Mobster Event: How do I Unlock Mr Washee Washee

Find out how to Unlock Mr Washee Washee!

Mr. Washee Washee (you will find him in Super Cowboy USA Cleaners)

5,000 x Gurl Scout Cookies

4 x Spray Bottles (always)
– Collect from Fort Nox
– Collect from Japan Arcade

6 x Ang Lee Photos (extra rare)
– Make Lois Teach Piano
– Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop
– Make Herbert Buy Candy for Kids
– Collect from Suited Sumo Wrestler Obstacle
– Collect from Japan Arcade

15 x Dirty Shirt (common)
– Clear Gurl Scouts
– Collect from Japan Arcade

Tape of Mr. Sulu Show (rare)
– Clear Cookie Courier
– Collect from Japan Arcade


9 thoughts on “Mobster Event: How do I Unlock Mr Washee Washee”

      1. yes I only had to get one more tape of mr sulu and then I could’ve unlocked him and be able to upgrade to the grand mansion but he just went away for no apparent reason.


  1. Has anyone got any drops from “Tape of Mr. Sulu Show”? I have all the Ang Lee Photos, which are “Extra Rare” and NONE of the “Tape of Mr. Sulu Show”, which are simply “Rare”? and I am on my 4th day of collecting items for Mr Washee Washee. 😦


    1. I’ve got 4 tapes. They feel common to me but I don’t have a lot because I’ve probably used more showgirls on safehouse raids.

      I think the sprays are more of a problem though. With everything else going on, it takes ages to break down fort nox once, let alone 4 times. I think this costs will take longer to unlock than intended as well.


      1. I have raided fort nox twice now… the first time I got 1 spray bottle and the second time I got 2 spray bottles.


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