weeks! They messed up last weeks one and removed the casino before I’d finished the tasks and they only just put in a fix for it last night in my game.


  10. GAAAAAAHHHH!!! 👎👎👎 This event started out so awesomely fun and entertaining for me, but now it’s turned into something so ridiculously annoying for me to try to even complete ANYTHING at all!. I need 8 more freakin tubas for Cleveland Jr., STILL! it’s been like that for almost what 2 weeks maybe ever since he was released of course, but I feel totally stuck in my game! I HAVE NOT HIRED 1 evil showgirl whatsoever because of the fact Cleveland Jr., is needed for the very first part of one of the questioned right before you’re able to even START hiring those showgirls! seems like the more i try, the SLOWER my gaming progresses and that’s including all the crashes my game does every single time I go around to collect stuff SO DAMN ANNOYING! i finally had it yesterday I HAD to send TinyCo.,a message i couldn’t hold this in any longer and they jus give you the old “oh drop rates have been double-checked, they are working properly BLAH BLAH BLAH” reply,so I wrote back and they haven’t replied to that very “nice” message from me yet LOL.
    I don’t really see me being able to unlock ALL of these freemium characters they’re releasing because the amount of Gurl Scout Cookies needed for each skin and character is totally outrageous!. Tricia Takanawa’s 20,000 cookies YEAH FREAKIN RIGHT! i don’t even see me getting that total right at the very end of this event either and that prob goes for Fight Promoter Cleveland as well. Yes I bought Cleveland straight out months ago and now i jus haven’t had the chance at all to take down those Golden Cookie Trucks at all because now the Wiseguys are also needed to take down Fort Nox,which taking that down is ALSO needed for how many parts of certain questlines!.. Overall-Thought= I’m feeling 100% overwhelmed and the game is not fun to me anymore so I’ll prob be taking a break for a bit maybe at least until this event is over! Yes I do believe the idea of this Mobster event was pretty cool, but TinyCo., should have taken some MORE time to think of this through! All of the goons that are hired are needed way too much for mulitiple things and I jus think it’s taking players, especially us “freemium players” way too long to complete quests and glide thru easily each week! I’m not gonna be caught by this week’s new release I know that for a fact. Another thing bothering me since I tend to like to be a “completetion-ist”, (s/p?! No idea lmfao) in my game, I didn’t get to win a third star on Cleveland’s Casino map because I got to update the very next day when last week content was released UUUHHHGGG!!!…idk I did need to do a rant like this so thanks for this post especially around this time. I’m pretty sure more than 50% of other players are feeling this SAME EXACT WAY I am at this very moment. 👍😂😂😂


    1. You should be able to hire showgirls without Cleveland Jr, I haven’t unlocked him yet but I’ve been able to make showgirls for a couple of days now



    What grinds my gears?
    Let’s begin with last week, obviously Cleveland jr’s tubas are a problem but it grinds my gears that there’s been no change. They claim to have made it easier but let’s face it, they haven’t really done anything and just aren’t admitting it. They could have lowered the amount needed or made it an always drop, or ideally both, BUT THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED A THING! Normally I wouldn’t mind but he’s needed for te first part of this week’s main quest line, so we can’t progress until we unlock him, which is unfair or a silly but profitable mistake.

    I’m takin a break from Cleveland’s costume too as there just isn’t enough time to hire the basic goons when wrestlers and showgirls are more important, but I’ll talk about that later.

    Now we have another character, another costume and the fort box bull**** to deal with on top of everything.
    Tricia’s costume is simply overpriced. No NORMAL player can get 20000 cookies with the current event features, especially when we need another 5000 for mr washee washee. And speaking of mr washee washee, why do we HAVE TO break down fort nox 4 TIMES when even doing it once is a chore as goons are needed for literally everything else. If they know goons are so important, why can’t we hire more? It just seems like a lack of initiative or blatant money grabbing (or both) from tinyco.

    The leaderboard is the most obvious money grabbing technique I’ve ever seen in this ‘game’. I knew it from the moment I heard about it and before it even went live. Normally when real games have leaderboards the players need to work their way up, but here everyone’s just buying their way to the top so it kind of beats the point. A few days ago, I was in the 12000 region but now I’m in freefall and lower than 30000 because people have started spending more. But wait? Haven’t a lot of people also given up, been locked out of their game and even kicked off the leaderboard? So surely I should be higher than 30000. Something smells fishy…

    We all know about their dreadful service and their tendency to not reply to messages. I sent them one at the start of week 2 of this cash grab about how Cleveland jr wasn’t mathematically possible to unlock in a week and their just ignoring it, or pretending to. They can’t handle the truth, they’re cowards.

    Finally I wanna say that normally I admire premium players but now I think they’re as much to blame as tinyco themselves. That’s right, it grinds my gears that people still spend on this game when tinyco clearly don’t deserve it and then complain that ‘I’ve spent so much money on this game and I can’t do this and that’. If they can get so much money from you idiots for doing nothing why should they do something? They are a business, so if we want them to listen we should speak their language. If we show them they’re not getting anymore money until they make the game better, then they will do something. In other words, don’t give in to their money grabbing tricks until they show why we should pay.

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    1. I’m right there with you. I’ve spent a load of money on this app. (Not a game anymore.) And it’s all been a waste of money. They don’t appreciate their customers because they always have others to come in that don’t know how this app works. I’m interested in seeing how far I can get with being an ex-premium player. 84 characters that can’t do anything. I’m asking for money back from them since they’re all useless. And good points overall!!!


  12. After the Star Trek event, I’m broken. I play as much as I can, but with much less rigorous intent. If I get, great, but whatever. Don’t care anymore. This is why the “other” game will always be better. Also, it sucks that drop rates are so different for players …. my husband ALWAYS moves along faster because of drop rates, it’s infuriating.


  13. The drop rates grind my gears. Stop the junk with saying something is uncommon or rare. If I send people to do a task, give out the item. If I do an 8 hour task, I should get the item and not a slim chance at an item. The tubas are a pain in my everything! it takes 4 hours each to get the mask. Add 2 hours to get them both hired. Then send them together to get the girl scout. Then get nothing, a blue shirt I don’t care about, or once in a blue moon the tuba!!!!! Consider my gears ground!


  14. Cleveland JR is still having issues adding to his TUBA fetish
    And I’m afraid that mr washee washee might be having issues with his VHS collections as well.


  15. CRASHING! It shouldn’t take 14 attempts to set my town and every time it crashes it erases either all or a good chunk of my actions. My bf’s game doesn’t crash and it takes him 1/8 of the time to set his. Also I can’t get Cleveland Jr. because I’m now only getting shirts for Mr. Washee Washee. It’s just frustrating.


  16. Everyone go to the play store and pull up fan guy and change your rating to 1 star and say:

    “The game cannot be played competitively or to completion without spending a lot of money.”

    We will change our rating back when they apologize and fix the problem.


  17. My biggest annoyance is that long-term players don’t really have any reason to be long-term players. I have 84 characters, and 70some are useless. I’ve played mostly premium and have awesome buildings and decos and a lot of characters that have no use after their 3-day event.
    I’m reaching my breaking point since even though I’ve been pretty loyal since the King Butt event as a paying player, I’m not getting any joy out of this app or any perks for the next set of events.
    I guess Tinyco thought we’d be happy with a leaderboard, but now that I’m playing freemium, even with all my random stuff, I’m still sitting in the 70,000s.
    And to make matters more frustrating, I’ve reached over 3million in coins, but have nothing to spend them on because all the event stuff is from event currency or clams.
    I’m just done with this game. Once I have Junior I’ll probably take a huge step back. No app should be this confusing, stressful, or lame. And Tinyco should apologize to Family Guy for making the show kind of unbearable.

    But on a lighter note, y’all have always done an amazing job with this site. I’m usually checking it everyday to every other. Thanks for everything y’all do, especially in these times!!!


  18. The weekly challenges grind my gears. I just got the second and you need Cleveland Jr. and his task requires that he level up first. You also need to be able to get shoes and hire dancing girls to take out the kids on bikes. I just spent clams to get Cleveland Jr. today and I’m a 10 hour task away from being able to collect shoes. So I just need to level up Cleveland Jr., send him on a task, wait 10 hours so that I can get shoes, wait for the buildings that drop shoes to be built, wait for characters to possibly drop shoes, wait for 18 dancing girls and 6 luchadors to be hired, and then take out 6 cookie couriers. I don’t think it is possible to have all that done in 24 hours without paying for it.

    Also, this is the first event that I’ve seen where you cannot get all the prizes without using clams. I’ve been logging in every 2 hours since the event started and I’m 28,000 on the leaderboard. I don’t think it’s possible to get Don Corleone without using clams.

    There are many other things that grind my gears about this event. I’ve been playing this game since it launched and this is the first event that has made me want to stop playing.


  19. That the second weekly timed quest appeared and it requires Cleveland Jr and 6 luchadors and 18 showgirls. Good thing I probably need about 26-30 more luchadors to unlock Cleveland Jr still.

    Tinyco told me that the tuba drops were working as intended but because of all the complaints the increased them anyway last week.

    In other words they messed up with the drops or number needed but won’t admit it.


    1. I don’t know, my drop rate has not increased at all, second challenge and I’m only at 8 tubas! looks like I lose again ugghhh! I’ll be lucky to get Jr. by the end of the event. lol.


  20. The easier question would be what DOESN’T grind my gears. I am so fed up I almost deleted the game entirely.

    Cleveland Jr – Tuba drops rates, of course, and also the fact that he’s needed in almost every quest line, so there’s no progress.

    The hired goons – too many are needed for too much, and they take too long to get.

    Once again, as in the star trek event, too much going on with too little time. TinyCo seem to be on the ‘churn out as much **** as we can, and hope it all works out’ business model.

    Clams – TinyCo, if something requires clams, just give me an amount or I’ll spend it or not. Don’t pull this crap where they really are premium quests disguised as freemium.

    Fort Nox – more goons? Come up with something else, that doesn’t use something that’s already in short supply

    The obstacle courses. I was almost done with the first optional of the casino, but I tapped on the mansion instead, and BOOM – new obstacle course. So much for that reward

    The leaderboard. I’m hanging out at around 20K on there. I will never have a chance at Don Corleone. Not really too fussed, but see my clams point above. Just put him in the shop, and stick a 3000 clam price tag on him – because it would likely be that or more to get to that point on the leaderboard – that is, if you were one of the lucky ones that didn’t have any issues with drop rates/crashing/etc.

    Worst. Event. Ever


    1. agreed. as soon as i was about to beat the casino, i upgraded my mansion and then i get jap crap to do. not to mention i send my characters to do quests but then come back an hour to check on them and it is like i never did it… the game keeps crashing and kicking me out. about ready to quit this game…and i HAVE put about $50 into buying stuff already…


  21. What really grinds my gears is how overwhelming this event it is (for me) the fact that you have to hire goons for 3 different things, the fort, the casino or to unlock a character, it takes a lot of time to hire them. Also how characters like Louis have a couple tasks to get cookies and mob rep, but she also has a task to unlock Tricia’s skin but of course that particular task does not drop any cookies or mob rep.

    The whole leader board seems really unfair to me freemium player. the first week i was kind of happy that i was like number 5000 in the leader board, i couldn’t believe it .Then after that 24 hour event for paying players only i went for being number 5000 to 12000, just basically overnight. It doesn’t seem fair to me that freemiun players are competing against paying players. Of course all of us freemiun players are going to end up at the bottom of the leader board.

    Every event seems to get more complicated, pushing people to spend money to be able to keep up with all the quests. I understand TinyCo is a company and they want to make money, but if that’s all they care about they should stop offering this game as a free app.


  22. Personally I believe TinyCo know what they are doing and want people to be so impatient to get a character or item that they will pay for clams to get them. Which is why some items take ages to get.
    The only way they can make money is if people buy clams to speed things up. So they can’t make it too easy to get items or characters for free.


  23. Let’s see…1) tinyco paying a rapist then profiting from his likeness. 2) impossibly difficult weekly characters required for progression. 3) horrendous customer support. 4) way too much stuff to complete with very limited methods of completing those tasks. 5) 1st weekly challenge eliminating almost everyone from grand prize contention. 6) GREED. 7) each event just keeps getting worse and exponentially more difficult…but at least I got a couple hundred free clams during Star Trek..probably forgetting more, but that’s enough for now


  24. It would be very easy to say that the tuba drops grinds my gears, but I think there is more to it than that. I have seen comments from others regarding responses they have received from TinyCo. Some have written that TinyCo recognizes that the tubas “are a known problem”; others have written that TinyCo says the drops are “as intended”. Well, which is it TinyCo? Clearly, the drops are far from “uncommon” as listed. And TinyCo used Cleveland Jr for the last task of last week’s questline and the first task of this week’s. So they expected people to acquire him through normal game play.

    Here’s my thought: just like many times before, TINYCO HAS NO IDEA WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN ITS OWN GAME. There is a problem and they have no clue how to fix it or certainly they would have by now. How is it to their benefit to have more than half the player base be stymied by a character three weeks into a five-week event? There is three weeks of content they WANT players to gain access to so they will keep playing. They instituted a Leaderboard with this so competitive people would strive to get to the top of the list. And the best way to do that would be the last week when there is a better handle on where a player might finish. A player might spend big to try to get to that next level. If you are stuck on a week two task, what motivation is there to move forward? Never mind opening the new content; there is no way you are purchasing and spending clams if you are so far down the leaderboard that you have no chance of reaching the top.

    I get frustrated when they completely mess up the math with the game — putting out challenges that have no mathematical possibility of being completed which happens far too often. I have accepted the drops as what they are. Until now. This one is completely in the crapper. And they just don’t know how to fix it. I thought this had the potential to be a fun event, but once we all got behind with Cleveland Jr it just became going through the motions. I don’t bother checking the leaderboard. I send out what I need to do to keep playing. But the passion for the game is completely dried up and I see that in a lot of the players and more importantly the website moderators. It’s too bad because this used to be a fun game to play. I hope TinyCo slows down its roll and fixes EVERYTHING and tries again. But I have seen nothing from them that even remotely makes me think that is possible. As the pom-pom waving leporid from another site always cheers: They have families. They need to keep the lights on. They need to put food on their tables. Isn’t having a quality game that people are happy playing better than no game at all?

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    1. It took me 8 days to collect the Tubas… but wait it gets worse… I am day 4 in to the Mr Washee Washee and I have NO “Tapes of the Mr Sulu Show”… :/


      1. I’ve been trying for Cleveland jr.for more then 8 days and I still have 5 more to go. I have no tapes for mr. Washee washee 4 days in because I can’t hire showgirls when I need the luchadores for the tubas. More frustrwting is that I’ve gotten 3 dirty shirts today to 1 tuba, if I’d gotten tubas instead, I’d have Cleveland jr unlocked tonight or tomorroe morning. I think it’s pretty telling that an item isnt uncommon when you have collected all the rare and extra rare items for other characters/skins before the needed uncommon item. This event sucks.


      2. That was what I was afraid of, that the tape issue I think I might be seeing is indeed a repeat of the tuba issue.


    1. I just got a notification for the 2nd weekly challenge, which I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to do without spending clams:

      Take down 6 cookie couriers (so you need to hire 18 showgirls)
      Send 6 Luchadores to attack Fort Nox (not too bad, I guess…)
      Have Cleveland Jr Take Medication for Brain Storms (which for me requires getting 2 more golf balls and 9 more freaking tubas)

      Ah well, I didn’t get through the first challenge either, so I guess I won’t let myself get worked up about not being able to finish this one. I’ll try to get through it, but I’m not holding my breath.


      1. The only reason this new challenge is hard is because it requires Cleveland jr, who most of us don’t have. Also the challenges are meant for premium players anyway, so I’m completely ignoring them.


  25. I guess for me I it would be the fact that Cleveland jr was introduced early on and has been difficult to obtain. Clearly now that, much like other events, one act will get multiple items on top of the drop rates being terrible it is getting even harder. Also a little over two weeks to go and we still have Lois, Brian and Bonnie’s costumes to go. It’s gonna be tight.

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  26. The fact that we can ONLY hire 6 people at once, despite that we need them for almost everything.

    To drop items, to damage Fort Nox, to get Cleveland’s outfit, and to raid the places behind the Griffin’s House.

    The progress is so slow this time.


  27. Ugh! Finally got to week three walk through part 1 and came to an abrupt halt! Still need Cleveland Jr. and Tuba and Golf Ball drops are horrible even after all the “changes” TinyCo has said they have made. And now they require a character that seems to be impossible to earn as a requirement to advance in the main quest line. Wow! Pace of game for us freemium players is worse that Star Trek, and I thought that event was bad. I suppose if they add a week to the end of the event like they did for Star Trek all things might work out, but as it stands right now, come this Thursday when week 4 rolls, I will be about a week behind the pace of the event. Thanks you guys for your posts of what is coming next, but I don’t know when I will see these items in my game. Maybe they need to change the name of the game to “Frustrated Guy: The Quest for Some Stuff (but nowhere close to all of the Stuff)”. That sums up how I am feeling about this event now.


  28. YES!!!! The fact that TinyCo has given me ZERO customer “support” – I have needed help and requested help for 2 weeks now (I need my game progress restored). NO ANSWERS, in-game, facebook, direct email. I’m a paying customer and not getting customer service really GRINDS MY GEARS. Trust me, had I not already been remarkably STUPID enough to spend real-world MOOLA on this game, I would’ve given up and uninstalled long ago. But I just continue to wait and wait for some reply from TinyCo. I’ve missed out the rest of this event as a result.


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